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Been a lot of confusion with trusting others throughout my life. Some of them have been people you would never guess would fall apart. Kind of makes you not even want to trust that the text on your page will stay together.

Scatter Brushes by GoMedia

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Hey, I was wondering if I could use this as a header picture on my blog? Would that be okay? (If you do, I'll be sure to give you credit for your work, and even give you a link to the blog, if you want to see it!)
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Yeah, feel free to use it however you want man. Was just a for fun piece and there shouldn't be any licensing restrictions. It was all done from scratch with Illustrator.
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Thank you so much! :)
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trust...not sure I have any....great pic tho!
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you're right man, it's dificult to trust
the pic's reaaly good ♥it!
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Thank you, was a late night experiment that turned out oddly well.
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I want to blow away all the small peices.
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I love how it looks like an arrow ripped right through it. Very nice!
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Thanks, I thought about creating an object of sorts smashing through it, but this seemed to work better. Looks better when the smashing is implied with the object. Thx 4 the input btw.
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wowww this is ver nice effect
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Takes a little while to pull off because of all the layers required.
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The simplicity and smooth transaction from letter to letter but still giving it the shatters is amazing. The haphazardness of the shatters is really interesting and shares a little story behind the word in its entirety.

Well done! ♥
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this is lovely. very well done.
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nice metaphor, and you realy delivered the impact with the intensity of the break in the picture
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