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The Gemini Suite

PLEASE NOTE: This suite is no longer being updated or worked on. The weather is out of date and will remain so. Thank you!

x The Gemini Suite

This one has been a long time coming, mostly because just ~something~ wasn't right. It finally fell into place today. There will likely be some more tweaks and things added later on. Much like the mythical Gemini, the suite has 2 versions. The Castor (Work) and Pollux (Play) sidebars are called by the central date/time widget (or can be closed entirely). Each sidebar has it's own color scheme and matching wallpaper.

The Pollux sidebar and wallpaper are colorful, bright and has some flair while you are gaming, or scrolling through Reddit. The Castor sidebar and wallpaper is much more muted to help with focus while working on personal projects, coding, editing, etc. while also keeping the important things within reach.

This suite includes:
  • Simple Date & Time widget
  • 2 sidebars
  • Audio Output switcher
  • Now Playing
  • System Statistics
For a quick video on how it all works, see this post: The Gemini Suite

x Credit

The color scheme was inspired by a Unix themed desktop called Mechanical Love by Elana Pan. Lovelace is an absolutely beautiful scheme.

Wallpaper was taken from Positron Dream, and edited to fit the Lovelace color scheme.

All additional credits are noted in the Credit.txt file located in the download.

x Notes

On both sidebars I have integrated an audio output changer.
  • Left-Click: Changes the output device for audio
  • Right-Click: Mutes audio
  • Scroll Up / Down: Raises and lowers volume

There is a small FAQs document in the main skin folder to answer the most common questions.


© 2019 - 2021 TruCola
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The weather doesn't work now... Please update it. I love your skin but this issue may force me to get rid of it...

NathaDX's avatar

Guys, how to change size sidebar? because the skin is big in my desktop. I cant make small the skin so Please somebody help. Thank you

Screenshot (624)

im having the same problem T-T, did u find any solution?

Start > Settings > System > Display > adjust the display scale to 100%

Weather doesn't work sadly :/

What's the wallpaper? I like it

Edit: nvm I actually read the description now lol

i want to ask, it doesnt fit good in my monitor so how to resize the widget?

i hope u can fix it cause i love it so much, and can u give me step to link the widget to the app, so i can click photoshop and discord from there

How can i remove Music tab and User tab?

would also love to know that

Gizmotronn's avatar

I think the weather shadow is deprecated but other than that it's a very good skin

RRTri's avatar

I find this skin very interesting, I'm going to give it a try.

I really like the style you gave it!

The songs only show up in the 'work' page but not the gaming page. PLZ help how do i get the spotify song titles and artist names in the music section of the gaming page

squidud's avatar

Can I disable the different widgets? Like I just want to have the resource monitor, so how do I disable the others?

TruCola's avatar

You can comment out whatever widgets you do not want.

squidud's avatar

On the Gemini Pollux sidebar, I would rather just have the system monitor (disk space, PC name, sound source) I don't need the good night/morning thing or weather or app launcher.

do you disable now?

Awesome stuff! Do you mind updating the weather widget? the website it depends on has been "deprecated"

TruCola's avatar

Thank you! It's definitely in process, but it's one of those things that my life has been uprooted because of COVID so I haven't had the time to dedicate to the fun side projects as much. But it is on the docket.

Thanks a lot for this skin is awesome

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