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Monolith Profile by true-spartan Monolith Profile :icontrue-spartan:true-spartan 0 0 Parody Profile by true-spartan Parody Profile :icontrue-spartan:true-spartan 3 0 Vermilion Profile by true-spartan Vermilion Profile :icontrue-spartan:true-spartan 19 9 'Lestrade' Bio (Angel Falls Character) by true-spartan 'Lestrade' Bio (Angel Falls Character) :icontrue-spartan:true-spartan 10 14
New Forays pt.2
“Entering dead-zone.” Cicero chirped as the drone hovered over the section of Angel Falls known as the North End. Of particular interest was a small shopping center it’s camera focused in on. Several large machines had been scanned inside, and they must be the source of the cellular jamming signal.
“Uplink with the satellite.” the Operator commanded.
The shopping center looked quite typical from the exterior. The majority of the shops were vacant with lease signs in the windows. There was a coffee joint on the end of the strip, near the intersection. It had a steady stream of young clientele, most likely college students from the nearby Angels Fall University.
The drone was a small VTOL model, that the Operator had designed personally. Not much larger than a toy remote controlled helicopter. It was minimal, stripped down, when compared to what he was used to using. Yet if he wanted to keep a low profile it was perfect. Small, and silent.
The pictures on th
:icontrue-spartan:true-spartan 4 1
Old Soldiers-Part 1
Somewhere between worlds…
The grass was green on both sides. The hills more verdant than could've been thought in any life. It seemed a paradise beyond reckoning. A viridescent cascade, painting the countryside a bright jade, as far as the eye could see, in either direction. To the west the grassy slopes rolled into a white shoreline, that was washed by a low-tide of cerulean waves.
“What more could he want?” the Delphic voice asked in a rhetorical fashion. Her eyes shone blue, the only visible sight from underneath the hood of her white robe. She stood at the foot of the grassy slope, looking out over the waves and off into the horizon. This place caused a sensation of serenity to wash over her. It’s sway was so strong, that even one such as herself was moved by it.
“He doesn't know what he wants, my lady.” The voice came from behind her. She turned to see the source, and she smiled. The man was of a regal bearing, slightly tall for one of his linea
:icontrue-spartan:true-spartan 3 0
Diomedes of Argos Bio
Name: Diomedes of Argos
Identity: Public, but not widely known. Considered a myth or legend.
Legal Status: Once the monarch of the Greek city-state of Argos.
Occupation: Warrior, former king. A demigod among the Dioscuri.
Age: Immortal
Height: 6’0
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: Brown.
Eyes: Blue.
So much of Diomedes life is shrouded in myth and legend, that few people can discern the truth from the embellished. The stories agree on several facts though. What is known is as follows.
The man behind the legend, was born in ancient Argos, once a great city in Greece. His father was king, and while he was still a boy, led a coalition of seven of states in a war against the Greek city of Thebes. The war did not go well for the ‘Seven against Thebes’, and Diomedes father, along with the other six kings died.
At the funeral, the sons of all seven, made a group vow, that they would seek vengeance against the Thebans. Ten years passed, and the princes-turned-kings, gathered to
:icontrue-spartan:true-spartan 2 1
New Forays pt.1
April 9th, 2014
Undisclosed Location
9:18 AM
“Firewall breached.” announced Cicero’s monotone voice.
The progress update was displayed on the large monitor in front of the hacker. He stood on a dais, with three immense computer monitors, feeding a constant stream of data. One display was directly in front of him, connected to the wall, while the other two were situated on either side of him.
“Bribe the gatekeeper, then move onto the next target.” he ordered.
“Understood.” Cicero replied, comprehending his operators code for creating a backdoor into the the secure database, for later re-entry.
These databases were critical to his livelihood, and had to be cracked one-by-one if he planned on jump-starting his business back up. He had considered waiting a bit longer before opening up shop again, but the restlessness had finally become too much for him. The information highway was always teeming with traffic, and he couldn’t bear just sitting
:icontrue-spartan:true-spartan 5 5
Stellarcross Bio v.2
Codename: Stellarcross
Real Name: Ashlyn Sinclair
Occupation: Intelligence Operative in the Air Force.
Identity: Secret
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Residence: Angel Falls, US
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 11
Weight: 140 lbs.
Build: Athletic/Toned
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: White/Colorless
Solar Energy Absorption- Essentially a living solar battery,  her other powers are dependent on the amount of solar energy she absorbs and expends.
Enhanced Strength- Possesses the ability to press/lift around 75 tons.
Enhanced Durability- Resistant to most kinds of injury and illness.
Flight- Capable of achieving speeds up to mach 3.
Energy Projection- Capable of emitting solar-powered beams from her eyes and hands.
Healing Factor- Damage she does suffer from, heals at a excelled rate.
Solar Dependency- Her powers are fueled by the sun. While this means an almost continual supply of power during the day, her powe
:icontrue-spartan:true-spartan 4 7
Stellarcross Pic 3 by true-spartan Stellarcross Pic 3 :icontrue-spartan:true-spartan 0 3 Stellarcross Pic 2 by true-spartan Stellarcross Pic 2 :icontrue-spartan:true-spartan 0 0 Stellarcross Pic 1 by true-spartan Stellarcross Pic 1 :icontrue-spartan:true-spartan 7 4 The Chronicler Bio by true-spartan The Chronicler Bio :icontrue-spartan:true-spartan 13 6 Sigrun the Valkyrie by true-spartan Sigrun the Valkyrie :icontrue-spartan:true-spartan 3 0 Adara Lor- Infiltration Suit by true-spartan Adara Lor- Infiltration Suit :icontrue-spartan:true-spartan 13 11
Prelude Part Three: Stranded
Arion Infiltration Ship
Outer ’Sol’ System
One month ago.
The ship came out of the wormhole with a moderate lurch that let Adara know they had entered the edges of Earths solar system. The ’sloop’ they had been issued for the mission had a sleek profile and a low energy emission engine. The vessel was designed for the singular purpose of penetrating enemy held space and remaining undetected.
Adara was currently in the cargo bay examining the breastplate of her newly issued armor. She was used to wearing camo-suits that would distort the light around it’s wearer, making them harder to spot with the naked eye, but this armor lacked the technology she was used to. It was a more blunt piece of hardware that served one rudimentary purpose and little else. Still,she was sure she could upgrade it with something. ’Maybe some sort of energy shielding or hacking apparat-’
A knock on the metal door at the entrance of the large room interrupted her train o
:icontrue-spartan:true-spartan 6 9


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Feeling Drained, chapter three :iconsoviet-superwoman:Soviet-Superwoman 161 25
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Something for the Weekend
I’m trying to get a feel for how the voting-age people of :iconAngel-FallsDA: would respond to a Metahuman Registration Act proposal, similar to Marvel Universe’s Mutant Registration Act and their later expansion, the Superhero Registration Act.  I think it’s a fairly safe bet that something along these lines would be proposed, but what form it would take, how much popular support it could muster, and how restrictive it would be are all questions that bear investigation.
Let me be clear: I do not propose to identify or delineate the actual provisions of a bill of this nature at this time; for one thing, it ought to develop over time, and the best way for that to happen is for the community to start thinking about it and discussing it.  To that end, I’d like to throw the question out there for your OCs to answer; further, I’ll list the responses of my characters so you can get a sense of where the issue will stand if no
:iconwhisakedjak:WhisakedJak 6 54
Chani/ Sihaya by Skyzocat Chani/ Sihaya :iconskyzocat:Skyzocat 568 51 Hooded cyborg. by duster132 Hooded cyborg. :iconduster132:duster132 2,024 38 Angel Falls as of March 2017 by TrekkieGal Angel Falls as of March 2017 :icontrekkiegal:TrekkieGal 26 10



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