It Posts The Pics Or It Gets The Hose Again!

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So I've been remarkably lazy, even by my standards.  Haven't posted Jack Squat (he demanded capitalized credit) in like ever.  So, in an effort to get back into an artistic groove that I have sorely been lacking as of late, I am posting some of my modified splicer up.  Total badass overhaul by the way on him with the new Pyro theme. Credit must also be payed to LadySiha for being my corpse.  Heads up, she's actually wearing a nifty outfit I may have done makeup for as well so check her out when you're done looking at my ugly mug... :)

I'm sure I'll get some pics up soon of Marcy's Axe Bass I did for
sepia-manatee and her sweet cosplay as well... Probably... If poked with a stick hard enough lol...
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