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This is the first group I know of that will allow any work into it.No matter what.No censorship here!If you're gonna submit something to DA,it deserves a good group for it to be in.So come join us won't you?Just remember to bring all your friends too okay?

We allow any art,any photos,and any written work.All is more than welcome.This group is built to be a real,live sanctuary for all work on DA.So please come join us and have a real and free place to give your work a true sanctuary for all to see.


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Hello everybody.I do apologize for not doing a blog for so long.My health has been not good to say the least.Been battling it for some time now.But I am doing better though.
I know that we all recently got forced into DA Eclipse recently and it's been tough to say the least on all of us.Many of us are finding that it places our work into "Visual Art" instead of normal categories we have been using for many years.So I'm hoping I can somewhat simply things.If you have deviations you wish to submit but it contains really sexy or adult themed content,continue to use the current adult folder.If you have work that moves like a GIF or slideshow,please use our folder for animated work.If you wish to submit written work like a poem or journal,please use our folder for Poems & Journals.Otherwise if your work does not meet these criterias,feel free to submit to the Visual Art folder itself.If for any reason the work being submitted is submitted incorrectly,we will let you know and to what folder it will belong in.If you have any doubts on what folder to submit to,we do have a folder named "Where does this go?" Myself or any admin can move your work into the proper folders from there.However,we would much rather get your work submitted to the proper gallery folders.So please don't abuse this folder.We are seeing photos,drawn work (traditional art),crafts,etc. with the category of Visual Art but wasn't long before we all had to go to DA Eclipse.We can not go by content as you can only imagine the arguments that would happen between the admins and the artists over what goes where.That's why we go by the category something is in.Makes it fair for all and nobody has to make arguments or leave the group due to a disagreement.I've seen things like that happen with other groups I was in.So whenever you submit something to DA itself and that work goes into your own gallery for the first time,check to see if you can select a category.If you can't or don't,seems DA chooses Visual Art for you.I'm hoping this blog/journal clears a few things up for you.But if not,you can send a note to the group or myself to ask whatever questions you might have.All I ask is that you be civil and kind.No drama please.I'm quite sure other groups are having some difficulties also.
So please keep your submissions coming in as best you can and if possible,get some friends to come join us.We'd love to expand ourselves.So have a great summer ya'll.
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This group will be dedicated to all forms of art,photography,and written work.Nothing will be rejected,everything is welcomed.No matter the subject matter.Rejected would mean that if it violated the DA rules,we couldn't accept it.But if DA allows it,we do too. :)

Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by any type of work that's on DA,our group contains all forms of art and photography and written work that's on DA.We accept all work and refuse nothing that gets submitted into our group.So let's just say you've been informed alright? :) :D If DA allows it to be here on DA,we will allow it into our group.


1.Please submit to the correct folder.If you have a doubt,ask for help in finding the right one.Base all submissions on how you submitted it to DA.Regardless of content.Unless it's mature work like nudes or it's animated like flash,gif's,film,etc.If you have a doubt,never hesitate to ask us okay?

2.Work will only be declined if you submit it to the wrong folder or if you submit the same deviation more than once or if it violates deviant art rules.Which could mean removal of the deviation(s) which violates deviant art rules.

3.Nobody will say or do anything to bother,harass,bully,or cause any emotional issues with another member.If you do,you're gone from the group and blocked.There will be a possibility of no warning but it will all depend on what happened.

4.All admins are required to help anyone seeking help and to help make the membership grow.Could be by inviting others to the group,promoting the group through your profile or any group you might be in already.But get permission first though.Plus to help me or the group as asked by me or needed.

5.Anyone wishing to be an admin needs to ask me before anyone else okay?I alone decide on who is an admin.If anyone has a desire to be an admin,must talk with me first and get my okay on it.Nothing personal but I'm selective on co-founders especially as these individuals will be helping me with the group the most and I need those I can truly depend on.Thanks everyone. :)

6.If anyone feels that there are problems with the group itself or with someone in the group,you are required to come to me first.I will be more than happy to talk to you in greater detail and address all your concerns.But above all else,these matters must remain between the person bringing it forward and the admins only.More than likely I'll be able to handle it myself but I will involve the co-founders if needed.

7.There are now limits on the amount of submissions any one person may wish to submit.Mainly due to keeping the gallery folders organized without tons of work appearing in any given gallery folder.Anything can be submitted,regardless of the content it may contain.However,the folders are limited due to sheer or high volumes of submissions.I want every admin and member to be totally free and be free in this group on what they wish to submit.Everyone has an equal chance to submit what they want.So if you choose to do 1 or more submissions at a time,it's all good. :) All have the same opportunities and chances to submit as much or as little as they choose to.Totally equal and with the freedom to do so. :)

8.The rules may need to change in order to best fit the group.So I reserve the right to change them as needed.Myself,the founder.
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The article 1 (E) - THE FIRST STEP TO A HAPPY LIFEInformation. Education. Mental practices.Available in Russian and English(The copy of article from my status) THE FIRST STEP TO A HAPPY LIFE Hello, my dear friends and those who just came to my page by accident! With this message, I want to help you not only look around, but also look inside yourself. The fact is that I very often meet on the pages of DA confessions of people in their feelings, views, etc. Because of the nature of my personality, I easily accept you and all your thoughts with great respect. However, I can't pass by without explaining some aspects of our lives that many of you may not be familiar with yet. I understand that each of you belongs to a particular religious, has strong beliefs, and sometimes stubbornly refuses to admit that there are opinions other than yours, regardless of this, I want to share useful information with all people without exception. I do not impose my knowledge and thoughts on you in any way, but if they help to improve your quality of life, I will be happy. So... We are not bodies with souls, but souls with organic bodies (biological avatars). The fact that the soul really exists is not only stated in religions, but also confirmed by scientists. The soul is energy. Everything that happens on Earth, all events, synchronicity, time, etc., are also energies. There are energies that we can control (for example, electricity), there are energies that we cannot control in our three - dimensional world (energy of time, for example), but there are energies that many people have not yet learned to control, and these energies are our thoughts and emotions. Let's deal with emotions first. There are emotions of a biological type, generated by the reaction of cells in the body and brain: anger, resentment, jealousy, envy, fear... We can list for a long time. As a rule, these are negative, low-vibration emotions that destroy our body. But there are emotions of the soul: joy, love, euphoria... These emotions are not turned off when leaving the body, in other words, after death. And these are creative emotions that can heal, raise our subtle vibrations and allow our consciousness to expand. Therefore, it's very important what wave of emotions we are on. If we often experience negativity, then our life can really turn into a nightmare. But if we learn to live in joy and love, then we begin to receive knowledge from the Universe. We stop looking at the world from the point of view of an independent biological beings, because we remember that we are souls, which is why we begin to evaluate the world as a unique, amazing creation. And since in the subtle world from which we came, there are no concepts of "bad" or "good", we begin to perceive any event as an invaluable experience. The polarity of feelings is given to people only so that through it we can come to awareness, reveal our abilities and reach the level of the co-Creator. Our emotions are controlled by many factors: hormones, toxins, certain bacteria and parasites, brain neurons, etc., but the primary stimulation of our emotions is our thoughts. Therefore, as soon as we develop the right habit of thinking, our life begins to change dramatically for the better. Here are a few examples: If you often feel aggrieved, you can get diabetes and even cancer; if you are constantly worried about someone or you have a fear for the future, panic, then you can get a mental illness or problems with the organs of movement, also fear destroys the kidneys. If you do not see the meaning in life, do not have goals, then depression becomes your faithful companion. And this is only a small part of the problems that people face. So, what should we do to make our health and the flow of events change for the better? I will give you some recommendations on points: 1) Start with a simple exercise. Give it at least a little time, but every day. Looking at your reflection in the mirror, start sending yourself beams of joy and love, and that is, smile, even if you do not want to, tell yourself how smart, beautiful, young and healthy you are, shower yourself with compliments, thank your body for serving you faithfully, thank your soul for taking care of you, say how much you love yourself... Love for other people and the world begins with self-love))) 2) Make it a habit, whatever you do, to do it with pleasure (cleaning the apartment, going to the store, working, communicating with people...). The fact is that our Hobbies always bring pleasure, but routine depresses many. But your task is to learn to live here and now, to approach any business creatively. I have advised many of my friends to imagine that they are playing a role on stage, so if they are washing dishes according to the "script", then let them do it with a smile, beautifully, perhaps even sing something. This method really helps to develop the habit of finding joy in everything, even in throwing out garbage. 3) Stop being afraid of new information, do not think that it comes from the evil one or it's completely absurd, just allow yourself to take it calmly, as children do. Believe me, your brain won't explode if you don't understand what it's about. Just listen to the information that resonates with you at this stage of your spiritual development. You will agree that walking down a dark, narrow corridor every day is a very boring activity. It's much more pleasant to do this in nature, where the world is full of colors and sounds. The same thing to knowledge. The more you absorb useful information (not dramatic news or gossip, but scientific or curious information), the brighter your inner world becomes, your consciousness begins to expand, and you achieve a completely different quality of life. 4) Our brain is designed as follows: the right hemisphere is responsible for imaginative thinking, symbols, intuition, orientation in space, creativity, dreaminess and fantasy, our beliefs, emotions. This hemisphere can process a lot of information at the same time. The left hemisphere is responsible for logic, event analysis, mathematical skills, language skills and memorization of information in its literal interpretation. This part of the brain processes information sequentially. I'll show you an example. It's raining outside. The left hemisphere tells you "It's raining. I need to take an umbrella." However, the right hemisphere acts differently. With negative thinking, it says something like "How overcast and boring... If I go outside, I will get wet to the skin (which is not a fact!), and then I will get sick... I have a very bad mood, like the weather outside." But with positive thinking, your thoughts can be completely opposite, such as "How poetic! Nature breathes. What a pleasant, soothing sound of drops on the glass! Great! I should take an umbrella and walk through the deserted streets, maybe even go to the nearest cafe and treat yourself to a delicious cake with coffee." Did you feel the difference? The situation is one, but there are many reactions. The choice is always yours! By the way, there is a very good way to switch from a negative emotion to a positive one. If you can't get rid of obsessive negative emotions and thoughts (as I call "get rid of the Brazilian TV series in your head"), then take a piece of paper and a pen and start writing something consciously, for example, describe the emotions that you are experiencing at the moment. In this case, the left hemisphere will turn off the right hemisphere, and you will automatically calm down, start to approach the situation intelligently, and easily discard the "negative gum" that you could not spit out before. Note that the result will only be when you write with your hand, rather than typing. 5) Take it for granted that the media mostly broadcasts negative information, because it is much easier to manage people who live in fear. Therefore, my advice is for those who like to be "in the center of events". Please always filter information. Do not connect to the energies of negative events, perceive them not with your heart, but with your head, that is, intelligently. Believe me, there is a Divine plan in everything, even when people die massively. Everything is explained by the laws of karma. However, being in the illusion of thinking, people often get discouraged and complain that the world is imperfect. My dear ones, believe me, when you start to get spiritual Awakening, you will see the world as the Creator sees it. But first you need to realize that the soul is eternal, this energy does not disappear, but only transforms, or rather, merges with the energy of the Higher Self. Reincarnation is just a replacement of our biological shell, like changing one dress for another. Death, as most people understand it, does not exist! We go on stage again and again until we learn our lessons. I will say more, we participate in writing the script of our own life. Therefore, if someone offends you, betrays you, or, on the contrary, gives you gifts for no reason, there is an explanation for this – you, being on the subtle plane, agreed with this person about certain lessons. Everyone who lives on Earth and other planets gets their own experience, which is neither negative nor positive. And only the right reaction, which includes acceptance, gratitude and love, allows us to pass the exam with excellent results and go "to another class". My dear ones, let's learn to react correctly to events and people. Do not judge, do not despise, do not scold others, do not regret past events. As they say, the past is no more, the future has not yet come, there is only the present. Live now!!! 6) Find your true purpose, your mission. A person who performs the tasks for which he was incarnated on Earth becomes happy. This can help your intuition (The Higher Self), psychologist, regressive hypnosis, the astrologer. Just please don't go to fortune tellers. There are hard sciences, esoteric sciences, laws of the Universe, so you should not turn to charlatans, you'll just spend your time and money. 7) Manifest your desires. Even if you don't believe it, it will still work. We are living in a special time now, when every thought we have is materializing. That is why it is so important to adopt a culture of thinking and to eliminate the words that are parasites from your vocabulary. So, first write about what you want to ask the Universe, the sentences should be written in the present tense without the preposition "not" and be laconic. For example, "I don't want to get sick" won't work. Correctly - "I (your name and surname) show a desire to be healthy and balanced person, both physically and mentally. Thanks!" Remember, you should always say thanks. And the more sincerely you do this, the more bonuses you will get from the Universe. You also need to meet a few more conditions. First, clearly state the source of your desire. For example, you ask for money for a car because you want to save time getting to work. As a result, you get money, and you may even buy a car, but something will happen, and you will get to work even longer than before. But if you ask the Universe for the ability to get to your job no more than 10 minutes, the Universe will decide how to meet your request. You may be given a car, or your company will open a branch near your home, or you will have circumstances so that you will move closer to work – there are many options. Second, the desire should not be contradictory, such as "I want hot ice cream" (ice cream a priori cannot be hot). Third, your desire should not relate to other people and harm someone. Well, do not harm – this is understandable. But why it cannot relate to other people? It's because you don't have the right to decide for others, nor for your children, nor for your parents, nor for your friends, you are responsible only for your life. Only for your own life! This is the law of the Universe. And finally, you must use a high intention. Let me explain that goal and intent are different things. Let's say you have a desire to treat people, so your goal is to become a doctor. However, the intent may be different. The low-vibration intention is to have a good salary and live in prosperity, and the high-vibration intention is to save people. Keep in mind that the higher and more sincere your intention, the faster your requests are fulfilled. Dear friends, I hope that this information was useful to You. Remember that we, the people, should unite, not fight, help each other, and not think only of our own advantage. We must put aside all fears and ignorance, learn to unconditionally love and appreciate every moment lived in this unique time for our civilization. I promise that in the following articles I will share with you many other practices for achieving psychological comfort and entering into unconditional love. Please feel free to ask any questions, I will be happy to answer them. Thank you for your attention! With great respect and boundless love for everyone! Anna))) ------
The article 2 (E) - GENERAL IDEAS ABOUT WHO WE AREInformation. Education. Mental practices.Available in Russian and English(The copy of article from my status) GENERAL IDEAS ABOUT WHO WE ARE Hello my dear friends! This article will most likely seem esoteric to you, although it does not "smell" esoteric, on the contrary, many of the things I will describe relate to scientific discoveries (please find all answers related to scientific discoveries yourself on the Internet or in libraries, they are freely available). It's just that people are used to putting the label of mysticism on everything that they can't understand and explain. Moreover, you are not obligated to agree with me, we live on a planet of free choice, and everyone has the right to create their own idea of the world. Personally, my knowledge about the structure and interaction of subtle energies is based on solely on my genetic memory (monad), ability to communicate directly with my higher Self, ascended Teachers and guardian Angels, and originates from quantum physics. It may sound strange to many, but I can assure you with all responsibility, now such abilities are being discovered in many earthlings. Please, at the same time accept the fact that there is no spiritual gradation between people, we are all a single energy substance that has an identity only while in the corporal body. The Awakening of some people and the choice of others "to be in the thrall of illusions" are our karmic paths designed to pass individual tasks for this incarnation. But since a person always has the right to choose, then he can use many options to solve the task, and it depends on the option how quickly he will cope with the task, and in general, whether he will solve it now or transfer its solution to the next life. Now you understand why it's important to accept people as they are - we all play our roles here. However, sometimes we get too deep into our identity and, accordingly, can degrade in spiritual development. But each fall is followed by a rise, and this rise may be much higher than that of the person who has slowly and steadily climbed the steps of the evolution of the mind. I want to point out that spirituality is in no way connected with asceticism. Our world, in principle, is a hologram, light, compaction and expansion of vibrations, but it is perceived by us totally real: we feel taste, pain, pleasure... We can't deny it. And the more fully we live our experience, the faster we will reach enlightenment. The illusion is not how we perceive the world with our five senses, but how we perceive it with our heart. However, we can only feel with our hearts when we are aware of who we really are. Many of you know about the existence of the soul. Scientists even found out its weight. However, not all of you understand what the soul is. So, everything that I will tell you now relates to etheric physics and in scientific circles has evidence in one way or another. My friends, there is an Absolute. This is the energy of the mind without borders, which is in a state of here and now, and does not have the ability to know itself in the chaos of its energy. Therefore, in order to know itself, the Absolute has allocated part of own energy, structured it, and allowed it (that is, itself) to create. This center, which radiates unconditional love, is what we call the Creator (God). In its turn, by the power of reason, again here and now, the God created spiritual and field structures, which he divided into specializations. I don't know all the specializations. I will list only those with which I am familiar. There are architects of planets, avatars, karma, time, earth's magnetic grid; there are structures of service and synchronization, - and all these are intelligent energies that program the worlds (I will write about them in another article). But the most important structure, which was not divided into types and subspecies, is the energy of our souls, a kind of quantum field, originally designed for incarnation in the different galaxies and different dimensions in order to gain experience and development in all directions (spiritual, mental, physical). It is through us that the Creator knows himself, because we are all parts of God. How is human constructed? (Note that the Earth and every cell of any organism on our planet have exactly the same pattern). We consist of seven main bodies of different density and frequency of vibration, each of which performs its own special function. We also have the chakra system (chakras are energy funnels corresponding to a certain range of vibrations, otherwise, it's psychic-energy centers in the subtle body of human) and Merkaba (these are the energies of being and creativity that generate a protective torsion field around the body during rotation). Positive emotions and thoughts, high intentions increase the diameter of these fields and condense their structure. With negative thinking, torsion fields slow down the speed of rotation and allow destructive energies to pass through. As a result, there is a failure in the chakra system and a person becomes ill. The disease first affects the mental body, then the astral body, and only then, if a person has not transformed their thinking from negative to positive, his physical body suffers. But there is one magic key, this is the connection to our Higher Self. Such connection allows us to free ourselves from the illusions of three-dimensional thinking and start living a full life, enjoying every moment. I'm probably going to confuse a lot of people, but I have to tell the truth. The fact is that the energy allocated by the Creator for reincarnating souls is unified and contains the knowledge of the Creator himself, that is, knowledge about absolutely everything!!! Some of this knowledge is available to us now, and I will tell you in the next article how you can get it. In the meantime, I will explain how the energy of our Higher Selves functions. While we are in corporal bodies, it is difficult for us to imagine that there is something infinite and at the same time as if divided into functional sectors. Nevertheless, the energy of our Higher Selves is this infinity, which identifies itself simultaneously with the common consciousness and the consciousness of every individual of terrestrial and extraterrestrial origin participating in the program of mind evolution, separately. Moreover, this energy is always in the etheric state, that is, it always exists on the subtle plane, and only its tiny "grains", figuratively speaking, settle in biological bodies. Someone believes that this "grain" (soul) lives in the heart, someone thinks that it is in the DNA, someone says that its place is in the third eye of human, I will not dispute these versions, just express my feeling: the soul pierces all the cells of our body at all levels and is not confined to a specific point . Incarceration (the analogy of "Koshchei's needle") is purely human thinking. Further, since there is no linear time on the subtle plane (time flows linearly only where the energy of karma appears), it turns out that for our Higher Selves the experience of living on the dense plane occurs simultaneously in all possible incarnations here and now. Therefore, on Earth, especially in our time, when it is home to just under eight billion avatars, and the number of souls on Earth is always constant (not to be confused with the population of the planet), there are many people who have a common Higher Self. Now you must think a thousand times about whether to be offended or hurt a person who may be a part of you. I will now give a banal but effective example. Imagine that two enemies have met, but because of their karmic goals, they live together and get hammered hard each other almost every day. The Bible says "Love thy neighbor as thyself" ... It has a big meaning. The probability that these two people have one soul for two is very high. As it turns out that they are hurting themselves. And if they got rid of the ego and began to perceive themselves not only as a corporal body, but also as a divine principle, they would have long ago played out karma and began to live in complete harmony. I will give you some interesting scientific hypotheses, but through the channeling this information sounds as existing. Human avatars on the Earth (Gaia) have not always been what we are used to seeing them. Scientists assume that the Lemurians (the first civilization on Gaia) were around 8 meters tall, had four hands and an additional organ of vision on the back of the head. Atlanteans were also tall (3-4 meters tall), were able to stay underwater for a long time (like dolphins) and had telepathic abilities. The human race in its familiar for us form (two eyes, two hands, two legs...) also changed evolutionarily, just look at the body constitution of the Buddha and the people from the ancient Greek civilization. The second ones had strongly elongated skulls, elongated limbs, and their height reached up to 5 meters. Some channelers claim that there were civilizations of mermaids, elves, and centaurs... But this is not scientifically proven. Personally, I don't like to reject information, but prefer to expand the scope of my worldview, that's why I am inclined to believe that there may have been such experiments with biological forms on Earth before the Lemurian civilization or in another galactic system. At the very least, all this is clearly recorded in the information ether field, from which, most likely, storytellers and science fiction writers get the information, because it is simply impossible to come up with something that does not exist. So, let's continue. Our bodies are designed in such a way that we can maximize both the benefits of civilization and the opportunities for spiritual growth. However, the ignorance and fears of many previous generations, or to put it more correctly, the ignorance of ourselves (the wheel of Samsara) has led to the fact that we have forgotten how to use our functions built into our consciousness and body. In addition, in any reincarnation (with rare exceptions), we have locks and programs written in our DNA. One of the main locks is blocking the memory of past incarnations. This is done specifically so as not to burden our thoughts with emotional attachments, pains and fears received in other incarnations. However, our subconscious is able to bypass these locks, so people periodically flash in the mind of unfounded mania or phobia, sometimes there are phantom pain. For example, if a person was killed with a knife in the liver area, then in this life he may feel pain at that area, even with a healthy liver. Our subconscious mind works similarly: died from the bite of a venomous snake - in this life you can feel fear or disgust for snakes; fell from a cliff and crashed – the fear of heights was manifested. This doesn't always happen and not everyone does, but due to the fact that since 1950, the Earth and all living things on it began to change their vibrational parameters exponentially, the symptoms of deja vu have become more frequent. That is why many people now feel empty, irritable, confused, because their consciousness is not ready to accept the changes in our world, despite the fact that it will never be old. Depression and fears have become the companions of many who do not keep up with the abrupt changes in our energies. But the changes are enormous, whether you believe it or not. Check out the relatively new discoveries of scientists: nodular DNA, the Schumann resonance is increasing, the crystallization of intercellular spaces in the biological matter, reduction of protein synthesis, a shift of the poles cold, fifth state of matter, and much more. They have also started to advertise discoveries that have been banned from publication for many years. For example, they include the theory of the ether of D. I. Mendeleev (it is from the ether that all things materialize). Take an interest in Nikola Tesla's developments. I am sure that the technologies he proposed will be used on Earth in near future. It is also curiously that religious people who have dedicated their lives to asceticism and service are the least awakened. This is due to the fact that the thought forms of people, otherwise called egregors, are very strong, and the larger the field of a certain egregor, the more difficult it is for people to get rid of its influence. Historically, religious egregors have been fueled by a large number of people for many centuries, so they have a huge scale of influence, and, not wanting to lose the "sources of their fuel", they do not allow people to expand their consciousness, thereby involuntarily blocking their access to the five-dimensional consciousness. Therefore, I do not call on people to change their beliefs and religious, I call for expanding their worldview, and that is, staying on their path, look at the world from different angles, especially since the teaching system of the subtle plane contains all the consciousnesses that have ever been embodied on Earth and in other planetary systems in the role of missions and saints. Here is a metaphorical example. Imagine many corridors without doors, windows and roofs. Each corridor corresponds to a particular belief. As long as you walk inside this corridor, you see only the starry sky, which your soul aspires to, but you have no idea how to break out of prison. In your mind, you know that there are other prisoners nearby who are wandering through other corridors, but you stubbornly continue on your way, let's call it that, on level 1. And suddenly you feel that you want and are ready to find out what exactly is going on outside the walls of your maze. You express your intention, and the Universe, hearing your sincerity, helps you go to level 2, that is, fly over the corridor and see from a bird's eye view what was hidden from your eyes. Moreover, at last you see in the distance a door that has always been outside the corridors. And you are drawn to this door with all your heart, because, having escaped from the prison that limits your flight of thoughts, you have known other aspects of life and felt that this door is the exit to new vibrations, new thinking and perception. All that's left is to get to this door. This path may be short for some and long for others, but the main thing is not to let yourself fall again, so as not to find yourself in the closed space of your old beliefs. What exactly can help us rise to level 2, so that we can accept reality without illusions and eventually get out of the victim state? First of all, we need to learn to love ourselves as we are. Do not fixate on appearance, because external beauty is a conditional concept dictated by society. Also don't blame yourself, and especially others, for your mistakes or negative traits of character. Remember, we have chosen our own body, character, and environment ourselves in order to gain a certain experience, and we have designed the event flow of this incarnation. Around us there are no offenders, no saints, only teachers. Agree, it is ridiculous to be offended by a person who constantly tells you that you are, for example, unpunctual, if you are really late all the time. Note that as soon as you become punctual, this person ceases to annoy you with their claims. However, because of our false ego, we often don't accept the fact that people are fairly telling us what we should be working with. We just get offended or, worse, start insulting back. This behavior does not lead to a solution to the problem, we only make the situation worse, and that is, we begin to attract more "unfriendly" teachers and events into our lives. Therefore, the change in the situation begins directly with us. Changing internally, we change our environment and event flow, and that is, a life partner stops cheating, a friend stops drinking, a boss offers a promotion, we are cured of chronic diseases (this is a separate volume topic, I will try to discuss it in another article), and so on. This is how the energy of karma works. Second, we must realize that the energy of karma is present in everything. There is a personal karma, the karma of the race, the nation, the karma of the Earth, etc., and these energies are synchronized. Therefore, our common task is improving the karma of the Earth (Gaia), it means we have to help our planet stabilized its energies. But we can do it only by increasing our vibrations and expanding awareness. The law of interaction of energies works in this way. Dear friends, the Earth, just like us, has a soul, the chakra system, mind... It's alive! And in the literal sense of the word. Third, we need to get rid of the inflated ego. It is the ancestor of our other negative qualities and does not allow us to perceive the truth about ourselves. Just don't confuse it with true love and self-care. My dears, we must always consider our own wishes, we must not sacrifice ourselves. Remember, compromise is a mutually beneficial arrangement, not a self-sacrifice. In addition, we came to this world not only to be realized and overcome obstacles, but also to have fun, this is the maximum experience. Remember, duality does not exist in the spiritual world. Don't cut yourself off from emotions, they are given to us with intent, just don't let them control you. You know what my daughter says when she's sad? "Mom, I'm happy to be sad. I'm going to write something lyrical». As a result, a gorgeous poem is born... However, by not transforming negative emotions into positive ones, we feed our ego, and this sometimes makes us think of ourselves as the center of the Universe, although in reality we are only part of the whole. My friends, when we realize that we are a collective soul, a part of the Creator, the ego disappears without a trace. Fourth, this is working with fears. As sad as it sounds, any fear paralyzes human consciousness, lowering us to the level of a primitive animal, and even has a chance to materialize (thought is a very powerful tool for materializing the desired). In addition, fear expends a huge amount of our internal energy, what is the cause of many of our diseases. And if you are constantly in fear, believe me, it can be equated to suicide. But I'm not going to scare you more than you are already scared, I'm just going to explain how to work with various fears correctly. The first type is "Brazilian TV series" in the head. We make up our own terrible scenarios that may never happen in our lives. Such fears are well relieved by squats. If you feel a panic attack, start squatting. The second type includes those that have come to us from past incarnations. For example, you drowned in a previous life, but you may be afraid of water and never learn to swim in this life. There are two ways to deal with such fears: to find out the root cause, or to come to the realization that you are the master of your destiny, and not it owns you. But there is one fear that is written in the DNA of all people without exception – the fear of death. The architects of human karma specifically gave us this option, so that we do not leave the dense plan at the first physical or mental pain, thereby violating the contract of the soul. However, this fear disappears when you fully realize that you chose the time and manner of death yourself. Unfortunately, from the position of a mundane person, it is almost impossible to accept one's own death and the death of other people, but it is really possible to do it from the position of the soul. This does not mean that we should become indifferent. Helping others, caring for them, love and charity are an important part of our life. But imagine that you go to different entertainment events every day. Would you be horrified to return home in the evening? No, you won't because you know that the next day will be something new and interesting. The soul experiences reincarnation similarly. It's just that most of us are misidentifying ourselves. In addition, in present time many souls have taken a special karma. When they leave the dense plan, they take part of the negative karma of the Earth, saving it from destructive cataclysms. And this is a very honorable mission, but people only remember it at the moment when their soul comes out of the body. And finally, the last thing for today, learn not to complain about life, but to accept its lessons with gratitude. After all, cursing the government, the system, people, cursing your fate, you deny the divine order of things, and this is a direct road to two-dimensional embodiment with the passage of lessons in more stringent conditions. My dear ones, keep an eye on your thoughts and feelings, try to correct them, but do not hesitate to be yourself, even if you still show negativity. We are not perfect. However, remember that by moving to a higher level of thinking, we not only improve ourselves, but also improve the whole world. Look for like-minded people and awakened teachers, they really help to reach high vibrations. And in general, being in the energy field of such people is very blissful. I love you tenderly and devotedly, my dears! All the best to you! Anna))) ------...
The article 3 (E) - AWAKENINGInformation. Education. Mental practices.Available in Russian and English AWAKENING Hello, dear friends! Before I begin my story, I want to note that the knowledge I share comes from the original source – my higher Self and the teaching system, which is part of the Creator. These are not egregors thought forms or information received from others. Note that the information I receive is not directly available to everyone, it depends, figuratively speaking, on the individual built-in antenna and a sincere desire to turn it on. Nevertheless, a lot of people have this antenna, but they don't know how to use it. I am not engaged in channeling, I get independent information and answers to my questions only when I express my intention. Also (I think this is a more important aspect than others), people who receive higher spiritual knowledge are obliged to share this knowledge with others. It is not necessary to carry it in huge masses, but we must transfer it to at least one person, otherwise there may be "acidulation" of communication channels, and a person loses the ability to communicate with higher energies. Let's go to the main part. Imagine a pyramid. The base is our perception of ourselves, and the top is the true state of things. I'll start at the top. My dear friends, for many this will be a brain explosion, but sooner or later you will still come to the realization of what I am about to say. We are just energy, light, vibration, which is being observed. In quantum physics, there is a theory called the "Observer effect" (Hawthorne effect), which is when observing a phenomenon or a particular particle inevitably changes its parameters. So, we are these particles - rotating tetrahedrons and photons that form the Merkaba. And biological avatars are the programs that affect our perception of each other. Yes, for us they are totally real, but it is like living in a dream, at that moment our consciousness perceives the dream as the only true reality. If we explain this in familiar language, the structured souls are computer programs consisting of numbers, letters, and icons. This is how operators (the subtle structures of the material world that are our "architects") see us. They themselves are also programs, but basic, written in 0-1 code. When we come out of the body shell, our codes, figuratively speaking, break down into basic ones. Then the operators write a new program for us, and we come back in a new design quality. The game itself, where the holographic characters pass through the levels, is the illusion in which our consciousness arrives. Therefore, awakened people do not just know about it, but feel themselves like the structured energy of the Absolute. They pass into a new quality of consciousness and literally become citizens of several worlds. Fears disappear, opportunities expand, and people enjoy every moment, allowing the Absolute to live a bright, rich life through avatars. Any experience loses its division into good and bad. And although our consciousness still catches the negative signals of the biological body (feels pain, hunger, discomfort), it no longer perceives it tragically, but perceives it from the position of an operator who can adjust the program. Dear friends, I have given a schematic, very crude example, but in time you will begin to see the whole picture in its true light. This image will be as clear to you as now you see the grass, the sky, the city... Believe me, I've been through it all. I was twenty-one when a one higher civilization decided to show me the structure of our planetary system. My husband then said that I, standing at the window, suddenly fell into a trance for five minutes. I was breathing, blinking, even reacting to his touch, but otherwise I looked like a wax figure Madame Tussaud's. Then I really experienced astral travel outside of time and space. Having moved away from the Earth at a decent distance (this is a conditional concept), I saw our solar system as if on a TV screen. The stars were gone, but I felt that their energy was present in an unmanifested form. All the planets, including the sun and moon (they are considered planets in Astrology) turned into luminous balls. Each had its own color spectrum and pulsed in a different key. It looked like the human chakra system (by the way, I did not know anything about the chakras at that time). The Earth was shrouded in a luminous Golden net. Later I learned that this grid is the magnetic grid of the Earth and it is synchronized with our corporal avatars. In fact, this grid is responsible for our health and the health of the Earth at a dense level. Let’s continue. What prevents our awakening? First of all, it's fears. They can be manifest (they are much easier to work with) and unmanifested, that is, located in our subconscious. But since there is a category of fears that is necessary for people of three-dimensional consciousness, we cannot get rid of all the "anchors" at once. As you move toward awakening, many fears will be erased automatically. However, you need to start with trust in yourself and the Universe. There are many different practices for balancing this part of the energy, but you must always choose the one that resonates with you, upon acquaintance with which your intuition will tell you "Yes". Also, let your operators (the teacher system, the higher Self, the guardian angels) synchronize the situation so that the necessary practice simply manifests itself in your life. Let's move on to the concept of "allow". To allow is to have an intention. I have already said that you should always express your intention. But thoughts and words coming from the brain are not our intention. True intent is in the heart and it advertises our sincere willingness to act to achieve the goal. Note, not to receive a gift like manna from heaven, but to act. I'll give you one example. You have a cold with a high temperature. Getting sick is not a pleasant event, so it is natural that your brain will be set up against the disease. However, there is a secondary benefit hidden in your subconscious – the disease gives you a mental rest from a job you don't like, for example. In this case, the person will recover for a long time, because his true intention is not to recover, but to rest. By the way, all types of colds usually originate from a subconscious desire to avoid responsibility or trouble, to hide from any problem. Therefore, children often get sick in those families where scandals occur, the kids just hide from the situation they hate. But if you are a mother of three small children and wish them happiness and prosperity with all your heart, then you will recover in a few days, if you do not "erase" the disease in a few hours at all. And this is a real example from my life, showing how intent works. A few years ago, I suffered a serious muscle injury because I ignored the warning of my guardian angels. And in order to protect me from more serious consequences, they made me "hard format", in other words, confined me to bed. Of course, after thanking the angels from the bottom of my heart and promising that I would no longer ignore their concern, I calmly began to work out my mistake. However, my mother, without realizing it, expressed her intention to take the mission of my accelerated recovery on herself, which in the our reality was voiced by the following phrase "Anna, you will be helped quickly to get back on your feet by strong stress". Her spiritual curators accepted this mission gladly and, adding bonuses to my mother's karma, carried out the intention. As a result, the next day my mother went to the hospital. And what do you think now? My mother was right. I, accordingly, having a sincere willingness to help her in everything (intention), briskly, like a goat, rushed to the hospital and spent almost the whole day there, completely forgetting about my own indisposition. Of course, before that, I took painkillers (rupture in muscle tissue is very painful!), but my husband still doesn't understand how I managed to get out of bed. Sincere intent works wonders, dear ones! The second essential part of the path to Awakening is love. My dear friends, don't confuse it with attachment and passion. True love is not associated with the pain of loss and desires, especially carnal ones. True love is present in our heart regardless of the circumstances, you can even feel it physically, as something hot in the solar plexus or as a motivating force to do something gratuitously for other people. Almost everyone who lets this energy into their heart begins to cry involuntarily at the initial stage. Don't be afraid of it. In this way, the physical cleansing of toxins and alignment of our subtle energy plans (bodies) takes place. You begin to feel relieved, as if you've lifted an impossible burden. Allow yourself to enjoy this cleansing process. Love also erases our fears, negative thoughts, and karmic blocks. (Karmic blocks are programs that prevent the expansion of consciousness and not allowing us to believe that we can be operators of our lives.) People often say, "make room in your heart for love". It is in the heart (fourth) chakra Anahata that love is born. This is the borderline chakra that unites the physical and spiritual aspects of a person. Growing, the energy of love rises higher and turn the throat (fifth) chakra Vishuddha on, which is responsible for intuition, creativity, beliefs and communication with the higher Self. In the same way, the sixth chakra Ajna (third eye) is activated, which makes a person develop the ability to clairvoyance and healing. This chakra allows us to see the world as divine, non-distorted, not as our three-dimensional thinking usually presents us. And if the seventh chakra Sahasrara is activated, then the person reaches spiritual enlightenment. When all seven chakras work in maximum mode, a person passes into the guna of goodness (sattva-guna), he begins to live consciously, in harmony with the world and himself. But there is another chakra – the eighth, it is located in the unmanifested field of human, and just its opening leads to Samadhi (Awakening). In this case, the person energetically merges with the energies of the Universe and during meditation can reach the Nirvana. But most importantly, his attitude to life and to himself becomes completely different. Moreover, the awakened people are not obliged to practice yoga, they just begin to live in accordance with the divine plan and get real pleasure from life. But most often it is through meditation, especially through ancient yoga techniques, that it is easier for a person to come to Awakening. I note that this requires a teacher (guru) who not only knows these practices but is dedicated to them. Otherwise, yoga will only be a health-improving exercise for you. I will explain that the chakras are never turned on chaotically, as some healers claim. They turn on from the bottom up, and when turned off, they slow down their rotation from the top down. The chakras never can be completely disconnected, at least a small flow of energy, but it passes through them, although this is not enough for good health. Especially bad for physical health, if there is a problem with the three lower chakras. The eighth chakra is completely disabled. And you can start it if the other seven chakras are working at full power. Treatment of the chakras can be found on the Internet. There are many ways: color therapy, emotional therapy, theta rhythms (music), acupuncture, bioresonance, minerals, etc. I will answer your silent question right away. I don't practice yoga. I opened all my seven chakras with just one intention. But my eighth chakra is still closed, meaning I didn't reach yet the Awakening. And the third is a sense of freedom. Our thinking, contaminated by fears, prejudices, and misguided beliefs, limits our capabilities. We put barriers to ourselves, having a fear for our lives or fearing to go beyond comfort. Here are a few common beliefs that literally poison our lives: I am too old to go in for sports, start studying, understand something specific, etc.; genetic diseases and cancer are incurable; the world is hostile and unfair; everything that is unproven by scientists is a lie; without material wealth, we cannot be happy... It should be understood that while we have a corporal shell (the program for the biological body), then, no matter how much we believed that the bullet never go through our bodies, this does not work, the bullet can come into our body like a knife in butter. But we can correct the program with our pure intention, and then the bullet (by chance, as many will believe) will not touch the vital organs, and we will survive. Note that it is not always possible to rewrite karma. The ability to rewrite it should also be considered in the program. As a rule, the main events, as well as the time and method of leaving the dense plan are written in the Contract of the soul. Contract of the soul is the commitment we made before the incarnation. Yes, we participate in writing our karma, just as we choose our avatar. Remember the analogy I used with a computer game? So, the avatars of all the manifested and unmanifested worlds for past, present and future incarnations were created simultaneously. It's like characters in different games, they are always present. It's just that some are being used now, others are still untouched, and there are those that are temporarily forgotten. By the way, we can contact any civilization, even an ancient one and one that is not yet in the concept of our linear perception of time, because they all already EXIST. Let's go back to freedom. The flexibility of our thinking and neuro-linguistic programming (affirmations) help us get it. Flexibility of thinking develops well when we periodically immerse ourselves in children's perception of the world. Try to remember what it felt like to climb to the top of a tree as a child. Were you afraid of falling? Did the height frighten you? Did you think it would be difficult for you? Did you have any thoughts about how your parents would react? Why now, when we take on something new, often tell ourselves that we will not be able to solve this problem, look back at the reaction of other people, and fear their judgment? With this approach, we are unlikely to be lucky. Children's perception of events, when there are sincere intentions to achieve what they want without looking at past experiences and predicting future options, is something that modern people lack so much. By the way, it is the level of flexibility of thinking that will determine whether affirmations work for you or not. The fact is that we are usually influenced by what we believe in. Athletes would never set records if they doubted their abilities. Let's sum up. The first and main steps to the Awakening are to get rid of fears and inertia of thinking, self-belief and acceptance of divine plans, selfless love, freedom of choice and pure intention. Dear friends, the Awakening not only opens our eyes to reality, but allows us to escape from the wheel of Samsara. And already on the way to the Awakening, our attitude to life begins to change dramatically for the better. With infinite love, Anna))) ------
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