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In The Face

By truesanji
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Drawn completely on my tablet. Only took me six hours but that's hella faster considering the detail compared to my first digital drawing.

This is also a D&D thing. It's a Shardmind Monk. I thought it would be freaking awesome to punch guys in the face with my badass rock hand...

Oh, and I would love it if someone colored this guy. He could definitely use it.
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Oh snap! That's awesome! My birf day is coming up, and guess who isn't getting a tablet? :XD:

This is awesome, you need to do more!
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Well thanks so much!

I'm sorry to hear about your tablet troubles! Now that I've started unlocking its power, I love using it.
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When I get a tablet the world shall bow at my feet!

Not really, but seeing as it lets me transition my sketching skills onto the compooper, maybe I won't be so reluctant to go digital.
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It's fun, but I'm pretty sure I'm still doing it wrong...
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I really like this one, the bandages are awesome.
You always have really good balance of fantasy and actual body-structure.
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That means a lot coming from you. I always look forward to what you think of my stuff!
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Huh, it's like Shale, but in anime form. Very nicely done!
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Well thank you so much!
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xD Totally BA dawg :D
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Thanks so much I was shooting for that!
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=D Awesome!!! Well you hit it really well my friend :P
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