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Coco 153
“Mmm…” I took a deep breath in starting to wake up. I shifted. Did I fall asleep after Peter le… My eyes opened and I sat up. Peter’s still here! How did we both fall asleep?! “Mmmm.” He rolled a little putting the side of his face into the couch. I remember we were talking but I don’t remember falling asleep. This happened too when we were hanging out that day. I slumped down. Do I wake him up? I don’t know what to do… (Sigh) I leaned back on the couch looking up at the sealing. Should I wake him up? I looked down at the tv. I should right? His head suddenly moved in front of the side of my face. OH MY GOSH!! His heads on my shoulder. He rubbed his forehead up and down against my collar. “Mmm…” (Squeek!) His arm wrapped around my waist. I covered my mouth after that slipped out. I need to wake him up. “Peter…” Nothing. “Peter.” I tapped his arm. “Peter wake up.” I ta
:icontruelovestory:TrueLoveStory 1 0
HH 110
Chapter one hundred and ten
I traveled as far of distance as I could without tiring my horse. Still no sight of Moon on the road we traveled on. A group that big could not move that fast. I must be close. I slowed down moving into the woods to look for a pond or lake for my horse to drink and rest. I looked around but could not see anything. “Come on boy, find somewhere to rest.” He did not move. “You’re trained to well.” (Sigh) I got off of him and pulled him along still looking. I stopped suddenly hearing a sound of laughter. “Shhh…” I stopped him putting my hand on his nose. A giggle went through the air again. “Oh no…” I looked around to see where they could be. I noticed a light move behind one of the trees. I got back on him. “I don’t want any trouble!” I said. (Giggle!) The light came out from behind the tree spinning down around the trunk. Is there just one? “Hey!” I ducked as it fle
:icontruelovestory:TrueLoveStory 1 0
Matilda sketch  by TrueLoveStory Matilda sketch :icontruelovestory:TrueLoveStory 16 0
Coco 152
There’s no school today… I wanna run over to Peter’s house to see him but at the same time I’m really scared to. I coped out and just put on my favorite supper comfy sweatpants and long sleeve star wars t. After yesterday I just wanna relax. I walked down stairs to the kitchen. You know what sounds good? Hot apple cider! I put a cup under the coffee maker to get hot water. I opened one of the cabinets and grabbed a cider packet. When the water filled up I poured it in and stirred my spoon around.
(Ding Dong!) My spoon hit the side of the cup spilling some on the counter. “Crap.” I grabbed the paper towels pulling on them. I pulled to hard and they unraveled all over. I ripped off the end and wiped it up. (Knock Knock Knock!) Uh! I left the paper towels and ran over to the door. I opened it and almost fell over. “Peter hi…” He had a smile on his face but it quickly changed to a little confused. “Umm… Should I not have com
:icontruelovestory:TrueLoveStory 0 0
My bitten girl  by TrueLoveStory My bitten girl :icontruelovestory:TrueLoveStory 12 0
HH 109
Chapter one hundred and nine
It only took a short while for me to get to the mountain top here Moon and I had first overlooked the village. I looked down at it again. The village is in smoldering ruins. I wonder… Is that a wagon I hear?! I quickly dove behind the shrubs. The sound of hooves stopped right in front of me. I slowly peered out. It’s a large carriage with guards on horses circling around it. A rich aristocrat I presume. “We shouldn’t stop here!”
“Orders are orders.” The guards are bickering. “Hush!” the guard holding onto the side of the carriage huffed silencing them all. A hand pulled the curtain in the window aside. “General.” It’s a woman’s voice… The General opened the door holding out his hand for her to take assisting her as she stepped out. Her face is covered by a black vail. She walked out with him to look out at the village. “What a shame…” Her voice is so cold b
:icontruelovestory:TrueLoveStory 1 0
Winifred  by TrueLoveStory Winifred :icontruelovestory:TrueLoveStory 20 0 Halloweens over? by TrueLoveStory Halloweens over? :icontruelovestory:TrueLoveStory 22 0 Coco Patreon Banner by TrueLoveStory Coco Patreon Banner :icontruelovestory:TrueLoveStory 13 0 Inktober Monstory: day 31 by TrueLoveStory Inktober Monstory: day 31 :icontruelovestory:TrueLoveStory 15 5
Coco 151
I froze in the doorway. What is he doing here? “What are you doing here?” He smiled at me and started rubbing his hand up and down his arm. “I wasn’t to see you in...” he looked at my costume. “Your costume...” he’s staring at me... “What?” He shook his head. “Nothing. I just didn’t expect you to be dressed as a blue bear...” I look stupid don’t I? “No you look... really cute.” Cute..? “You’re cold aren’t you? Come in!” I grabbed his arm and pulled him in closing the door. “Uh thanks...”
“Ashley!” I called. She turned around and walked right over. “Oh my gosh Peter! What are you doing here?” I slipped out into the kitchen as they talked. I hid behind the island. I just can’t right now... he said I look cute. I’m overheating, my face has to be all red. “Where’d Coco go?” Oh no! He can’t see me!
:icontruelovestory:TrueLoveStory 1 0
Inktober Monstory: day 30 by TrueLoveStory Inktober Monstory: day 30 :icontruelovestory:TrueLoveStory 14 0
HH 108
Chapter one hundred and eight
The sent of herbs was the first thing I remember. My eyes opened but all I could see was a blur of colors. What happened? Blinking started making everything become clearer till I could see the bottles burning. I quickly sat up. Wait... this already happened! I pulled off the blanket to look at my leg. “What..?” It looks healed. I slowly stood up. It doesn’t hurt. (Snap!) I jumped and looked at the door. It’s her. I can see her shadow. She stepped in holding a large piece of moss covered wood. “Up again spit fire?” She dropped the wood on the ground. I stepped back. I can’t let her knock me out again. She picked up one of the bottles. “No no not again!” She looked up at me and chuckled. Why is she laughing? She then blew out the small flame and set it down.
“Don’t worry sunny, I’m not gonna do it again.” She repeated till all the bottles were not burning anymore. “Who are yo
:icontruelovestory:TrueLoveStory 2 0
Inktober Monstory: day 29 by TrueLoveStory Inktober Monstory: day 29 :icontruelovestory:TrueLoveStory 13 0 Inktober Monstory: day 28 by TrueLoveStory Inktober Monstory: day 28 :icontruelovestory:TrueLoveStory 16 3 Inktober Monstory: day 27 by TrueLoveStory Inktober Monstory: day 27 :icontruelovestory:TrueLoveStory 16 2


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