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Megaman Zero - Fairy Leviathan - the water maiden

Fairy Leviathan - The water maiden - let us celebrate the release of the Zero/ZX collection.
I like that she is very passionate and affectionate.

Dj Energy - Serenity…

Dance time ! Fairy Leviathan approves !
The Fanclub - Rocker's Delight…
RHYTHM QUEST - Closer To All Your Dreams…

A collab and a promised gift for :iconsolfei:
I did the lines and stuff,he edited and fixed it a bit:hug:
I will treat this project as a co-op work between us:nod:
Now it looks much better.

As a way to begin a new year 2013,
here is something simple.

Fairy Leviathan.The passionate and playful guardian of Neo Arcadia.

I got inspired by this masterpiece:

I dedicate this work to :iconsolfei:
as a gift honoring his skills.
+ for a fellow leviathan fan =)
Thanks for inspiring me.


Fio Ft. Anthony Heart - Gimme Your Love :love:…
Rachel McFarlane - Lover…

Pin-Ball - Techno Love…

System F vs Marc Almond - Soul On Soul (Official Video)… !!!
Twinax - Get Up…


Some electronic music:
Aux 88 - Play It Loud…
Major Problem - Acid Queen…

Cari Lekebusch - Automatic response…
Umek - Carbon Occasions
Knightz Of Bass - Da M-Pire…

Ginger Woz Red - Disco Bombing…

Keemo - The Demo (2002) -like wipeout…

Eurogroove - It's On You (Scan Me) (16:9 HD) /1994/…


Denny Loco & Pj Feat. F.O.N. - Close To The Net…

RINOCEROSE - Time machine…
CLUBHEROES - Da Lost Piano (HQ)…

HD Zuco 103 " Longing' Saudade "… :wow:

Above and Beyond - Alone Tonight…

Hed Boys - Boys + Girls… /1994/

Bamboo The Strutt Virgin Records 1998…

Fairy Leviathan © Copyright Capcom
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© 2013 - 2021 trumi
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beautiful work <3
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Thanks,it was a team effort.
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It was due to our team work.
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Very well done, as other people suggested try to work on your proportions you may use a simplified skeleton it makes miracles, but very lovely drawings but it looks semi-decent

things to consider:

* The neck needs some work
* The shoulders do not look natural
* The torso (Something about it looks weird it might be the pose?

Good work
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Thank you very much for the advice and elaboration on vital aspects.

How about rating some of my other works ? :-)
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How about these :
Foxy Roxy
and Sherry ;-)
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You dont have to do anything.Who am I to demand anything. I should know my value.
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The power of team work can create miracles.
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 yes it can, I did a smal "help" on nipago's latest pic  but we kinda keep that out :P
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Hmmm....Not bad.

Well, I watch all you girls's pic that for advice/critique.(Leviathan,Marino,Layer) This is what I noticed was that it is a point that should improve in your pictures.

- The proportion is still very bad. You should to study the proportion a lot. Whether it is real human proportions or Cartoon/Anime proportions. There're help you a lot.

-Your pic have exactly Front view. It makes your photo are boring, nothing interesting. You should practice drawing other views. For example; Side view, Back view, Perspective. You may study from a photos, manga, magazine etc.

Your skills are going to be more distant. I appreciate your effort to create work. Please keep up.:)
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Thanks for being honest.
Satisfaction mixed with =\
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Fajna minka i poza w sumie też :) Chowania rączek się nie czepiam, bo w sumie tak bardziej do tej pozy pasuje :)
trumi's avatar
Zrobiliśmy to razem z tym
Trochę poprawił.
Ale praca faktycznie była fajna do zrobienia.
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Looks nice! very interesting design, really suits her body. Great job!
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I did my best to honor Leviathan's beauty,but my pal helped me improve her even more:nod:

You have earned this gift for yor talent and passion.:nod:
I was happy to be able to honor your skills.

To be honest I felt sad
that levi-chan got killed off screen =(
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We kinda saw it. In canon, they died in the battle with omega, right there when they appear to defend zero? they're supposed to die in that battle.
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Beautiful Sleek design!
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With our power combined :nod:
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It's still nice seeing my favorite old guardian drawn. Must say, you have improved with drawing skills.
Though looking at your gallery, I assume you still have problems in drawing hands? Many do.
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