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(Knock knock) I walked over to the door getting up from sitting on the couch with mom. I opened the door to find Peter there again. What is he doing here? He’s the last person I thought would be at the door. “Hey...”
“Hey...” This is just as awkward and embarrassing as earlier.
“Um... so do you wanna come over for dinner? My mom asked me to invite you.” His mom..? “Uh... mom...” I looked over my shoulder at her. “Can I go over to Peter’s for dinner?” She turned around. “Yeah that’s fine. Just don’t stay to long you have school tomorrow. Hi Peter.”
“Hi misses smith” he said leaning in and waving. “How are you and your mom?”
“Good as can be. You?”
“I’m doing really well. Tell your mom I said hi.”
I started walking out. “I will. Good seeing you out of the hospital.”
“You too hun.”
“K, mom bye.”
“Bye.” I closed the door making him have to step back. We stood on the porch for a minute. I waited for him to lead the way. He opened the door for me. I walked in but still waited to follow him. “Dining room’s this way.” He pointed through a doorway. We got there and misses Lopez’s face lit up as she saw us. She’s already sitting at the table. There are plates filled with different food ready to be served. “Hi Coco”
“Hi.” We both sat down next to each other and across from her. The table seats six. “Thank you for inviting me.”
“Of course. I’m glad you two made up.”
“What?” I said really confused. I notice Peter sink a little in his seat. “Mom...” He shook his head like he wanted her to stop talking. “What do you mean made up?” I asked looking at him. He didn’t look at me but started fixing his plate. “I mean the fight you had this morning... Peter almost didn’t wanna have you over but I told him whatever it was you two should just talk it out and make up.” Why did he tell his mom we were fighting? Does he not want me here? It has to be because of what happened earlier, right? “Yeah...” He looked at me from the corner of his eye and then back at his plate. Is he acting shy..? “We made up. It was a silly fight anyway.” His mom smiled and we both started fixing our plates too. “Coco’s mom told me to tell you hi.”
“Oh, I haven’t seen here at the bakery lately. But that’s probably because she’s been recovering.”
“You go to the bakery?” I asked her.
“All the time. Is she going back anytime soon?”
“Yeah, actually she’s going to next week.”
“That’s good.”
“Yeah, she can’t wait.” We kept up small conversations like that as we ate. I couldn’t help the thought though that their house ever with the two of them seeming happy in it still feels really empty.
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