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This is the first group I know of that will allow any work into it.No matter what.No censorship here!If you're gonna submit something to DA,it deserves a good group for it to be in.So come join us won't you?Just remember to bring all your friends too okay?

We allow any art,any photos,and any written work.All is more than welcome.This group is built to be a real,live sanctuary for all work on DA.So please come join us and have a real and free place to give your work a true sanctuary for all to see.


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I'm truly sorry for not being around but it seems my stupidity knows no bounds, LOL The cousin that was living with me that chose to end his own life in my home,well it seems that I had a delayed reaction to it.I've been taking therapy for it and it seems to be working but it seems that sleeping well was out of my reach and my nerves got blown way out of porportions.Despite doing all I could about it,i've been a real mess lately. So much so,in a fit of being fed up with things I punched the side of my entertainment center.I lost.Now it seems that I now have a metacarpel fracture on my right hand.Being right handed,I'm more of a lefty for now.I'm doing ok,not much pain but I have to wear a custom splint till I go back near the end of July to get checked again,complete with x-rays.It's just a fracture and will heal but now I can't work and I'm on short-term disability till I get cleared to go back to work if I'm deemed well enough by the doctors.So I'm using this time to work on my sleeping,rest,and my nerves.With my faith,prayers,and lots of rest.I should be okay.Not sure when it will be before I come back full swing but I will try to peek in.Due to typing with only my left hand,it will take a great deal of effort to respond back,so please be patient with me till I get full use of my right hand again.Thank you in advance for the prayers and kind words that I know will come.I know it will mean a lot to me.So I will hopefully see you in a few weeks.

P.S. I  need to ask all who vote to please keep up with voting each day.Don't let it go too long alright?I can only type with my left hand and using a mouse or touch pad is extremely difficult.It'll be a few weeks before I probably will regain the full use of my right hand.So I'm counting on everyone to help me till I can return full swing.So keep your submissions coming in and hopefully before August gets here,I'll be okay again.All my best to you all and thank you all for helping me as I heal.Ttys. :)
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Group Info

This group will be dedicated to all forms of art,photography,and written work.Nothing will be rejected,everything is welcomed.No matter the subject matter.Rejected would mean that if it violated the DA rules,we couldn't accept it.But if DA allows it,we do too. :)

Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by any type of work that's on DA,our group contains all forms of art and photography and written work that's on DA.We accept all work and refuse nothing that gets submitted into our group.So let's just say you've been informed alright? :) :D If DA allows it to be here on DA,we will allow it into our group.


1.Please submit to the correct folder.If you have a doubt,ask for help in finding the right one.Base all submissions on how you submitted it to DA.Regardless of content.Unless it's mature work like nudes or it's animated like flash,gif's,film,etc.If you have a doubt,never hesitate to ask us okay?

2.Work will only be declined if you submit it to the wrong folder or if you submit the same deviation more than once or if it violates deviant art rules.Which could mean removal of the deviation(s) which violates deviant art rules.

3.Nobody will say or do anything to bother,harass,bully,or cause any emotional issues with another member.If you do,you're gone from the group and blocked.There will be a possibility of no warning but it will all depend on what happened.

4.All admins are required to help anyone seeking help and to help make the membership grow.Could be by inviting others to the group,promoting the group through your profile or any group you might be in already.But get permission first though.Plus to help me or the group as asked by me or needed.

5.Anyone wishing to be an admin needs to ask me before anyone else okay?I alone decide on who is an admin.If anyone has a desire to be an admin,must talk with me first and get my okay on it.Nothing personal but I'm selective on co-founders especially as these individuals will be helping me with the group the most and I need those I can truly depend on.Thanks everyone. :)

6.If anyone feels that there are problems with the group itself or with someone in the group,you are required to come to me first.I will be more than happy to talk to you in greater detail and address all your concerns.But above all else,these matters must remain between the person bringing it forward and the admins only.More than likely I'll be able to handle it myself but I will involve the co-founders if needed.

7.There are now limits on the amount of submissions any one person may wish to submit.Mainly due to keeping the gallery folders organized without tons of work appearing in any given gallery folder.Anything can be submitted,regardless of the content it may contain.However,the folders are limited due to sheer or high volumes of submissions.I want every admin and member to be totally free and be free in this group on what they wish to submit.Everyone has an equal chance to submit what they want.So if you choose to do 1 or more submissions at a time,it's all good. :) All have the same opportunities and chances to submit as much or as little as they choose to.Totally equal and with the freedom to do so. :)

8.The rules may need to change in order to best fit the group.So I reserve the right to change them as needed.Myself,the founder.
Founded 6 Years ago
May 18, 2013


Group Focus
Art and written work freedom

1,924 Members
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Seven Parts Blue And One Part Brown I by Davie169
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Die Harzer Schmalspurbahn - 2016 by AngelOfDarkness089
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Out of the blue by Uruk1
...and fell who fell. by Uruk1
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World Beauties Japan by crayonmaniac
World beauty - china by crayonmaniac
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Blue Rose Valentine Sentiment by LaColombeDeDeuil
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2010 Yearbook Cover by MitchFoust
2018 Yearbook Kickstarter by MitchFoust
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Returning fire by Uruk1
Bonfire by Fiendcute
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Christian Religion,Faith in GOD Art
Dove by LeoHatsuki
Christ 2 TB by henderson
Jesus Christ TB 2 by henderson
Jesus of Nazareth by noeling
Traditional Art Vol.1,FULL no submissions
Katti by LaColombeDeDeuil
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AT: Doctors by GhostFreak-Artz
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Pose set I by Asteltainn
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raffle custom by Ailixa
Artisan Crafts
Anubis totem by Anthrasmagoria
Designs and Interfaces,Customizations
Uruk monogram by Uruk1
Fractal Art Only Here
Rhodopsin by Senzune
Cartoons and Comics
Wasp 60's - Don Heck Tribute by FabianBruno10
Adult,Mature,Sexy Work Vol.1 FULL

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Innocence of the Rose by xMoonlightAngelx
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#403 by bluesixtynine
Adult,Mature,Sexy Work Vol.3 FULL

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Cody's Birthday Cake by Jose-Ramiro
Adult,Mature,Sexy Work Vol.4

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Vicky And Shawna Shadow...Rocket by LostBrave
'Drift Away..' - (2017) by Stormbrain888
Animated,Flash,Interactive,and film
Vintage Superhero 04 by KhotsoDube
Summer 2013 Contest 1st place Winners
Demyx summer reaching the sky by UsagiBard
Fru by nzao
Where does this go?
Primordial One by Uruk1
Founder's folder only


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