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Hello there comrades,

So yeah, last few months I’ve been (once again) trying to get back into the groove. So far, I'm cautiously optimistic. I didn't want to just openly declare that I was restarting the comic since... well, some of you know how that went the last few times.

I've managed to add 8 completely new pages to the comic, as well as edit a few of the older ones and the new run of Vreakerz is currently 26 pages long. Furthermore, I've made some changes to my drawing process. As some of you might still know, I used to to draw both traditionally and digitally.

My old process looked like this (excluding the writing process):

1) sketch a few rough versions of the page based on the script on paper;

2) pencil and ink the page;

3) clean the page;

4) scan the page;

5) try to fix some of the errors;

6) colour the page;

7) add the dialogue and finishing touches.

Then, once I started using the new Cathedral 3D model, it changed a bit:

1) sketch a few rough versions of the page based on the script in Photoshop

2) add in 3D scenes from Blender;

3) Print the page with the 3D elements in blue colour (to filter out later);

4) sketch the rest on the printed paper;

5) pencil and ink the page;

6) scan the page;

7) try to fix some of the errors;

8) colour the page;

9) add dialogue and finishing touches.

While this did improve the architecture in each shot as I intended, it added some rather cumbersome extra steps. Furthermore, I often find myself disagreeing with an earlier layout choice once I put the dialogue in and I sometimes just suddenly think of a moreinteresting focalpoint for a panel, meaning I want to move the 3D scenes around as well. This of course is rather difficult when you’re working on actual paper with printed out scenes.

In short, this approach was on the right track, but it still included too manydrawbacks of my old approach.

So, Since the latest page (http://vreakerz.angrykitten.nl/Stories/read/26),I've gone completely digital. It was quite a step for an Indian Ink lover like me, and I still have to figure a few things out, but overall I'm very happy with the result. I was especially concerned that I would not be able to capture the slightly jittery ink lines I get when inking traditionally, but I think I'm on the right track.

My process has become considerably quicker and having everything digital has the -huge- advantage that you can change things around while already past the sketching phase. Of course, I still enjoy drawing traditionally, so although I’ll be doing Vreakerz entirely digitally from now on, I’ll probably still draw some pen and paper pieces every now and then.

So, that’s pretty much it for the update. Follow me on Twitter if you want to keep up to date with what I’m doing. Check out vreakerz.com for new pages. I’ll also try to upload stuff to Deviantart and Tumblr as I go.

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