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Pokemon Flannery redesign - I will just be myself.

After a long battle,Flannery admitted defeat...a single tear ran down her cheek as she accepted it.
She has decided to express her feelings and said:

' Well...I lost.
Your skills remind me of someone that I used to know.

I tried too hard to be someone I'm not,so from now I'll have to do things my natural way.
Thanks for teaching me that - you have my gratitude ."

'Just like in my gym...fog descends,things start to change...'
'I'll just be myself...'

Having said that,Flannery accepted who she was and moved forward.


Flannery's song:iconflanneryplz: :love:

Shauna Davis - Try my love


Hondy - No Access (Video)…


Sequential One - My Love Is Hot…


Andrea Carnell "There Is a Place"…

Herd & Fitz ft. Abigail Bailey - I Just Can't Get Enough :wow: :love:…

Kenny Summit & Darryl D'Bonneau - Why Me (Director's Cut Remix)

Fiery and energetic like Flannery ! =)…


PlayOne feat. Paola - I like you…

:heart: :heart: :rose: :heart:

The gym leader from Pokemon ,but with a difference.
I just wanted my picture of Flannery to tell a story...

No one really draws her with her her untied,so I wanted to try.

Well, I wanted to draw her wearing her swimsuit
with a headband (heat badge ornament ) and long flowy,untied hair.

The badge she wields is a heat badge.

I decided to draw her like this because I thought it could have been an interesting experiment.

As for her swimsuit,I thought that the temperature at her gym is quite high,
so it would be quite fitting if she would wear it at her gym to feel comfortable
and then just enjoy the flow of duels. 
It is supposed to be a black material with red flames on it.

My intention was to capture her feelings - accepting defeat with dignity,being impressed with her opponent skills
and deciding to return to her natural ways.

Flannery was always an energetic,kind and friendly girl - that's why I like her so much as a gym leader.
The fact that she still learns new things as a gym leader and admits it without hesitation is also quite cute .

Enjoy.I think she looks good with her hair let down.
Light mist surrounded descended.Flannery's change just started.

A special gift dedicated to

Your Professor Ivy has impressed me !

Special dedication and a gift for:

Honorable mentions for:

For helping me to change for the better and for making me understand how important it is to be a humble artist.


Honorable mention -
:iconshablagoooo: - for everything
:iconvivivoovoo: - for kindness
and for making a wonderful tribute to Clair !
and last but not least
for :icondfreyes: - thank you for your kindness:rose:



4 great artists,who motivated me, too.:bow:

And now some songs:
:rose::iconflanneryplz: :rose:
My tip for today : Be natural,be who you are,live in the modern world :
Elisha Laverne -Modern world…
Symbien feat Molnár Márta - Turn It Around…


That Girl by Maxi Priest feat Shaggy…

Ferry Corsten - Fire :D…
Decoy And Roy - Inner Life…

Flannery's favourite songs !

Starburst - Get Your Jucies Going (2002)…


Daniel Hoppe feat Paul King - Love And Pride…
:rose:Volleyball time !:rose:

beach time !…
Ever After - Rasmus Faber ft. Emily McEwan

Fatblock - Every day :heart: :rose: :heart:…


N-Force v Darren Styles - Right By Your Side…

"Shine on me" - Tikaro, J.Louis & Ferran feat. Clarence -…
DJ Supreme vs The Rhythm Masters - Enter The Scene…

Super rare !!!
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Dani2017's avatar
Damn she's hot.
trumi's avatar
Tried my best.
Dani2017's avatar
It looks really awesome. ^^
trumi's avatar
How about you try to draw her ?
rattoilet's avatar
I think you should be in charge for redesigning all of the female characters in pokemon!
trumi's avatar
I am just a normal guy with a creative mind.
linamomoko's avatar
very cute ^^ she looks very adult ^^
trumi's avatar
:hug:Thank you very much.
linamomoko's avatar
you're welcome ^^
PlasticTIR's avatar
Cute redesign, I suppose it would get hot in a hot springs gym
trumi's avatar
Thank you for the praise:heart:

Agreed...I just wanted to draw her with her hair untied wearing a bikini.
Skull64's avatar
Kudos on the brave idea to change the hair of a character who is most recognizable from her usual hairstyle! Also swimsuits are always welcome lol
trumi's avatar
Thank you.:hug: You are very kind:nod:
Kisarasmoon's avatar
trumi's avatar
Thanks,I just had to try something new.
Kisarasmoon's avatar
No problem :) It's nice.
trumi's avatar
I feel flattered:thanks:
Dragon-Cana-Love's avatar
=D very nice like the redesign
trumi's avatar
Thank you very much.

I just had to give it a try...
Dragon-Cana-Love's avatar
=D you're welcome and your try is great =D
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