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Magic Knight Rayearth Umi - Super Robot Wars T

I have not drawn my favorite heroine for a very long time.

Umi Ryuuzaki/Magic Knight Rayearth but also from Super Robot Wars T.

Tools:Staedler Hb pencil
Magic knight Rayearth and Umi Ryuuzaki © CLAMP

Inspiration from Super Robot Wars T !

As you might have noticed, I have also changed my style. Times have changed ,so did I.
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© 2019 - 2021 trumi
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I love me Umi. Just like Seraeva said,she's the best design for me. ^_^

trumi's avatar

Hottest and most elegant for sure.

RyugaSSJ3's avatar

Oh hey, haven't seen you a while. :)

Seraeva's avatar
I did like Umi a lot back in the day...  always thought she was really well designed.

Nice sketch of her!
trumi's avatar
May your kindness and talent be praised.
DrPepsi1997's avatar
Pretti nice looking keep like that!
zkfanart's avatar
Oh, she is really cute, and nice see you drawing her again ^^
Looks adorable in this pose and also in the fav outfit =D Good work ^^
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Thank you, you are always there, praising my efforts, it feels so nice.

zkfanart's avatar

Welcome and welcome!

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