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Cynthia and Garchomp
First thing first, Cynthia is awesome.  Second, on a scale of 1 to 10, how badly do you think that Garchomp would mess you up?  Look in those eyes and tell me if you see mercy.  Good thing Cynthia is there to stand between you and it.

I saw this comic poking fun at the fact that Cynthia wore a long coat while going on vacation and it inspired this drawing.  Well were every she's going on vacation she looks relaxed and yet still ready to battle.
Feeling Pretty Good In Blue
"Well Ryuko, there may be hope for you yet." Said Aquamarine to Ryuko.  

This took a while to draw! I was having so much trouble with the pose to make her look like a "proper lady" and still keep Ryuko's characteristics.  Once I did get the pose right everything else like the clothes etc.  were pretty easy to design. 
Pokémon Let’s Make This Happen
So Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee are the first Pokémon games to be released on the Nintendo Switch and fans reactions seem quiet mixed.  Most comments on the game I see are happily curious, excitedly curious, indifference or anger. I think the game is harmless and I view with slight indifference and I would rather wait for the main series title, but that isn’t the topic of this paper.  This is a wish list of things I would like to see going forward for the main series titles.  In some cases these things should/could have been implemented for a while now.  

1) Stop Making Remakes
What!?  I hear you scream but consider this.  Instead of making remakes, just make squeals.  That way the old fans get something new yet familiar and new fans get something they can also enjoy and give them a reason to try the old generation titles.  And Gamefreak this is a major win for you because new fans may buy your old games and so more money for you.

2) Stop Having The Grunts  Use The Same Pokémon
Gamefreak, you have over 700 Pokémon, why do I have to keep battling the same three Pokémon over and over?  Instead make use of the over 700 Pokémon you have.  This adds mystery and a challenge because you’ll never know what you’ll get to battle.  Now you don’t have to give the Grunts pseudo but don’t give them weak Pokémon either.  Make it a mixed bag.

3) Remove Shiny Locks
I’m not a shiny hunter but even I see shiny locks as unnecessary.  Even with the odds reduced in recent generations it is still difficult to find a shiny randomly.  Especially when it comes to finding legendary Pokémon shiny in game.  Radom encounters are amazing and surprising.  Just getting a shiny legendary over wifi or event makes it less special.  And who cares if certain players want to reset for them.  You just ruined the mechanic for other people because a few aren’t playing the game exactly how you think they should.  Keep the lock on for the NPCs.

4) Make Tutorials and Cut Scenes Short
Gamefreak, you say the tutorials are for the kids and I understand, but in the age of internet there is no reason to have your tutorial be so long.  If kids get lost they can solve their problems by looking it up on the internet or better yet, make use their common sense and problem solving skills.  And some players don’t care about the story either and when your game feels like more cut scenes than gameplay you’ve messed up big time.  And some of your cut scenes aren’t interesting, they just have the player character stare blankly while the other characters talk to one another.  People causally talking to one another are not entitled to cinematic.  And more over this kills replay value.  Make them short and make them skippable.

5) Don’t Make More Mega Evolutions (Personal Nitpick)
Mega Evolutions are over designed and most of the Megas you gave were to Pokémon e.g. Garchomp, who honestly didn’t need them.  Regional variants are the much better solution as you can make an already existing lack luster Pokémon a new from and new abilities so people will want to use them.  And don’t just stick hair on it and call it a new Pokémon.  I understand the origin but that doesn’t make it any better in my eyes.

6) Make the Rivals have Identity and Challenging
Some rivals in old and new generations really feel… like cardboard.  They’re sometimes too nice and their role in the story they can feel like just another random NPC battle.  I feel like in cases of these rivals it boils down to lacking more than one characteristic, i.e. just being nice and lacking determination. I’m not saying rivals should only be like Blue or Silver. Rivals can be nice, look at Brendon/May verses Barry.  Both are nice but I feel were Brendon/May fail is because they don’t have a goal or much of a personality.  Seriously, write in the comment section a characteristic of Brendon/May that isn’t just them being nice as I do one of Barry.  Barry’s impatient, curious, sometimes annoying, funny and energetic.  His goals are; he wants his Pokémon to be strong, become like his dad and be a mentor to Crasher Wake.  He’s endearing enough to be a friend and still strong enough to be a challenge and feel satisfaction in beating him.  So give your rival characters more personality than just being nice.

7) Never Bring Back HMs
I for the love of Arceus can’t tell you how much I hate HMs.  However one good thing about them is they do well as mini puzzles that challenge you through the dungeons.  Gamefreak, if you feel the need to bring them back keep the ride Pokémon if not, don’t have the darn things re-spawn after you leave the dungeon.  The rocks in Emerald when you clear the path don’t re-spawn like in Gen 4.  And don’t stack HMs, I shouldn’t have to use rock smash six times in a row to clear a path.  Shinnoh I’m looking at you.  Don’t ever make the HMs like Shinnoh.  

In closing I just wanna say that negative criticism isn’t a bad thing.  Giving explanation instead of just saying “I hate it” is a way for companies to consider what they can do next.  This doesn’t just go for Gamefreak but all media as well.  Granted they’ll probably not see it or worse case just ignore it but Gamefreak has shown they listen to fans.  Calling them names doesn’t help and quitting sometimes just makes them bank on the new comers and forget longtime fans all together.  And longtime fans need to remember that this franchise doesn’t just belong to them and not become hostile when they introduce a mechanic that is meant draw new players or experiment.  And Gamefreak don’t forget your longtime fans by completely changing the status quo for new comers.   You can’t please everyone but try to keep it balanced so old and new can have something to enjoy.  I mean battles aside; Pokémon is also about making friends.
Thank you for reading and I hope to hear you opinions down in the comment section.  I’d love to hear what things you want to be put or taken out in the new games and onward.


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