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Isn't She Adorable?!

By truesanji
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One of the rare shots of me you'll ever see and it's half covered by photos of other people!

Wore this to Kitsune Kon 2012 this past weekend and it KILLED. Honestly wasn't ready for all the love and attention I got over the con but I want... no I NEED to say thanks to everyone who made my day by appreciating it so much.

As a strict costume maker I tend to always be the bridesmaid but never the bride and wasn't ready for all the pictures, support, and love.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, a HUGE thanks to everyone who showed up!
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I saw you at the cosplay contest! Well played my friend XD
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You were awesome - and way to upstage us in the cosplay contest =D
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I wouldn't say upstage...

Possibly stole the show. But come on, she IS adorable!

On that note... Mind if I borrow your niece for Acen?
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Maybe not for ACen, but I can tslk to Kristel about finding her that outfit....