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Beings as I seem to necessitate some instruction before use, I present to you:


This is handy guide will feature all you need to know about the etiquette in dealing with the non-complexity that is me. I may add to this in the future as needed and it will be handily posted up on my profile as a 'pocket guide' if you will. Now without further ado, let's begin.
If we watch each other, please don't ask or expect me to comment on your work if you're not willing to do the same for me. Support works both ways, and if you're not willing to take the time to comment on my work, why I should do so for you?

I don't make gifts often because I don't have a lot of time and my personal work takes priority. When I do make them, I don't want to feel pressured or rushed into it so please don't hassle me about it; a gift isn't a commission, it's done on my own time and out of kindness. Most people are fine with that and are very patient, so thank you to everyone who is. For those of you who aren't patient, I will either stop making the gift altogether or drop it to the end of my VERY long to-do list, especially after I took the time to write the journal explaining WHY I sometimes have trouble submitting art.

I am a very patient person and I try to be as easy-going and kind as I can be; as such, some people see these traits and mark them down as docility. That is a mistake. Treat me how you want to be treated yourself and if you act offensively or rudely, you will be treated the same way.

If they're about my personal life, I will always put up a quick version for casual watchers who are only interested in my artwork and a longer version for those interested in me as a person. I only write journals when I have something to say, so if it's been posted, it's been posted for a reason.

Thank you all for listening. I am bluntly honest, so if there's an issue you're concerned with, feel free to contact me directly. The issues mentioned here


They are issues that have been brought up frequently by several people and that is why I have made the journal, otherwise I would have just told you personally rather than making it public.

If you've been affected by any of the topics touched upon in this 'For Dummies' guide, please contact me on the number below.

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Hot Fuzz
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IT Crowd
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Lifehouse, Matchbox 20, Sister Hazel, HIM, Imagine Dragons
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Terry Pratchett
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Fallout 3 & New Vegas, Skyrim
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It's all good
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Martial arts, art, movies, games, music, comics, reading, socializing

Is survival horror rising again?

Is survival horror rising again?

As a grizzled old gamer, I used to love the survival horror genre. I played what is considered by many to be the progenitor of those games - the original Alone in the Dark - and loved series such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Although they spawned some decent (and not-so-decent) contenders to their grimy, blood-stained crown, the genre became less and less... itself... as time went by. Take Resident Evil, for example. I'm not saying I don't enjoy later iterations of the series (RE4 is still one of my favourites) but it replaced its horror with guns-blazing action. I haven't played the most recent Silent Hill game, SH Downpour, but I'm le
Started my new 3D tutorial in between work, and so far it's looking good! Hopefully I'll have my first fully usable 3D asset by the end of it! :dummy:
Well, it looks like I won't be able to get a higher poly model uploaded for the weekend. Sorry, guys. Alongside my full-time job, I've also had a stressful time house-hunting. I tried a couple of 3D modelling tuts, but they were... not great, which I...

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pookiesaurus4Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I mean "created"
pookiesaurus4Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I credited Ponoble
pookiesaurus4Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Update: I promoted the Fqntasopians to a stand alone species for a little consistency, since the Wonderlandians and Neverlanders are their own respective species.
TrueformHobbyist Digital Artist
Ok I can see why that would make sense :nod:
pookiesaurus4Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah. It's called an "adaptation species change"
TrueformHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome :D
pookiesaurus4Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi, I have fairy tale humans as a human subspecies, "Homo sapiens fantasopius" or "Fantasopian". What do you think?