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First: I apologize with my few, yet dearest and faithful readers: I opened another thread in the story, instead of completing the old ones.
This was because someone asked me about the story of Kubin... and I can't help but leaving aside all the rest and starting to draw this.

Second: On technical side I lowered the working resolution, hoping this may speed up the making of the comic without impairing quality too much. (not that the original quality was that high ^^;).

Third: (setting) After many years of war, Ma Vlast and Dumka are on their journey home, from northern Rasha to Vermillion (I have a nice little map here: [link]). They stop for a few days in Ube, a small town among the mountains, renowed for its climate and for its concentration camp. :stare: Needless to say 90% of concentration camp prisoners are hybrids.

Title is a verse of a poem by Antonio Fogazzaro: [link]

Last: the pink sentence at the bottom is a voice off, is not Ma Vlast speaking (he has a yellowish voice :dummy:).

Next: [link]
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Trump wants to build conc. camps for those who criticize him, once he gets elected.

I'm voting for Hillary, eMails or no eMails.