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Tickle Torture Cult

A commission piece for :icongodleon: 
It features his Original Character Croga, captured by a cult of sadistic ticklers. Woof, this one was REALLY fun to draw. :faint: 
Hope you like it, mate! :D 
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Wow whats the address of this cult lol?

HarryWinterFrost's avatar

oh dear he must be very ticklish on his feet.

Looks good I like how the cult members aren’t about to let up any time soon. :)

TrueTickleFanatic's avatar

Oh, definitely not. They’ll just keep him there

tickleabs0808's avatar

Do they ever stop or let him go I wonder fiery evil laugh

TrueTickleFanatic's avatar

Not until he faints at least once

tickleabs0808's avatar

love it!!!! yeah I wanna join this cult lol

tckldave's avatar

For some reason I REALLY want to know what kind of shoes this hottie had on, before he got locked in the tickle stocks. Sneakers and athletic socks? A tough pair of boots? Sandals? What do you think? :)

Godleon's avatar
Since he's my guy, he was wearing boots ^^
tckldave's avatar

This bearded guy looks soooooooo handsome. He deserves an initiation to the same club Ticklish Toby had to join! (Would love to see him in the stocks, with his sneakers + socks on the side table.) GREAT work!

rolnuap's avatar
Wouldn't mind to be captured by that cult... ;)
TrueTickleFanatic's avatar

I'd like to join the cult, haha

knismozone's avatar

This is the best concept I've seen ever lol. Where do I sign up?

TrueTickleFanatic's avatar

Yeah I might even make the Tickle Cult a running theme haha.

Such sexy characters! Love the ticklee and his beard. Do you think you'll ever draw naked characters? I bet even more 'steamy' pictures could be awesome ;P

seto749's avatar
Interesting to see hoods without robes. I don't know why, but for some reasons this makes me think this ought to be what happens to people after someone plays The Seal of Oricalchos.
Tonitrui-cataegis's avatar
Those hot cultists really got their hands on a handsome guy😍
cometpunk's avatar
Oh I remember seeing your art a few years back and all I can say i that I'm glad you're back, dude :D
Also, you have improved a lot when it comes to the facial expressions! :D Lovely!!!
TrueTickleFanatic's avatar

Thank you! It’s good to be back :hug:

cometpunk's avatar
:heart: I'm glad you enjoy yourself! Have an awesome stay here! :hug:
the-tickle-lover's avatar
I'm glad you'r back
CrystoX's avatar
Where do we sign to join them?
TrueTickleFanatic's avatar

I'm already a member. There's an...initiation of sorts. :mwahaha:

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