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Blazblue - Makoto Nanaya - The uncertain future

'This is the path that life has chosen for me...'
:rose: Makoto :rose:

Project Medusa vs. Exor - Moonshine -…

Mine is the power of the stars !

Andrea Carnell "There Is a Place"…

:wow: :rose: :wow:

Sylvia Tosun - World Keeps Turning…
:rose: :rose: :rose:


Joe T Vannelli feat Rochelle Fleming - Get It On ---Tom Novy…
:blush: :love: :blush:
***************************************** favourite girl from Blazblue.
It was an old work with numerous flaws,but I decided to redo her. And I consider her one of my most satisfying work I've ever done.

Edited:the eyes, anatomy,proportions,chest.
In the end had to draw another picture of Makoto.

I consider Makoto a troubled individual...
She is smart,sexy and cheerful,but also is saddened
by the fate of her dearest friends,Noel and Tsubaki.

I wanted to capture her sadness. and gave her a casual,revealing attire.

Here I have drawn Makoto...
in a calm and sad mood ,dressed
in revealing and comfy daily clothes.

This piece of art was done as my
tribute to creators of Blazblue, Arc System Works.

It was done according to her official design
and the original character design sketches.
I tried to keep true to her design
from the official concept art sketches
and the game itself.

Also,accept my apologies for the flaws...even though
I am quite satisfied with this attempt at Makoto.


A gift for 3 fellow Makoto fans who are very talented = >




Then,time for dedications. 16 of them.
These dedications go to the very talented and skilled artists
who have impressed me deeply with their art:nod:


Makoto and Blazblue Copyright © Arc System Works

Plug 'n' Play - Warp '99…

Mat Zo & Porter Robinson - Easy…

G&G - Endless…

Yanou feat Do - On And On…

Sam Skilz & Michelle Shellers - Lazy Sunday…
Fio Ft. Anthony Heart - Gimme Your Love :love:…
Rachel McFarlane - Lover…

Love Is the Message (Radio Edit)" by Peter Luts…

Glassesboys - Move On ft. Craig Smart…


Funk Providers Feat. TeaQue-N - Little Fantasy - Official Video…

Open your eyes,everyone !

Stella Getz - Ta-Di-Di-Boom…

Quench - Be Good To Me…
Sash! - Move Mania…
Bluefish feat. Anita Kelsey - Been Too Long…

BEX - What You Are…


Culture Shock - My Enemy…


DJ Sexation - Take It Higher feat. Crystal Tears…

Thanks everyone for your support.
I'll leave her as she is now.

Makoto: I am not their marionette !
Antonia - Marionette…


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© 2013 - 2021 trumi
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Thank you.
Getting praise from you is a real honor ! :rose:
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Nice, you still need a little practice in anatomy,  but you are in the right path Kuuga approves
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I feel very calm now. Thanks.
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O, całkiem fajna lisiczka, czy wiewióreczka :D
trumi's avatar
Doceniam twą szczerość.
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Awesome, there can never be enough Makoto Nanaya art in the world!

I dig her eyes! It would be cool to see her hands and feet. Hands and feet can be very hard to draw but practice makes perfect~

Keep it up!
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Thank you for the praise.:rose:
Glad that you consider my humble tribute as worthy.

It took me many tries to fix her chest and eyes...
I was able to do it in the end.
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I Really Like her curves and her face.
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It wasn't an easy work.
I had to redo it a lot of times.

Just wanted to pay a tribute to Makoto.

You are very kind.
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It turned out great
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I feel honored.
To hear such praise,it is the best reward.
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Thanks,my friend:nod:
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It's very nice. I wish we saw more of her tail but it's still good.
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You are very kind,I worked hard on this picture.

She is one lovely,noble girl.
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Glad you think so !
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Thank you trumi for considering me in this lovely artwork! It means alot to know that one can inspire another into making art of their own!
Keep up the good work :heart: love Shiroiaisu~~
trumi's avatar
It was both an honor and  a great pleasure
to be able to honor your bravery ,creativity and beauty with my humble skills !

I had to edit this Makoto a few times,but it was worth it !

Good fortune ! May your future projects bring you joy and fame !
Shiroiaisu's avatar
Thank you! And to you as well! May all the good things happen and enlighten your future! :D
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She does look good
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