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There’s no school today… I wanna run over to Peter’s house to see him but at the same time I’m really scared to. I coped out and just put on my favorite supper comfy sweatpants and long sleeve star wars t. After yesterday I just wanna relax. I walked down stairs to the kitchen. You know what sounds good? Hot apple cider! I put a cup under the coffee maker to get hot water. I opened one of the cabinets and grabbed a cider packet. When the water filled up I poured it in and stirred my spoon around.
(Ding Dong!) My spoon hit the side of the cup spilling some on the counter. “Crap.” I grabbed the paper towels pulling on them. I pulled to hard and they unraveled all over. I ripped off the end and wiped it up. (Knock Knock Knock!) Uh! I left the paper towels and ran over to the door. I opened it and almost fell over. “Peter hi…” He had a smile on his face but it quickly changed to a little confused. “Umm… Should I not have come over?” He shook his head and stepped back. “Sorry, I wasn’t even thinking that you might be tired from yesterday or would want to be by yourself.” I’m not even dressed nicely. This strangely feels like that day he invited me to his pool party. “I can come over some other time… or not.”
“Um… I just made myself hot apple cider, do you want some?” I asked. He smiled putting his hands in his pockets. “Yeah.”
“Ok…” I gestured him in. We walked into the kitchen and I remembered the paper towels all over the floor. “What happed?” I quickly grabbed them ripping off the ones on the floor to throw them in the trash and wound the rest up. “I made a mess.” I started making him some. “So how’s it like being home for a couple of days?” He leaned back on the island. “It’s really weird. Nothing’s changed but it’s all so different.”
“You’re probably used to the hospital room hu?”
“Yeah, kinda.” I stirred it up and handed it to him. “Carful it’s hot.”
“Thanks.” He held it with both hands and blew on it. “Welcome.” This is nice. I walked over to the living room. He followed me and sat down on the couch next to me. This is starting to feel weirdly familiar. I took a sip of my cider. It’s perfect. I love this time of year. “So…” I started and then he repeated because of my long pause. “So, are you getting better?”
“Um…” He lowered his cup down to his lap. “I don’t really know… Their optimistic about the new treatment… But they said that about the first one.”
“Oh…” I shouldn’t have asked. “Well, you look good.” He let out a small smile. “Thanks, I feel like crap all the time though.”
“Even right now?” He nodded his head. “Sorry…”
“It’s ok…” He let out a big exhale as he looked up for a second at the sealing. He closed his eyes and sunk in couch. “I’m not gonna complain today. Last night and today have been so nice… I almost feel like a normal person and not someone on their death bed.”
“Hey, don’t say that…” He opened his left eye for a second to look at me. “Sorry. I know I’m supposed to be positive but it’s really hard.” He slid back up and looked at me. “Thanks.”
“For what?”
“The apple cider.” I laughed. “You haven’t even tooken a sip yet.” He let out a sharp laugh. “Still…” He took a sip and then looked down into the cup. “It’s really good…” I feel like I should hug him… I can’t work up the nerve to though… It’d be a little weird too, wouldn’t it? “Wanna watch some tv?” I picked up the remote. “Actually, could we not… The hospital’s always so loud… the quiet’s really nice.”
“Yeah, sure.” I set it back down. “Am I already ruining your nice do nothing day?” I tucked my legs over themselves to get more comfortable. “No… Not yet anyway.” We both laughed. “Well, tell me when I do and I’ll leave.”
“k.” We talked and drank like friends… it was really nice.
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