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October 28, 2008
Street Art? Traditional? Photography? Yes to all. No digital means have been used on this image... what we're seeing is the recording of a clever technique that is wholly traditional in its essence, and true to the Street Art spirit. A trick to the eye that creates a momentary illusion carefully crafted and captured. Diamonds Light Stencil Colors by ~truemarmalade.
Featured by stigmatattoo
Suggested by Mauricioluis
truemarmalade's avatar

Diamonds Light Stencil Colors

I know this isn't really traditional art, but if I put it in photography or something then I'd just feel wrong.

This is something like 5 shots, parts of which are all combined into one.

Here's a set on flickr with all the photos I used to make this, and a process of how I do this light stencil thing; so quit asking!


This is definitely the coolest thing I've ever made, in my egotistical opinion.

2:31:28 AM Melanie Lehman: NO CREDZ
2:31:30 AM Melanie Lehman: EVER
2:31:40 AM Melanie Lehman: I AM A GENIUS

Thanks guys :]

I'm building a bigger rig, for bigger light stencils.
See it here: [link]
Image details
Image size
1310x877px 399.18 KB
Shutter Speed
30/1 second
Focal Length
10 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Oct 3, 2008, 12:07:18 PM
© 2008 - 2021 truemarmalade
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luwv's avatar
never realized how much i missed my room in highschool untill i saw this. awesome piece.
DeevArt's avatar
you are amazing
un-earthed's avatar
I have featured your art here in my journal way back. :D
AetheralArt's avatar
totally right, definitely the coolest thing ever, in anyones opinion ^^
Bond-International's avatar
I just love it"!
mandiocaStudio's avatar
Omg this is so inspiring.... you're a pioneer in light painting!!!!
lacey32's avatar
Ok i checked the links and i still don't get it! Maybe the true would be too much for one man to handle! :D Fantastic image! :handshake:
wkncrocks's avatar
i no exactly what u did. i like to just write with flashlights and i get the same "me" blurr everywhere. great concept!
truemarmalade's avatar
It's kinda like that, but with stencils in front of the lights
TomSchmitt's avatar
what type of pattern would you call this new
"ghetto style" with diamonds and the little royalty pride lions and crowns
i've been trying to find it all fucking week
truemarmalade's avatar
Humm, I've never seen it. Sounds like heraldy or something
RiotE's avatar
haha, obey coffe sticker is just genius. and the diamonds are awesome, you're so inspiring
pacov87's avatar
wow dude, that was really nice!
el-Barto-Stencils's avatar
this is sooooo damn nice! congrats
Cubism90's avatar
i love this pic!
blakShadow's avatar
LOLZ. they're jst asking cuz deyre jealous. xD
ahaha awesome work though xD lolz
i had to draw a diamond for my hw too.. mayb i'll post it up some day XD
truemarmalade's avatar
Diamonds are just awesome like that
blakShadow's avatar
LOOOOLZ. hahahhahah n i fot only girls wud b obsessed wif it
dark-crown's avatar
ziemlich geile idee muss ich sagn :)
tragic-ink's avatar
very interesting , goodjob :D
jkthedragon's avatar
I love this, but beyond the obvious I love how up on the wall is a single black diamond, hiding but still present.
truemarmalade's avatar
Hah that's scrap from making the actual light stencil. I'm impressed people notice it up there
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