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Foxy Roxy - Memoirs of a Vixen

'I will care for others as well as I care for myself.
There will be a lot to do,but I just need to have hope.
"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." (The Little Prince,The Prince and the Fox,chapter 21 )

Foxy theme song:

Herd & Fitz feat Abigail Bailey - I Just Can't Get Enough…
Yaz & The Plastic Population The Only Way Is Up…

:heart: :heart :heart:
:heart: :heart: :rose: :heart:

Part of an art trade with
A present/gift for: chacrawarrior

Edit:Fixed the shoulders.

Every time I draw her,
I enjoy drawing this vixen.
Foxy girl from the game Brutal paws of fury.
Her nick name is Foxy Roxy.
Real name is Indhra Prashmet.
A champion the martial art Pencak Silat/Penjat Silat.

I wanted to try her in kinda different ,my personal style.
I am quite satisfied about this attempt.
To be honest,it was a quick sketch,for fun.
I hope you will enjoy this tribute.

Foxy Roxy belongs to © Gametek
A Special dedication for fellow Foxy Roxy fans:nod::
then for my talented friends:

and a job for Foxy Roxy artists :

Let me pay a tribute to your talent,fellow Foxy Roxy fans.

Foxy Roxy just likes old songs
Song list:

Ever After - Rasmus Faber ft. Emily McEwan -subtle,exciting,catchy,sexy...…
Titiyo - My Body Says Yes…

Krafty Kuts Tell Me How You Feel - Feat. Yolanda…
:heart: :love: :heart:

Latroit & Bishop - Loving Every Minute…
Shame - Filur (feat. Nellie Ettison) - super rare !…

4 REEEL - Highs Off U (Scorccio XY Mix)…

:wow: :rose: :wow:
Puddu Varano - blue sky white sand…
Aaron Smith feat. Luvli - Dancin' :wow: :blush: :rose:…
Gamma - Love Again (Feat. Chelsea)…

Afrika Islam Feat. ICE-T / Afrika Jam…

DJ Eric - Desire (Gridlock Bitchin' Vocal Mix)…

Philip George - Wish You Were Mine (Radio Edit)…

Tellus Hey Ho (VHS MCM)…

House Boulevard feat Samara - Set Me Free (Official Video)…
Greg Parys - One Man One Night :rose:…

Ørjan Nilsen - So Long Radio…
Kobee feat Jade4U - Endless thoughts…
Yanou Presents Do- On and On…

Steve Silk Hurley - Jack Your Body…

Steve "Silk" Hurley Feat. Sharon Pass - The Word Is Love…

Gary D Allen ft Lisa Lee - I Just Glide…
TR Junior featuring Kirsty - Rock WIth Me…


Culture Shock - My Enemy…


Livin' Joy - Dreamer…

NIKI BELUCCI - 1234 - perfect workout…
Karen Brown - Feel Love

Temperance - Hands Of Time…

Seduction - Groove me…


L.A. Mix - Get Loose…

Georgie Porgie - Take me higher…

Convert - Rockin' To The Rhythm…
Julian Vincent feat. Cathy Burton "Here For Me (Mark Otten Radio Edit)"…
Julian Vincent feat. Cathy Burton Here For Me (remix)…

Texture - Power Of Love 1994 (Hard Remix)…
Foxy Roxy: I am here for you...
DJ Disciple - Work It Out…
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© 2010 - 2021 trumi
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Thank you very much for this kind comment.
I haven't drawn anything new in ages, but I know that I haven't lost my talent.
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Aww,thanks. Tried to fix the picture a lil bit.
FrostTheHobidon's avatar
You are welcome X3
trumi's avatar
I like your kind attitude,dear.:hug:
FrostTheHobidon's avatar
Why thank you, you are awesome yourself ^^
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You should really try to draw her in a black swimsuit.
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I beg you - make my Summer dream a reality.
Do your best.
Here is some good ref:
Foxy Roxy - Love and pride
Foxy Roxy
Foxy Roxy the champion of heaven
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What times those of the sega cd (in emulator ^^)
It was great "Brutal" but sometimes it was bad and good (because of the difficulty)
Their characters added a great animated style..

Great List and Great job!
trumi's avatar
Thank you very much. You brought me lots of joy !
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Hi!! Well done, the proportions are very good, and I like her face and eyes, sometimes it's more difficult to draw a completely front face than a bit turned. And the pose is very good too!

I'd like to give you some small advices that will help you a lot with digital painting and that I received one day.
First of all, one of the good things that digital technology give us is that we can change the canvas size even if we've already started the drawing. In order to get better quality compositions it's always better to "leave the figure breathe". I mean, it seems silly but if you don't cut her head and leave bigger margins, your drawing quality will be way better.
The other advice will help you a lot with the final result, especially with the coloring. It's a fact that we are all laaazy haha! And using the paint can tool can be very tempting. However, the results are not the best we can get with that tool. See the small white spots around the lineart? That's caused by the paint can tool. The way to make your drawings look neat is to use at least 2 layers: Avobe you would have the lineart, and below the coloring. Always use the brush, even if it's more difficult to use, but that will make you improve a lot and you won't have .

Let me know if you try these techniques! ^_^ I'm sure you'll become an awesome artist, you have a big potential!
trumi's avatar
Thank you very much for the time taken and an honest,helpful and kind comment.
I tried to do her justice as she is my all time favourite vixen.
Both her personality and curves are admirable...:blush:

As for now...I don't draw too much.
I had a long break...
To this day, I consider Indhra/Foxy Roxy as one of my best works
as I worked hard on her and tried to do her justice...and make her look as good as possible.

It is the best reward for an artist like me to be praised by someone talented like you.

You give sound advice.I gotta think about applying it to my works.:nod:
DragonKhaleesiLiz23's avatar
I think the boobs might be a bit too big. They should match the hips or they should be smaller and the hips slightly bigger (or so I've heard from watching another critique video. I'm not that great at anatomy I usually just wing it but while drawing I try and make sure the anatomy is right) and it could just be me but it seems like the head it too small. Other than that it looks fine.
trumi's avatar
Thank you for this kind opinion.

Glad you think she looks fine.

Still,I consider her my best work
as I worked hard on her and tried to do her justice...:rose:
DragonKhaleesiLiz23's avatar
No problem and it's okay xDD 
trumi's avatar
I guess everyone has a work that gives them most satisfaction.
In my case it is Foxy Roxy...

It was a pleasure talking with you.
trumi's avatar
You are  kind and polite :blowkiss:
DragonKhaleesiLiz23's avatar
Thanks xDD and you're welcome lol
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