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[Hey Coco…]
[It’s Peter, I just saw all your missed calls and texts. I’m sorry I didn’t say goodbye. I couldn’t]
[I kinda lied about how I was doing. I know I said this before but I really don’t want anyone seeing me anymore. I really can’t take it.] My eyes started tearing up. “What is I?” mom asked.
[I’m so so sorry for everything I’ve put you through including now. This is it, if this treatment doesn’t work I’m going off of everything.]
I tried to face call him. I wanna see his face, I have to see it. I wouldn’t go through. “He won’t pick up...” I said.
[I’m not picking up Coco]
[Please! I need to see you!] I messaged. “No come on…”
[Peter Pick up!] “Please pick up.” I tried one more time. Nothing…
[Peter?]… He didn’t respond. I covered my mouth. No… This can’t be happening. I dropped to my knees. “Coco!” Mom kneeled down putting her hand on my shoulder. “What did he say?”
“His… treatment isn’t working…” I looked at her crying. “Mom, what do I do? He pretty much said goodbye…” My tears started coming in large waves rolling down my face. “I’m sorry…” she said as she wrapped her arms around me squeezing me tight. “I’m so sorry…”
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