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Darkstalkers Felicia - You've got to show me love

'What is this feeling inside my heart...?
Is this the night I dreamt about ?
Is it tonight ,my dear...?'
'You've got to show me love.'


Robin S - Show Me Love (Official Music Video) [1993]…

Sexy and energetic !:nod:
:iconfeliciaplz: Bounce to the beat,nyaa !


PlayOne feat. Paola - I like you…

:heart: :heart: :heart:

DJ Supreme vs The Rhythm Masters - Enter The Scene…

I used to love this song -super rare !!!
:wow: :wow: :wow:

Kid Frost ft. Latin Alliance - Low Rider
! :D…


Lolita Lepika Agua y Amor…
Dance,dance,dance !

Dr Meaker - Music In The Night…
:heart: :heart: :heart:

YASH & SANDERS - I can't feel…

:iconfeliciaplz:Can you feel the love ? :heart:


Fio Ft. Anthony Heart - Gimme Your Love :love:…
Rachel McFarlane - Lover…

Wicked phunker (robbie rivera) - jungle boogie…
Aaron Smith feat. Luvli - Dancin'…


Freak & U Know It Club Mix Adina Howard DJ Quik…
Ashley Jade Let Me Be Your Fantasy…
Baby D- Let Me Be Your Fantasy…
Mish Mash - Speechless (King Unique Mix Edit)…
Garfield - Party Of Love…
Last Night A Dj Saved My Life…


Something Good - I Want You…


Love Decade - I Feel You (Official Video)…
Follow me... Ascension - For A Lifetime (Oceanlab Remix)…
Leon Bolier - You ★★★…
The Fatback Band - Spanish Hustle…
Mephisto - Mystery of Love…

edit:Softened the lines,added chest,
fixed the width of the legs.

Yeah, a pin-up of Felicia, from Darkstalkers.

I had to draw Felicia the Catwoman from Darkstalkers.
She is gentle,kind hearted,hot and sensual...
so I wanted to try drawing her in a new style.

She is about to take a warm,relaxing bath,and
she is more than willing to
sit and relax comfortably in a hot spring.

I wanted to well...actually...I did it some time ago for the Darkstalkers Tribute book,Felicia section.
I was late.Silly me,but I guess it wouldn't be picked either...
I am still not too experienced.

I'll try to believe in my skills and continue with fanarts
like this one.
19 of them !
:iconneoanimegirl: Your work touched my heart:nod:
Good luck charm for 2013 for

:rose::iconlilhooktail: :rose::iconsarieu::rose: and:rose::iconnekohybrid::rose:

For very talented artists: such as:
:iconsano-br: =)
:iconblunt-katana: and :iconreign05::heart:
and also last,but not least:

And that's it for the dedications:phew:

I have to train still,but I am quite ok with her this time
and the way she turned out...:blush:

Tools:Hb.2b Staedler pencils,Citadel company Ink.
Feline affection:How Felicia(cats) tells you that she has feelings for humans,this includes:
winking,gentle look,smiling,purring and so on.

Felicia's dance party:love:
La Bouche - Bolingo…

Jeans - Pepe…

Robin S - Show Me Love:…
Snatch feat. Cheryl Pepsii Riley - LET ME LOVE YOU BOY…

:iconfeliciaplz: Let me love you boy :D
Darkstalkers and Felicia © Copyright Capcom
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Great backside.
trumi's avatar
My first Felicia ever made...thanks.
dreamcastzx's avatar
Your welcome my friend.
trumi's avatar
You too are a great friend.
Kind,understanding and creative.
dreamcastzx's avatar
Hey let's do a collaborative project comic or something.
trumi's avatar
Please,no !

I don't have much time on my hands !
dreamcastzx's avatar
Alright then, hey if we're going to keep sending messages let's message on Facebook if that's alright with you my Facebook name is dreamcastzx spaz.
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Chatting on Deviantart is not a bad thing.
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Glad you think so,even if this work is quite old.

But still,it gives me joy after all these years.
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Glad you think so.
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Well, I'm glad you're glad I think so.:D (Big Grin) 
trumi's avatar
As for an old work,she still rocks ;-)
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I like your use of lines! You should try coloring this digitally.
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This is me! Look at the comment before this. trumi

iAmCloudSky is my old account. This was commented March 1, 2014. 
trumi's avatar
Glad to see that you have improved.

Your skills are outstanding.
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trumi's avatar
You were working hard.
Meanwhile, I had a major art block...

Still,I have managed to inspire a few friends !
My redesign:…
Inspired them to create:…

That's all for now...
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Yeah well it's good talking to you again! It's been such a long time. O__O
trumi's avatar
Thank you very much for the positive feedback.
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Beautiful!! And Beauty text!
trumi's avatar
Thank you very much for your kindness:hug:
YeshHD's avatar
Don't tell it. ^^ You are so wellcome. =)

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