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Heh heh. This is a Funny Meme, Shej. Plus, I just like how me, you, flluksel, Pilipus, and Lukey are all shouting "MCDONALD'S!" Three T...

Ok, this right here is just wonderful! It brings out the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon in me! And seeing as i LOVE stuff like this, I have to...

Dusk, This is such fine art! Honestly, It's just spectacular! It makes my heart glimmer like a lake on a moonlit night! And since it's ...

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Me and my Salamence
In my Pokemon Omega Ruby game, i have a level 100 Salamence on my team, so what did i decide to do? I drew Salamence because of my game.

Ya yeet.

Salamence - Game Freak/The Pokemon Company

Josh/Artwork - TrueFireYoshiBlader 
Just to let you all know, i'm not gonna be posting as much art as i did in the past few months. The process will be a bit slower
Stormy Wrath

Bagon's about to make you feel his wrath. You'd best be ready to fight him, or try to flee. But look out. Bagon can strike from above you, for he stands on the tallest cliffs, ready to attack

Bagon - Game Freak

Artwork - TrueFireYoshiBlader 
Heated Rivals
Ok, so it's been a bit since i posted anything. it wasn't just a lack of motivation, it was also probably an art block. Anyways, here's this thing, i guess. Enjoy if you want. it ain't much XP

Just Charizard and Grovyle as rivals. A Heated Moment, indeed.

Charizard and Grovyle - The Pokemon Company

Artwork - TrueFireYoshiBlader 



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Anthony Vollert
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Hey Guys, What is UP? It's me, :icontruefireyoshiblader:! Some of you may remember me from Google+! Anyways, I'm on DeviantArt Now, posting delightful deviations regularly, so stop by often!

Here's Some shoutouts to all my Yoshi, Pokemon, Dragon and Human pals!

:iconsmwforever45: (Lime) A Good Pal of mine, as well as a very chill guy!

:iconzackthecarrot: (Zack the Doggo) A Fine Friend and a Kirby Fan! Just be sure not to get on his bad side!

:iconblueyoshiegg: (Blueshi) A Very Kind and Cuddly Yoshi! Oh, how i love to get hugged by him!

:icongreeny-yoshi-rsl19: (Greeny Yoshi) A Cool Guy to hang with!

:iconajxp66: (Daren) A Great Drawer, as well as a Dependable Pal!

:iconccagamer: (Roxy) A Very Kind Yoshi, as well as a Great Gamer!

:iconyoshi-19: (Kevin the Dragonite) A Nice Pal of mine!

:iconluckfoxreborn: A rookie in drawing, as well as a great collaborator!

:iconyoshistar01: (Pinky) A real sweetie!

:iconacetheyoshi: (Ace) A fun person to Talk to!

:iconchubbydave91: (Lightning Yoshi) A Great Person to hang out with!

:iconfirebro999: (Firebro) A cool person!

:iconwaluigifan32: (DJYoshi32) Someone who is a great SM64 Machinimist as well as a great friend!

:iconmeltdown44: A good artist in my eyes!

:icondeviantyoshi64: (Galactic) A Nice pal who's a fan of Super Mario Galaxy, just like me!

:iconalejandro10000: (Ruby the Snivy) A Lover of Video Games, TV Shows, You name it!

:iconsonicandlemmyfan: A Fan of the best Games that ever existed! Also a cool pal!

:icongamerdragon165: (Drake The Dragon): A Dragon who's really protective of his friends, as well as a Gamer and Pasta Lover!

:iconblackyoshi818: Good with Literature!

:icontolkardragon18: (Jordan) A Wonderful Friend and Great Artist!

:iconyoshi7684: (Storm/Crystal) A Great Sprite Maker/Gamer/Drawer!

:iconzachyoshi: (Zach/Yoshi Bro) Someone with a Foot Fetish and nice DeviantArt Muro Art!

:iconmacloud34100: (YoshiFan) Someone who's good with Hanna Barbera Sound Effects, Digital Art, and more!

:icontheyoshistate: (Mattshi) A Fan of Mixels!

:iconpikakipz1: (Alex) A Good Drawer and a Roleplayer

:iconjarvis555thewolf: (Jarvis the Black-Eyed Yoshi) A Drawer, as well as "The Black Eyed Yoshi" known as Jarvis! Fear the intense stare of Jarvis's Black Eye!

:iconalex13art: A Great Artist!

:iconryex-617: (Yoshen) Quite the Great Artist! Also a person who's travelled to many places!

:iconnanic99: (Rick) The Gothic Traditonal and Digital Drawer

:iconsteelguy12: (Gray Yoshi) Funny Memer XD

:icongoldenworldgamer: Good Drawer, If i do say so myself

:iconmodeerfwon: Good Artist! Also A Pal to many!

:iconmathewh88: (Rayflate) A Good Draw, as well as a Photographer, and a Kingdom Hearts Player, Just like you, :iconalex-the-yoshi:

:icongamertale24: Good Drawer, Good Comic Maker, All of that

:iconsilverfur15: (Motor) A Good Artist! I dunno when he'll return, but i hope he'll return soon (if he IS returning, that is)

:iconbrickart03-2: (Rye the Buizel) Good Roleplayer

:iconalvaroshitheyoshi: (Alvaro the Yoshi) Cool Artist! A Yoshi i'd love to ride on while flying!

:iconricodergy: (Rico) A Kind Austrailian Dragon who's good with Dragon Art

:iconmonsterforcers: Someone who is good with art

:iconpsychoyellowdragon: (Sweet Giggle) Colorful Artist

:iconflakyporcupine1989: (Pecha) Great Artist!

:iconepicconnor12: (Omega) Someone with a Lot of Art Pieces from his friends!

:icontundratheyoshiwolf: (Tundra) Good Pixel Art and Digital Art Maker

:iconnupho: Photographer and Artist

:iconcloudstriker15: (James) Great Artist

:icontiredman6: Quite a Good Guy

:iconskoobyforever: A Great Artist, as well as my Great Homie!

:iconofficer-luke: (Luke) Good Digital Artist

:iconthe-fanartist1: Good Meme Maker

:icongoldraibowmario2: A Cool Guy! Also, a Miitomo Player.

:iconjurassic-undead: Awesome Artist!

:iconyoshidrawer10: A Cool Drawer!

:iconthecrzm14: A Cool Traditional Artist. Oh, and Digital Artist, too

:iconchromeyoshi: Nice Drawer.

:iconkatomatic22: Meme Professional

:icongoofybandit: Cool Digital Artist!

:iconnightfuryyoshi64: A Talented Artist, as well as a friend on Discord!

:iconsomebrokenglass: Random Person who watched me :^)

and finally, :iconforesttreecko: (Shej) The Mistress of Dark Humour, as well as the best friend of me, The Dark Lord of the Dragons

















and more





























and :iconlettucelechuga:



Alright, that's all of the shout outs! Enjoy this wonderful art sanctuary! Also, check back often for some more art!

Check out my other pages! (To those who have a G+ and YouTube account)

YouTube by Th3EmOo…

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For those who have Discord but aren't yet friends of me, Let me know via DM. I'll be happy to accept ANY friend request.

Discord stamp by SheiksDWeirdo

Stamps that show my fandoms towards video games and shizz

Super Mario 3D Stamp by Kevfin

I Love Red Yoshi by Powerwing-Amber

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I Love Black Yoshi by Powerwing-Amber

Aries Stamp by mylastel


Y'know i love to roleplay. Juuuuuuuuuust as long as it isn't fetish RPs. let's be honest, it'll take me a bit to get accustomed to them. So yeah.

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