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Tutorial: Ciel's Cane

By Truffly
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How to Ciel cane.

Feel free to ask any questions.

My first tutorial, it sucks, sorry xD


Finished Cane:
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Wow this is so awesome! Are you allowed to take it in conventions?
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Nice tutorial. Easy to follow, with good pictures. You could've listed the average prices for each item. (Not saying it was necessary, since these are items you can get most any where, but)
Still, I love the tutorial.
yukiangel51's avatar
it didt suck. u did pretty good. btw where can i get a cane
Skyzhema's avatar
Try a pharmacy. I see them there a lot. CVS, walgreens, riteaid... most will have one!
yukiangel51's avatar
ah thx the ones on the web are expensive!
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So going to make this!
my grandpa gave me 6 of the same canes and I still have some gold paint from my Vaati cosplay... Hmmm now all I need is a ciel cosplay....
Purpl3-ShaDoW's avatar
Great! Now i have an idea for my friend's birthday pressie (she cosplays Ciel). Now all i need is a cane and the paints..... XD
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xDD Hurrrah! Perfect
Purpl3-ShaDoW's avatar
I hope she'll like it ^^ thanks for giving me the excellent idea
Truffly's avatar
Np! Take some pics, Id love to see how it turns out!! :D
Animegirlemma123's avatar
Where did you get your cane from? :3
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I got it from a garage sell down the street. Although, you could probably get one at a second hand store or Goodwill. :)
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Do you think that spray paint would work instead of model paint?
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I think it would! Just make sure you check the bottle and it says it stick to wood ; or whatever your cane handle is!
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Niceee and easy steps >DD helped in my cosplay next year <3
Truffly's avatar
Glad it could help <33
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This is just like the tutorial in Layers, the magazine. It turned out nice.
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I Wish My Mom Would Let Me Do Projects Like That Cuz I Would Soo Make One XD
Oh Yeah Thnx For Making a tutorial I'll Fav so that when my mom let's me do projects it'll be the first thing i make.
(I'll go around hitting my sisters with that)
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Sooo cool! I might have a pic of Wheatley(Me cosplaying as) leaning on a cane! :iconyaysplz:
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