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Langrisser Der/FX/II - Princess Cherie

'If I could change the world,
I would wish for harmony,love and peace.
Let us share the same dream...and never lose hope.'
Sherry's theme song:
Disco Montego Feat. Katie Underwood - Magic (2002)…
Cherie: Just feel the magic...


DJ Supreme vs The Rhythm Masters - Enter The Scene…

I used to love this song -super rare !!!
:wow: :wow: :wow:

Susana & Ernesto vs Bastian with Wezz Devall - Brave (Official Music Video)…
Fio Ft. Anthony Heart - Gimme Your Love :love:…
Rachel McFarlane - Lover…
Super Angel - Auto - time for a sexy race !…


Wavetraxx- Peace…
Fish & Chips -
I Wanna Know…
CHIC - Your love…

Yet another attempt at Sherry,the beautiful and noble
princess of the skies.
She is the ruler of Kalxath Kingdom,who wants to achieve peace,unity and is in love with the main hero of the story.
I wanted to draw her as a mature and beautiful queen.
Langrisser II/ Der Langrisser was an advanced
tactic games on Sega Saturn,PSX
& Super Nintendo entertainment system.
Despite the fact that it is forgotten,
it had wonderful and beautiful characters created
by a legendary artist Urushihara Satoshi.

The sexy and kind hearted rebellious princess of Kalxath Kingdom who wants to see the world and help to save it...
She is brave,energetic and beautiful,
and wears a shiny,revealing aearial queen armor.
She is also the commander of her famous aerial knights.
And she has beautiful grey hair.

Her ending is as follows:

Sherry, born Kalxath's princess and a descendent of light, crushed the Imperial army and the Forces of Darkness.

Through this, she helped restore peace throughout the land.

She fulfilled her destiny as the protector of Langrisser, the Sword of Light.

Sherry was a tomboy, a strong-minded person, and a gifted swordswoman.

Her achievements during this war were only average, although reassuring.

She had been praised as the best among the old swordsman Aaron's pupils.

Not even once was she badly wounded during the long, excruciating battles.

What awaited her after the war were peaceful days of boredom. One day, when she had enough, she finally fled the castle.

Lately, there have been rumors of a young and powerful female warrior fighting for justice and order.

Sherry become tired of her journey and travelled back
to her castle.
She can now rest and feel at ease,while dreaming
about the harmony and peace she fought for.

A gift for a fellow Langrisser fan,whose dedication,talent and passion truly amaze me and are worth the praise::nod:
:rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose:

Then a special gift for
:iconcloudsdevourer: -for taking the time to help me improve.

Then dedications.
Dedicated to:
and - for encouraging me to get back to drawing:nod:-to
and my dear friend who made me return to drawing
after such a long time:
and for
:iconaustriakaninchen:- thanks for making my work meaningful and even more enjoyable.
and last,but not least

Birthday gift for :party: :iconfidjera: :party:

Apologies for all the flaws.

Sherry's song :party: DJ Project - Miracle Love :party:…

RINOCEROSE - Time machine…

Neon 8 - These Dreams…

Big Ang - It's Over Now ft. Siobhan…
Liberation - Liberation…

Dream Frequency - Good Times…


Yaz & The Plastic Population "The Only Way Is Up…
"Shine on me" - Tikaro, J.Louis & Ferran feat. Clarence…
Dr. Kucho! ft. Jodie - Belmondo Rulez…
4 Strings Feat. Vanessa van Hemert _ Turn It Around…
Make The Girl Dance - GirlZ
:heart:… :heart:

In Full Color - Into My Life… :blush: so hot !

A'Gun - Sound Of My Dream (I'm Feeling Lucky)…

Series- Der Langrisser and character- Princess Sherry
Copyright © Sega and Satoshi Urushihara.
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Nuditon's avatar
Woow I really like this one! Her eyes are very natural, and the black and white contrasts are very well done, great job!
trumi's avatar
Thank you very much.

Cherie is pretty much forgotten...even if she is one of the most beautiful Satoshi Urushihara's creations.

It took me some time to get the eyes to look ok.

sketchbits's avatar
Good work,
You have a clean dash, i like your style.
trumi's avatar
Thanks for the positive feedback:nod:

It is good knowing that I have potential and that my art brings some joy to people.
I still have lots to learn and a long way to go.
I owe you a lot and you impressed me deeply.:hug:
CloudsDevourer's avatar
Dziękuję bardzo! Hug 
trumi's avatar
Zasłużony gift:hug: Za te wszystkie ciepłe słowa !
Mam nadzieję,że mogłem sprawić ci drobną przyjemność,jako że styl Satoshiego Urushihary uwielbiam i podziwiam !

Będę się starał rysować ciut lepiej i mierzyć wyżej z każdą pracką.
ZANARELLI's avatar

beautiful, and prudish, even she's grawn up now! i think it's just true sherry! (but we all know she is a tomboy and i guess she is still like that when she's an adult :D (Big Grin)) i love the dress she wearing, it's suitable for both dignified queen and sexy style of SATOSHII am a dummy! I am a dummy! !! GREAT FANART!

have you thought about her husband in the future? actually she had loved hero in the story, but i think loyal genaral keith is better to match:happybounce: !

thanks for sharing this awesome work!!!

p.s: im worry about my poor engilish, i hope there is no rude in my words! if there are, it would be unintentional CURSE YOU! ! so i ask to be excusedPlease 

trumi's avatar
Don't worry,your english is not poor.

I wanted to give her an adult queen feel- glad it worked out.

I also liked her daughter,Claret/Klaret.

You are very kind and your comment is well thought over.

Sherry was such a hot babe,she needs more art !
JutaWi's avatar
Wow she looks really gorgeous! I really like how you drew her face, very well done ^^
trumi's avatar
Zapomniana,śliczna księżniczka z Langrissera.
Uwielbiam ją.
JutaWi's avatar
Langrisser... hmm nie znam tego jeszcze
trumi's avatar
Satoshi Urushihara...zacna klasyka.
JutaWi's avatar
Trzeba kiedyś podejrzeć XD
trumi's avatar
Tu masz oryginalną wersję Sherry/Cherie dla porównania.
No i jak,chyba dobrze ją odwzorowałem,co nie ?
Mam satysfakcję ;-)
JutaWi's avatar
Świetnie ci wyszła :D
trumi's avatar
Były starania,są efekty i żyje się dalej patrząc na lepsze jutro ;-)

A rysują jej tak mało...
CaptainVArt's avatar
Like the black and white, more solid linework.
trumi's avatar
Sadly,almost no one draws Sherry these days =(
Kuroria3's avatar
Awesome outfit
nahp75's avatar
trumi's avatar
:thanks:glad to hear that !
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