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By trs
Hello there comrades, it’s been a while.

Time for a little update.  

Actually, let’s be honest, more than a while since my last blog post on Deviantart was in May 2016. At the time, I mentioned that I was working on a new site and trying to fight the feature creep. The creep being me, as my endless overthinking and redesigning turned a simple implementation into a development quagmire. Long story short, in the end I survived this self-inflicted gauntlet and I can safely say that by the end of 2016, the site mechanics and layout were done.

Finishing the technical side of things freed up head-space to think about the actual goal of all this work again. You know, the story. So for the last few months I’ve been working on (re)writing the story and expanding the setting.

If you follow my nearly vegetative twitter, you might have noticed I’ve been doing some 3D modelling, starting with the Cathedral (because why start with something simple). I’ve been thinking about the use of 3D models for years and I’ve tried some half-hearted modelling a few years back, but now I’ve gotten into the swing of things with Blender, and I must say I am really liking the results.

However, I don’t intend to use the 3D models in the comic directly. Although I have seen this being done successfully in manga before (for instance in Ken Akamatsu’s work) I feel it would not be a good choice for Vreakerz. Rather than using the models directly, I’m going to use them in scene planning. Having an actual model makes it much easier to find fitting camera angles.

The 3D model for the cathedral is coming along nicely and I’m going to start sharing some of my progress here on Deviantart and Twitter.

Aside from learning to work with Blender, I’m also trying to switch from Photoshop to Clip Studio Paint, as Adobe’s software-as-a-service approach just isn’t my cup of tea. I’ll probably upload some horrible first tries in the coming weeks.

So, that’s about it.

Oh, and I’m still amazed that some of you remember Vreakerz, even after a decade.

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The third anniversary was two days ago. Congrats!

Also, I see the old stuff trickling back in on

Good to see that you're still out there!

I am here to celebrate the third anniversary.
Or the second? Was 2018 really only one year long?
Well, the enjoyable adventures and sometimes wacky characters of Vreakers are not easily forgotten, nor would I wish to!
I am willing to wait however long it takes, for I know it is not a simple thing to get started again. I've been stalled in my overall life for the better part of a decade, but I have hope that may be changing soon, with the help of my therapist.
Approximately one year since you announced your intention to start again.
Sorry I missed the anniversary.
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Me in 2017: "At the time, I mentioned that I was working on a new site and trying to fight the feature creep. The creep being me, as my endless overthinking and redesigning turned a simple implementation into a development quagmire".

Me in 2018: "Maybe I should just rebuild the site in CakePHP?"

*proceeds to do so regardless of the lessons learned earlier*
Your new goal is to continue the series before George RR Martin continues his.
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Do you have the old comic posted anywhere? I'd like to read it again!
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I think it's actually still on comic genesis
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Comic Genesis isn't quite up to date with what you had before the hiatus. The most recent page is missing, as is a number of the revamped older pages. Plus there are also two or three instances of corrupted or broken images.

A zip file of the archive would be nice.
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I absolutely loved your art and your story. It was one I missed a lot when it went away, and have been awaiting its return eagerly. My only advice- don't get all fancy-schmancy. Don't care if it's pencil sketches and inked out... just bring it to life again. Maybe give the old arc some closure before re-vamping it.
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I'm kind of aiming initially for the sort of quality at the time when the comic started its decade-long hiatus, so nothing too fancy.
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Yep. I've been waiting for Scare to return from the shops for 8 years now. Should I file a missing person's report?
Ah, good to see you're still working on getting back into the saddle with the comic and everything else.  Yes, another Vreakerz fan stumbling back into your life.  :D

As for tools, might I suggest Krita as well?  It's portable to all the OSes in the same way as Blender is for 3D- and it's got many brushes, tools, etc. showing up as tools of the trade for Cartoonists, made by Cartoonists.
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The good things in life are never forgotten. :]
The art was pretty, and while I had constructive criticism about the plot it was more interesting than not.  
Indeed.  That's why I'm still "around" as well.
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Man, I loved Vreakerz and it was a sad day when the old archive became unavailable. But it's good to hear that you are still working on it..
Looking forward to seeing what you come up with
One of the first webcomics I ever read with any regularity, and I've been checking up on it from time to time for many years now.
I know you may not like the old art, or even the old story (do you still favor that little Avril Foxxy bit?), but the archives are still hanging out on ComicGenesis. It seems like, at some point along the way, you decided you had a story that you wanted to tell, and the whole thing shifted from harmless to fascinating in a single page.

I look forward to seeing what you do with it in the future.
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Well, I'm currently rewriting some of the earlier chapters, so the Avril Foxxy part will be gone from the comic, I'm afraid. I'll probably make it available online somewhere, just not in the comic itself.

As far as ComicGenesis is concerned, that archive will probably be online as long as their servers are still running. I don't think that site is actually alive anymore? I can't seem to log into it anymore.
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The gate of manywhere is referenced many times later on in the comic. So will the rewrite be a different manywhere story, or will the gate of manywhere be written out altogether?
Seems like the thing's up right now- so people can still see it on the mirror accordingly for right now at least.
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It's been that long? I'm not that old am I?
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