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This is the first group I know of that will allow any work into it.No matter what.No censorship here!If you're gonna submit something to DA,it deserves a good group for it to be in.So come join us won't you?Just remember to bring all your friends too okay?

We allow any art,any photos,and any written work.All is more than welcome.This group is built to be a real,live sanctuary for all work on DA.So please come join us and have a real and free place to give your work a true sanctuary for all to see.


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As we all have no doubt have learned,especially lately.We are all now having to use Deviant Art Eclipse.Many of you hate it,some like it,and some just tolerate it. LOL Due to Eclipse,we have lost the use of categories to place our work into.As a result,our group has been kinda forced to rethink things a bit.In the past we have been category based.In a way,we will remain so.But with some changes.As of now,the following folders are now closed due to all of the art and photos no longer able to be placed in categories.
2.Fan Art
3.Digital Art
4.Deviant Art Related
5.Traditional Art
6.Cartoons & Comics
8.Artisan Crafts
9.Poems & Journals
10.Resources & Stock Images
11.Designs & Interfaces/Customizations
Since our work is now classified into the single category of Visual Art,you will need to submit your work there only.However,keep in mind we do place work into other folders if it meets the exceptions.Work containing adult content like nudity or underwear or showing too much of someone's body.Then it would go into our current adult folder.If it moves like a gif or movie or slideshow,then it will go into our folder for animated work.Or if it contains content that is of a christian nature as it clearly is shown in our folder for such work.If for any reason you should get confused,the folder called "Where does this go?" is still available for all to use.We will accept it there and then move it to the right folder(s).We are getting tons of work being submitted but to what was once the folders people are used to submitting to but due to eclipse.we are having to decline and direct the work to the Visual Art folder.So to hopefully decrease or possibly end the confusion,these changes needed to be made.The admins,myself included,are finding it extremely hard to keep up.We all have lives away from deviant art and sometimes that life does interfere with us being on here as much as we would have wanted to be.I love DA and all of you dearly.So please help us help you by submitting correctly as described in this group journal.
If for any reason you need to,you can note the group about any questions you might have regarding these changes.We will answer them as soon as humanly possible.Thanks for making this group a wonderful group and I Look forward to seeing us gain new members and see us grow into on of the best on DA.Happy summer ya'll.
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Group Info

This group will be dedicated to all forms of art,photography,and written work.Nothing will be rejected,everything is welcomed.No matter the subject matter.Rejected would mean that if it violated the DA rules,we couldn't accept it.But if DA allows it,we do too. :)

Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by any type of work that's on DA,our group contains all forms of art and photography and written work that's on DA.We accept all work and refuse nothing that gets submitted into our group.So let's just say you've been informed alright? :) :D If DA allows it to be here on DA,we will allow it into our group.


1.Please submit to the correct folder.If you have a doubt,ask for help in finding the right one.Base all submissions on how you submitted it to DA.Regardless of content.Unless it's mature work like nudes or it's animated like flash,gif's,film,etc.If you have a doubt,never hesitate to ask us okay?

2.Work will only be declined if you submit it to the wrong folder or if you submit the same deviation more than once or if it violates deviant art rules.Which could mean removal of the deviation(s) which violates deviant art rules.

3.Nobody will say or do anything to bother,harass,bully,or cause any emotional issues with another member.If you do,you're gone from the group and blocked.There will be a possibility of no warning but it will all depend on what happened.

4.All admins are required to help anyone seeking help and to help make the membership grow.Could be by inviting others to the group,promoting the group through your profile or any group you might be in already.But get permission first though.Plus to help me or the group as asked by me or needed.

5.Anyone wishing to be an admin needs to ask me before anyone else okay?I alone decide on who is an admin.If anyone has a desire to be an admin,must talk with me first and get my okay on it.Nothing personal but I'm selective on co-founders especially as these individuals will be helping me with the group the most and I need those I can truly depend on.Thanks everyone. :)

6.If anyone feels that there are problems with the group itself or with someone in the group,you are required to come to me first.I will be more than happy to talk to you in greater detail and address all your concerns.But above all else,these matters must remain between the person bringing it forward and the admins only.More than likely I'll be able to handle it myself but I will involve the co-founders if needed.

7.There are now limits on the amount of submissions any one person may wish to submit.Mainly due to keeping the gallery folders organized without tons of work appearing in any given gallery folder.Anything can be submitted,regardless of the content it may contain.However,the folders are limited due to sheer or high volumes of submissions.I want every admin and member to be totally free and be free in this group on what they wish to submit.Everyone has an equal chance to submit what they want.So if you choose to do 1 or more submissions at a time,it's all good. :) All have the same opportunities and chances to submit as much or as little as they choose to.Totally equal and with the freedom to do so. :)

8.The rules may need to change in order to best fit the group.So I reserve the right to change them as needed.Myself,the founder.

9.All work submitted must be viewable by all members and members of affiliate groups.Watcher only deviations will sadly be declined until it is made viewable by all.If you choose to keep it as watcher only,then we can't accept it into the group.This rule is law in this group.Thank you for understanding.
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May 18, 2013


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Art and written work freedom

1,979 Members
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Gallery Folders

Farewell to a Caped Hero by LuckyLadyXandra
Blind Judgement by DarlingAngel0565
Sorceress's Anger by DarlingAngel0565
Winter Wishes Fairy by LaColombeDeDeuil
Written Art Poems and Journals NSFW SFW
Cloud Study No.21 by Schoerie

Mature Content

Slaves in Metal Bondage (The Maze - 170 pics.)! by CyberCpt
Digital Cloud Sketch by Schoerie

Mature Content

Human Cage (117 pics.)! by CyberCpt
Visual Art SFW
Boxing Heather vs Keitaro Gentoga by Jose-Ramiro
Boxing Erza Scarlet vs Juvia Lockser by Jose-Ramiro
Boxing Cody vs Max - onepiece7 by Jose-Ramiro
Boxing Chuckie vs Nohyas by Jose-Ramiro
Visual Art NSFW Adult,Mature,Sexy

Mature Content

You want me to No. 1001? by gb62da

Mature Content

Deep Thoughts - Purple by TheEndOfPretend
Game of Groans by TheGodofCities1967

Mature Content

Deep Thoughts - Black and White by TheEndOfPretend
Animated,Flash,Interactive,and film NSFW SFW
Cyberpunk Interstellar 1984 by MichelVictor

Mature Content

[GIF] Wardrobe Malfunction by CarboxylicAlkali

Mature Content

UNCENSORED extra Inkdays2023 for LEVEL 2patrons 3$ by ErotixXx
Visual Art FULL
ArtvsArtist: Happy Goth Day 2022 by HaraaJubilee
Storm. by TaissOnAir
Older Ariel, transforming. by TaissOnAir
Astrid (2). by TaissOnAir
Visual Art NSFW Adult,Mature,Sexy FULL

Mature Content

The hoards of helheim by Elhabanero20

Mature Content

Cowgirl's new home by CarboxylicAlkali
Cute goth girl by CarboxylicAlkali
Mermaid transformation by CarboxylicAlkali
Photography FULL
My Father - My Friend by LaColombeDeDeuil
Sasha - My New Baby by LaColombeDeDeuil
Hodgeson Mill - Ye Olde Swimming Hole by LaColombeDeDeuil
Autumn Begins in Ozarks by LaColombeDeDeuil
Photography Vol. 2 FULL
Seven Parts Blue And One Part Brown I by Davie169
Sweet Dreams by EvelynVictus
Photography Vol.3 Closed
Persicaria longiseta(s) [Revamped] by BadSkys
Bellis perennis by BadSkys
Cichorium intybus by BadSkys
Country Sunset IIII by BadSkys
Digital Art and Manips -- FULL
Zodiac Contest: Libra by xMoonlightAngelx
Digital Art and Manips Vol.2 FULL,no submiss
Frozen in Time by LaColombeDeDeuil
Digital Art and Manips Vol.3 FULL
2010 Yearbook Cover by MitchFoust
Digital Art and Manips Vol.4 FULL
Hope? by Fiendcute
Digital Art and Manips Vol.5 Closed
Be True to Your Soul by amy-WednesdaysChild
Christian,Faith in GOD Art
The Truth Unmasked by Tarantinoss
Traditional Art Vol.1,FULL no submissions
Katti by LaColombeDeDeuil
Traditional Art Vol.2, FULL no submissions
Don't Draw Work In Progress by JesseAllshouse
Traditional Art Vol.3 Closed
Children of God (Lubaina Himid Tribute) by BlitzBombStudios
Fan Art - Full
A Camel Named Joe by Angelis1911
Fan Art Vol.2, FULL no submissions
MP100: Spontaneous Babybat by HaraaJubilee
Fan Art Vol.3 Closed
Fall party by n2n44
Resources and stock images Closed
R.I.P. ADAM! by InfiniteCreations
DeviantArt Related Closed
Gay Flag Stamp by IrisBlue16
Artisan Crafts Closed
Wonder Wolf by Nostalgialover808
Designs and Interfaces,Customizations Closed
Madcap by QuicoArts
Fractal Art Only Here Closed
Shambhala by Metafractals
Cartoons and Comics Closed
Sisters Forever by Nostalgialover808
Adult,Mature,Sexy Work Vol.1 FULL

Mature Content

Innocence of the Rose by xMoonlightAngelx
Adult,Mature,Sexy Work Vol.2 FULL

Mature Content

I waited so long... will he come this day? by gb62da
Adult,Mature,Sexy Work Vol.3 FULL

Mature Content

Cody's Birthday Cake by Jose-Ramiro
Cosplay Closed
Euderion Command - Captain and XO by Euderion
Summer 2013 Contest 1st place Winners
Demyx summer reaching the sky by UsagiBard
Scraps Closed
Russian honey cake (glitter) by VishKeks
Where does this go?
Portrait Photo Study by TinyTruc
Founder's folder only


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The Many faces of Void by TheBest1995  
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You may wish to look at our current blog on the front page as it pertains to how to submit to the group.Deviant art changed the way we use categories while submitting work onto DA itself.We used to go by the DA categories as it pertained to what folder something goes into.Now it gets placed into only one category called Visual Art.Apparently it doesn't matter if it's a photo or art or whatever according to DA itself.But if you wish to really know how to submit work into the group,our most recent blog does detail how to do so.But we accept work every single day.The only way we decline something is if it gets submitted incorrectly.Which I believe all groups do so as well.However,a comment will follow explaining why and what folder it needs to be in.But no we are not dead,we do accept deviations each day,and are open to receive new members at any time. I do so hope this helps you understand a great deal better.As I always tell others,if you need anything or have a question,feel free to message the group at any time.So have a great coming week okay?
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Oh I now understand thank you for telling me I'm to dumb to know these things, and thank you again.
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We currently use the folder for poems and journals for that.We actually have lots of stories in there.Not just poems and journals.However since we started,we have always been a DA category based group.But when DA started this new version of DA,categories got scrapped.Placing everyone's work,ragardless of what it is,under the category of Visual Art.So we had to make a folder named that for all work unless it met certain exceptions.Our current blog on the group homepage may explain it a tad better.So until this happened,any written work had it's own folder.We could reopen that folder though but it would need to be for only written work.No photos or art,just written work.So if the members wish it,we could do that.In the meantime,just submit to the Visual Art folder.If you're not sure,we have a folder called "Where does this go?" We will accept it in there and then move it to the proper folder from there.Hope this helps you better understand a bit more.As always,if anyone has questions,feel free to note the group anytime.An answer will come as soon as humanly possible.
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I am so sorry. I accidentally submitted mature art ti the traditional folder. I will be more careful in the future. Again I am so sorry.
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