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Style Tut for WarCraft Font

This is for the program ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, from 7 to CS4. My first tutorial ever but I believe I have the format good. It might need a lightening layer of white at 5-25% opacity underneath the color balance to pretty much match the font side by side with an actual picture of the warcraft/world of warcraft title, but otherwise it should be alright. Its not perfect but it looks good enough, not some pieced together thing from the original by cutting and pasting but you can suit this for any needs.

****NOTE: Tutorial has been amended as of 8/14/08. The first duplicate layer is to have 0% fill. If not you will have fluorescent text. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Roy a.k.a Geexxor.****

9/6/06: sorry but the tutorial needs another amendation. the character tab settings should be LifeCraft font at 72pt. depending on the word you use you could adjust the kerning.
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Hi! I would like to do this in the colors of the new Expansion LEGION, what should i do?! Thank you! 
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OMG thank you so much for this! When my best friends got married they wanted a WOW invite I freaked out! there was no way I could make it. You are amazing thank you! <3
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Awesome! It's gonna be so useful Thanks for the tutorial!
Awesome, thanks for the tutorial!!
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Dude How did you add that Warcraft BACKGROUND in your name!!??????????????????????????????????????????????
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this is awesome :3
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Were is the Character Tab? I can't find it D:
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Thanks a lot!!!! It's Awesome! n_n
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thank you for liking it!
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I couldn't find the font u.u, is there another way to find it?
I love this tutorial :) thanks so much
Could you share a psd?
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I don't think I have the psd anymore.
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Were youn talking about the font or the effect?

The font is a heavily modified version of Fritz Quadrata: [link]

As for the effect it would be rather simple.
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Superb tips, thanks you so much!
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your welcome, let me know how it turns out.
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awesome work ...!
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Very nice! Thank you very much!
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thank you! Anything else you'd like to see?
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I've been looking for a good font for the word "World" in the WoW logo... It's definitely a serif font similar to Times New Roman, but it's slightly different. Since you're into fonts I thought you might know what font it is.

"Burning Wrath" works well for the expansion pack titles, although the "L" is definitely from "Lich" and not from "Cataclysm". [link]
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