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Christmas was so crazy, my family is still staying till after the weekend. Most of them. It’s only the day after. I’m gonna make rounds giving everyone their presents today. Four of my cousin’s wanted to go with me. Hope, Milo, Monica, and G. We’re all around the same age. I’m driving with G in the front seat with me cause he called dibs and ran to get there first. “So where are we going again?” he asked. “I wanna give my friends their presents.” He put his feet up on the dash. “I thought we were going to eat.” Hope laughed. “Did you not hear her say that before we left?”
“No, I just wanted to get out of the house, I’m ready to shove knives in my ears from all the little munchkins and their high voices.”
“Ditto” Milo agreed. It’s been really loud for sure with the two babies and all my little cousins. “Well can we eat after at least?” He asked. “Yeah, why not.” He high fived someone in the back. I’m sure it was Monica. The two of them are always hungry.
I drove to Roy’s first. I jumped out of the car and opened the trunk to get Roy and Ginger’s presents. I closed the trunk and noticed everyone getting out. “You’re all getting out?”
“You want us to stay in the car?” Milo asked. “No, but I’m just dropping them off so you can.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Ok.” I walked up to the front door with them lingering behind me awkwardly. I rang the doorbell. “Now run!” G said jerking like he was going to. He and Milo laughed. “Ok, can we ditch them?” Monika asked Hope and I smiled. The door opened. “Ashley?!” She looked just as surprised to see me. “Coco, what are you doing here?”
“Uhhh…” What am I doing here, why is she here?
“I’m confused. Is this not your friend?” G asked. “She’s my friend just not… Where’s Roy?”
“Oh, he’s in the kitchen. Come on in…” She looked past me. “Oh these are my cousins.”
“Oh hi.” She waved. “Hi” Milo said with a smile. Monica elbowed him. “You discuss me.”
“Yeah, ditto” he said back to her. We walked in and I followed Ashley to the kitchen. He’s sitting at the table with Ginger. “Roy” Ashley said making him look up from his phone. “Hey what’s up.”
“I wanted to give you guys your presents.” I walked over and gave them them. “Hey Hope.”
“Roy you remember the rest of my cousin’s right?” He looked at them. “Not really.”
“Milo, Monica, and G.”
“Oh, I remember now yeah. Long time no see. I bet you guys don’t remember me though.”
“Hey! I do!” Monica said. “Really?”
“Yeah, you’re that kid that pushed Milo off the slide and always carried around a sword.”
Milo’s eyes widened. “That was you?” G laughed. “I think I remember that know. You cried for hours.” Milo pushed him. “Whatever, I was five.”
“You’re still a cry baby though.”
“Am not!”
“Am are.”
“Pf you sound stupid.”
“Well you’d know.”
“Anyway!” I said stopping them. “Go ahead and open them. They both ripped them open. “Awesome, thanks.” Roy held up the pair of shoes I got him.
“I need these.”
“I know you go through shoes like crazy, I got him a pair too” Ashley said. How does she know that? And she got him a present? “I love mine!” Ginger exclaimed. I got her her favorite band’s t shirt. “I got something for you too, but I didn’t grab it out of the car cause I didn’t know you’d be here” I said to Ashley. “Oh you got me something. I got you something too. I’m gonna go get it!” She ran upstairs. “I’ll be right back.” I quickly grabbed it. When I came back in Roy and all my cousins were talking about the when we were little. Ashley’s still upstairs. “Hey…” I walked over to Ginger and sat down next to her. “Why’s Ashley here?”
“What do you mean?”
“She come over to give you guy’s presents like me?”
“Wait do you not know she lives here?” she said. “What? Since when?”
“Since her foster family kicked her out. Remember we said she could stay here.”
“Yeah I remember, but I didn’t know she was still here.”
“Yeah.” She pointed back and forth between Roy and the sealing.
“Really?” She nodded her head. “I found it!” Ashley came back in. “Here.” We traded. I opened it pulling out blue teddy bear. “Awe it’s so cute.”
“What are you five?” Milo said. Monica hit him again in the stomach. “Ow that one hurt!”
“Good” she said in his face as he rubbed where she hit him. G started laughing at him. Ashley held up the flannel I got her. “Thank you.” She’s always wearing one so I thought it would be a gift she’d like. “I love the color.” I got up. “Good.”
“Coco, I don’t have your present yet, sorry” Roy said. “It better be worth the wait then.” He smiled. “Oh it is.”
“Yeah, we both pitched in for it” Ginger said. “Ah now I really want to know what it is.”
“You’ll have to wait.”
“Hey, did you stop by to give Peter something?” Ashley asked. “Oh no not yet, I was gonna head their now actually.”
“What did you get him?” she asked. “I drew him something.” Her eyes widened a little. “Really?”
“Yeah, it’s not very good but I don’t know what else to get him.” She suddenly smiled. “Oh, I’m sure it’s perfect. You better get going then.”
“Yeah, sorry I’m only swinging by.”
“I’ll talk to you later after Christmas stuffs all over” I said pointing at Roy and walking towards the door behind Hope and them. “Yeah, see ya.” We walked out and jumped back in the car. “Who’s Peter?” G asked. “Another friend.”
I parked close to the hospital. G looked out the window up at it. “Why are we at a hospital?”
“Peter has cancer… so he stays here.” He looked over at me. “This just got real dark.”
“Don’t say anything like that in front of him” I said. “Yeah, of course. I’m not Monica.” Monica reached around his seat and smacked him in the head. “Ow! Why are you being so violent today?!”
“Why are you two being morons today?” Hope laughed getting out of the car. “What are you laughing at?” G asked her. “Nothing” she said even though she’s smiling really big. We all got out and I grabbed the medium sized box out of the trunk. They walked in head of me. “I’m just glad it wasn’t me for once” Milo said and G started laughing. “You’re afraid of your little sister.”
“What?! No I’m not” Milo said. Monica went to hit him and he flinched. “Yeah that’s what I thought” she said and all of us started laughing.
We came to Peter’s Room. “So do we nock or…” I peeked in and saw him sitting on his bed. “…yeah just walk in sure.”
“Hey.” He looked over at me. “Hey...” I walked in looking over my shoulder. “These’re my cousins.”
“Sup.” Milo said. I pointed to each of them. “Milo his sister Monica, G, and you know Hope.”
“Yeah, I remember. Hi.” He waved.
“Well, I came to give you this.” I sat down and handed him the rapped box. “Merry Christmas.”
“Ah, I didn’t get you anything…”
“Don’t worry about it. It’s noting special but I still wanted to get you something.” He undid the ribbon and lifted the lid. I had painted a night sky on an 8x10 canvas. “I didn’t want it to big cause I thought you’d have nowhere to put it.” He picked it up out of the box. “Did you paint this?”
“Yeah…” I said bashfully. “Ah man! I forgot my phone in the car!” Monica said getting my attention. She grabbed Milo’s shirt. “Why are you grabbing me?”
“Cause you’re gonna help me look for it.”
“Why?” She went to hit him again. “Ok Ok!” She then grabbed G’s arm. “You two.”
“You don’t need three people to find your phone!” She dragged them out. “I’m gonna go keep an eye on them. We’ll just meet you back at the car ok.”
“Ok.” She ran after them. That was weird. I looked back at Peter. He’s staring at my painting. “Do you like it?” I asked. “Why’d you draw the night sky?” Oh no, does he not like it?
“I thought you’d like it since your room has that cool star setup, was I wrong sorry.”
“No, I love it… I can’t believe you painted this… I didn’t even know you painted.”
“Well I don’t really. Hope’s an actual painter, I just play around with it.” He looked up at me suddenly breaking his stare. “What? This is so good.”
“Yeah! I still can’t believe you painted this for me…”
“Well I’m glad you like it.” I smiled feeling really good but it quickly went away. He looks tired. He has dark circled under his eyes. “Are you…”
“I’m ok” he said stopping me. “Are you sure?” He put the painting back in the box and looked up at me. “Don’t worry about me Coco, I’m fine.”
“You have really big dark circles under your eyes, are you having trouble sleeping?”
“A little.”
“Is there anything I can…” Before I could finish he wrapped his arms around me pulling me into a hug resting his head on my shoulder. “Thank you. I’m gonna put it on my table so I can look at it when I go to bed. I’m sure I’ll get a good night’s sleep now thanks to you.” I smiled. “You’re welcome…” He let go and sat back up. “Thank you for stopping by, I’m glad I got to see you today.” He smiled at me. I got up. “Well I better get back, my cousins are waiting for me. I’ll see you later.”
“See ya.” I walked out to the car. They all were sitting in it waiting for me. I got in and started the car. “Did you find your phone?” I asked. “What..? Oh! Yeah I did.” She held it up to show me. “So’s that like your boyfriend?” Milo asked. “Yeah he looked like more than just a friend.” G put air quotes around “a friend”. “What? No! We’re just friends.” My face instantly turned red. “Pshh! Sure you are” G said. “We are!”
“Hey! Leave her alone or I’ll smack both you!” Monica threatened them holding out her phone like a club. Both of them lifted their hands silently. “So where are we eating?” Hope asked. They all started throwing around names. We decided to go to the dinner down the street. After we got all filled up we went back home all crashing out in my room watching one of my favorite movies.
I'm sorry this is late I just couldn't get it done in time.
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