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Megaman X Command Mission - Marino

A special dedicated work to these skilled artists,
who touched my heart with their skills

'In life you have many opportunities to get treasures,
but the most precious treasure...lies within your heart '

Marino the Kunoichi/Megaman command mission

When it comes to this piece ,
I just twanted to have fun.

She is agile,skilled and quite kind hearted,
despite being calm and cool at first glance.

Drawing her is not a very challenging task,
but she is quite fun to draw...
Tools:Hb,2b pencil for sketch by Staedler
I feel kinda happy about it.
Megaman Command Mission and Marino
all © Copyrighted by Capcom

For quite a long time I lacked both patience
and will to draw anything during July...and it passed.
After a long break and some rest ,
I decided to get back to drawing.
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© 2010 - 2021 trumi
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You asked me for advice and to give an opinion on the drawings...
So here I am! I will do my best to pass on some hints. :)

Some basic advice...
I would keep your line work as black ink, and not bother with the hand coloured blocked-black areas.
Use good solid pigment brush or fibre nib pens for best inking results, try Zig and Copic drawing pens.
Scan your work as "line art or text" mode and you will avoid the smudged lines around the edges.

As for the art, you are definintely on the right track! Just practice on on the overall proportions and
look at what other artists are working on. Your choice of animation/game characters is a good one,
as these styles are strong and easy to understand, all that is needed is to practice the physique!

Check out "How to draw the Marvel way" book, and any of the bookstore comic anatomy books, see
how other artists do their linework, and reference their style, let it influence you, that is how to learn!
Don't trace, but try to work out their techniques, the Marvel book has tons of amazing tutorials by
the absolute masters of comic art like Ditko and Buscema! These guys have lessons to share!

For colouring, use layers in PS or whatever program, and make sure your black ink lines are scanned
sharp and with no anti-alias. Put the inks in a seperate layer about, and use a layer below to colour
the areas underneath the inks. If using tones, create another layer and so, on...

My best advice is to KEEP DRAWING! Get a good sketch pad (A4) raw a full inked character every day,
or when possible, and I can promise you will get results in a matter of weeks. Build those XP points!

Hope this was of some help. :)
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That's one of the best pieces of advice
I have heard so far !
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Marino is awesome, but she's not a Guardian of X ^^;
trumi's avatar
Perhaps a secret love guardian :D
Rithiv's avatar
That would have been cool XD
Although she would have certainly noticed the change off between real X and Copy X, and real X wouldn't have had as much reason to look for an honorable way to die if at least one of his friends had survived the Elf Wars/not been sealed away. Poor, poor X. ANWAY, I've gone off topic. There a lot of MMX and general MM groups you could submit your Marino pictures to c: If you need help, just check my profile page, I'm a member of a lot of them.
trumi's avatar
If I had done anything wrong,
then please accept my apology.
Rithiv's avatar
Don't worry to much about it, all you've done is submit a picture to a group it doesn't belong in XD; Same franchise, different series. The-Guardians-of-X is well, the Guardians of X. That's their title. They aren't his Maverick Hunter buddies, they are Reploids who were created from his data DNA to protect and serve him and humanity. The Megaman-Evolution group, on the other hand, is exactly the type of group Marino pictures belong in, because they cover all the series.
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I love the outfit! :love: and my favorite color is pink :D
trumi's avatar
I will try to keep it classy ;-)
arielmmx's avatar
*-* very beautiful! I love Marino Foever x XX *-*
TheToonDevil's avatar
I'd work more with her head a little more. It just looks a bit squished.
trumi's avatar
Well,mistakes happen ;-)
in my case sometiems too much ;-)
DestroyLady's avatar
Głowa wydaje mi się troszkę za mała ^^;
A, i to jak pokolorowałeś nogi...trochę za bardzo widać w którą stronę rysowałeś...^^;
Daje to trochę niezbyt ładny efekt. (można użyć blendera, żeby tego nie było widać, daje to efekt mniej więcej taki jak zwykłe rozmywanie palcem/chusteczkem, no tylko trochę lepszy. Popytaj w sklepach artystycznych)
DestroyLady's avatar, a poza tym to jest cudowna ^^
trumi's avatar
Dziękuję,to jeszcze się dopracuję.
A i znalazłem w
Empiku copic markery- cena ?
130 zł =|
DestroyLady's avatar
Nie doradzam kupowania rzeczy w empiku, prędzej w jakimś specjalistycznym sklepie.
Jeśli mieszkasz w W-wie to mogę Cię na kierowac na takowy.
TheToonDevil's avatar
Pretty good, but I feel her face is kinda too small.
trumi's avatar
zkfanart's avatar
awww =D Marino is maybe my all time fave at megaman ^^ I appreciated the way you got her sweet look =D
trumi's avatar
Kimeria87's avatar
Wow, she's very beautiful:love: I love her outfit!
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