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Recently, I started on developing a new site for you-know-what. The thing I always seem to struggle with is keeping the feature list at a reasonable size. You start creating the front page, and the reading mechanism, and then you think: "you know what this needs? a journal." and you set out programming a journal. Then you think: "but people need to be able to comment", so you also build a comment system. But then you realize that you need to create some editorial mechanism to prevent your comments section from spiralling into an unstoppable shouting fest. And then you think, “maybe people should be able to start their own discussion, so we’ll build a forum!”. And a links section, and…


Well, you get the picture.


This time around, I’ve decided to just go with the basic reading mechanism and just add a small text box to serve as a ‘journal’ and combine that with an existing comment system like Disqus and leave it at that.


So here’s to keeping the feature creep out.

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Hello there,

It's been quite a while since I last posted something. Pretty much four years, actually. The last Vreakerz page I did was in 2009 and the comic has been sitting there idly ever since. In the meantime, I have been working as a software engineer while trying to get a masters degree, the latter of which did not go as smoothly as it should have, but I somehow managed to finish it.  

It's been about a year since then and I feel it's about time I started doing some creative work again. Of course, after all this time I have become rather rusty, so it's going to take some time to get up to speed again. For those wondering: Vreakerz will not return until I feel I've sufficiently regained my drawing skills. Instead, I'll be doing a short story which I started years ago but never finished: most of it is badly written and has horrible panel layout, so I'm rewriting and redrawing parts of it.

I'll be uploading the story on my Tumblr and Deviantart every Sunday, as well as some other stuff.

So yeah, I guess I'm back? Nice to see you again.

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I started drawing again

Journal Entry: Thu May 26, 2011, 1:40 AM
During a convention I was at recently, my good friend :iconpienemien: proposed to do an art challenge kind of thing: we would both draw something every week, based on a random word list.

And so we did. I'll admit, I'm rusty as hell, but I guess drawing is something you never entirely forget.

It's a rather curious feeling to be drawing again after such a long time (aside from a few drawings here and there, it has been three or four years since I did some actual work). It feels like you're entering an old home you left years ago and now you've returned to find everything covered in dust, but in a fairly good state considering the long absence. It's awkward and you don't really feel at home, but you know that with some proper cleaning, it can be made yours again.

So, if you're interested in seeing what Pienemien and I are up to, head on over to NettoKafe:

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Managing deviantart

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 14, 2010, 8:44 AM
Wooh.  I've been busy rearranging my deviantart page, and uploading a new piece.
Thought I'd also check up on my watchlist.

You know, the fun thing about the watchlist is that you know when people update.
But bloody hell does it get crowded after a while.  I just went to check the entire
list and removed 36 entries. 36! and most of them were either banned or inactive accounts.

So yeah.

People have been asking me about Vreakerz a lot recently. I'm not sure when I'll restart
the comic, but it is not a lost cause yet.

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Dr. Herville Albert Schtein

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 25, 2010, 1:07 PM
I must admit that I have recently become a rabid fan of Dr. Herville Albert Schtein, the main protagonist (or is it antagonist?) of String Theory (
He's just so... awesomely flawed. I love it.

Okay that's enough ranting for today... go read String Theory. It's delicious.

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So many things, so little time...

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 6, 2010, 4:42 PM
Ugh... Why is the world so full of interesting things, yet why do I have so little time to spend on them?

I think I should start on Vreakerz again. I've been doing some serious webdesigning over the last couple of months, mostly for the MangaKissa foundation.

hm...this post is kind of dull for the first one in what... 3 years?

Oh well, I don't enjoy writing blogs that much anyway...

I might be doing some interesting things in the foreseeable future, so stay tuned.

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Ahm riding mah bahk into townn

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 5, 2007, 2:34 AM
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Yes. Apologies for the rather odd title, but it really describes this post well.

Recently, I was driving to the local body of water. I really don't know how to describe it otherwise... it's somewhere in between a puddle and a lake.  Anyway, it's called 'de ijzeren man', which translates to 'the iron man'.  I don't exactly know why it is called that, but I digress.

My point is, I was driving there with my parents' dogs, and the weather was lovely, meaning a lot of people were also out and about, either walking or going by bicycle. But why is it that every time the weather gets nice, people, for some odd reason, feel it is necessary to drive in the middle of the road?  I mean, I live in the Netherlands.  We have special paths for bikes -everywhere-, so why the bloody hell do they have to drive in the middle of the road, four in a row?

Oh, and the thing I enjoy most of all is when they look at you as if they're saying: "why are you driving that car on the road that's made for it? Can't you see we're driving our bicycles here?"

Oh well, at least it was fun imagining running them over with the phrases “insane stunt bonus!”  and “Splatter bonus!” ringing out.  I wonder how many points you get for the teenager with the “the man, the legend”  T-shirt?...

Now doing commissions!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 3, 2007, 3:27 PM
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Hello there comrades,

I am in need of some income, as you do, so as of now, I'm taking
commissions of all sorts. I'm willing to draw pretty much anything,
as long as it doesn't involve anything to horrid.  

Here's my pricelist (normal/medium/complex)
Sketch €10/20/30
Inked €20/30/40
Colour: cell shading €50/100/150
Colour: soft shading €100/150/200

My devianart gallery displays a lot of what I can do.  Some more
complex examples can be found at my website. Here's a few links:……

If your interested, you can email me at, or simply state
your interest in this post, and I'll contact you A.S.A.P.

Scarabaeus Curve

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 1, 2007, 1:16 PM
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  • Watching: A cardinal spline
Ah yes, currently I'm studying Game and Media technology, and our current assignment for 3D modelling is drawing a Scarabaeus Curve. first using lines, then using cardinal splines, and then we need to implement some way of estimating the margin of error for the cardinal spline.  It's all very fancy, don't get me wrong... I'm just really trying to find a practical application for a Scarabaeus Curve... Anyone know what I can do with this thing?

Ugh.. okay, sorry, just venting some frustration...

It is storming outside

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 18, 2007, 7:47 AM
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Now, wasn't that a poetic title "It is storming outside". That, or I'm simply stating my current situation. I'm pretty sure it's the latter.

Ugh.. why did I decide it was a good idea to do a comic centered around a gothic cathedral?  Why!? I'm killing myself drawing in all these blasted details.. it's just...
argh! Oh wait. I do it because Cathedrals are pretty. Yes. That's it.

Now.. uhm.. You know, sometimes I wonder how some people can get -that- many journal entries out. I mean, I'm literally beating my head here trying to think of something interesting to say.

Well, I'm trying out 'soft shading' instead of cellshading, which I usually do. It's pretty difficult, actually.  At least more difficult than people like Kami, Magnus, etc. make it look. If any of you have any tips or pointers, I'm always open to new knowledge.

Ah, yes, I'm a big 'Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy' fan, so I just had to post something with the fourty-second deviation I put on here.  Too bad it's such a tragic piece, but it's still the fourty-second, nonetheless.  

Heh, I just noticed the last time I wrote something down here was in 2004. Bloody hell.  Anyway, I decided to upload some more things onto deviantArt, but it'll take some time, as the submission process is rather tedious.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy the last few deviations I posted. They're cartoons I drew for the Dutch opinion magazine 'de Humanist', which I mentioned in the last post.
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Ah, most wonderful: I've finally decided to buy myself a subscription to DeviantArt.  Mostly because the advertisements were beginning to seriously vex me, but also because I wanted to try out all the shiney new options.

Anyway, I feel productive.  I think I'll finish my work for 'de Humanist' tomorrow, and I'll start on the new vreakerz comic for the 26th of this month.

Also, I went to see 'Der Untergang'.  That movie was quite awesome, in many ways.  It's been a long time since I last went to a film where the audience was ab-so-lutely quiet. Even after the film.  It had that much of an impact.  Wonderful.

Hm... that reminds me. I'll have to go watch 'The Incredibles' sometime.
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Yep. Went to see 'the day after tomorrow'.  I have been seeing an awful lot of movies lately.  Must be my way of fending of the immense unbearable agony of loneliness... ahem.

Anyway, here we go again with the bitching (dear gods I said the b word) about movies:

It was a nice movie, graphics were entertaining, though we've all seen the "if we don't act now... <silence to enhance drama> .. it will be to late".  And why is it that people just stare at chaos in movies? I mean, I would surely go "What the bloody hell!?".

Anyway, I might be saying to much from now on, so if you still want to enjoy the movie, don't read this.

What vexes me a bit about these kinds of movies is best described in the simple sentence: "what the hell happened to the rest of the world!?".  I mean, seriously.   In the movie these 3, yes 3 enormous storms rage across the globe, trashing North america, Europe and Central asia.  Yet, the only thing we see the entire movie is the US.  (a little bit of india and mexico) Oh, and 3 english chaps.

So, we have 3 awe inspiring storms crushing civilization at three different places.  We follow the one above the US.  What about Canada? I wouldn't know, they didn't show us.  Asia was mentioned once and europe got half an aerial shot from a space station.  You think its hard to go south to mexico?  Europeans would have to cross a  frigging SEA in order to go south.  And have you ever tried getting into China or pakistan? well? well?

Oh yes, and ice BREAKS STUFF.  If water fills up the lower levels of a building and then freezes as much as in the film, the building will not survive it.  But somehow, New York buildings don't seem to notice that.

I guess I'm just annoyed about this because I get the impression that American movies don't really seem to realise there is something besides America on the planet. (I've had this for quite a few years mind you) On the other hand, if you think about marketing your movie, I guess it pays to put the US in the spotlight, since that's where your largest market will be.  

In conclusion, nice graphics, okay story (a bit exaggerated).  The moral to the film is okay, I'm happy to see the issue brought up, but I think they don't  even remotely show enough info to underline the message. (assuming that's their point)
Yay:  Finished a few pieces, and I'm finally getting on the road again with
         my comic's storyline.  I'm going to have so much fun doing the next
         few ones. muhahaha!

Argh: Went to see van Helsing...  ugh... I should've listened to the warnings...
Since the Madrid bombings,  I've been thinking.  Aparently (not surprisingly)  Al-qaida, or some other sub-group thereof, is taking revenge on the countries that supported the Iraq war.  

So, I think it's pretty 'safe' to assume that london will be next.  If they bombed that part of the subway close to the thames river, it could  flood the whole system, subsequently killing thousands. Very nasty.  

Or japan, just igniting a bomb anywhere in one of those over-crowded cities would mean the death of many.  

Poland maybe?  But, in whatever order, one day, it's going to be the Netherlands.  You know, that little country west of germany.  'We' actually have soldiers in southern Iraq. They can't shoot anybody, but they're there.

Anyway, that's besides the point.  The point is: I was wondering where exactly Al-qaida is going to strike.  Maybe Amsterdam, where the central station tends to be rather crowded.  Or Rotterdam, which is the most important industrial city of the Netherlands.. though I don't think you'd be able to get a lot of casualties there.. Amsterdam would be 'better'.  Or the Hague. Yes, the Hague is more internationlly known, thus it would be more of an international impact.  And it has a rather large central station, so lot's of dead too.

Another thing that could happen of coarse is that they blow up/derail the chlorine-train of Utrecht.  It goes straight through a town/city.  That would cause thousands of people to die if done 'effectively'.

Well, I don't really think a bombing in the Netherlands would have that big an impact on international affairs, but I expect it to happen anyway in about half a year to a year.  On the 11th of a month.  Al-qaida seems to like that number somehow.

Now, I know many of you don't like or plainly can't comprehend why someone would even consider thinking about these things, but really, in a western world where we happily play war-games based on the second world war and vietnam, can you really blame me for just imagining how a terrorist attack would be carried out?
Eeeeeeeeeeverything you know is wrong!
Black is white, up is down and short is long
And everything you thought was just so
Important doesn't matter

Eeeeeeeverything you know is wrong!
Just forget the words and sing along
All you need to understand is
Everything you know is wrong

"Everything you know is wrong" kicks so much
backsides.  bwaha!

Anyway, I think I should go and upload stuff again.
Haven't drawn anything really useful in a while. Hey-ho-
Ugh... suger and caffeine are starting to wear off. dammit.  

anyway, I'm working on some ink drawings, but I can't upload them yet.  they're drawings of some characters that'll be in my comic soon.  expect a new comic tomorrow.

Deviantart beckons me to read the new messages. So I shall.
reading my previous entry... gods almighty. I didn't know I could be such a whiner. ugh. anyway, I'm happy today.  All that moping wasted my weekend, but hey, you can't have everything, now can you?
I think I'll do the comic today.
ugh.... if you don't feel like reading this kind of stuff then please stop and... I don't know, go watch spongebob squarepants or something. Then again, it's kind of hard to decide if you don't like 'this kind of stuff' if you don't really know what I'm going to type.  To be quite honest, I myself have no idea what I'm going to type right now.  Let's just say, it's not going to be as happy as I would like it to be. anyway:

I am getting so tired of these moodswingy things. I mean, sure, basically everyone has them and most people cope with it pretty well, but damnation.  This weekend sucked.  Rest of the week was fine. stayed with my parents for a few days to fix their computers.   But I came home, and found out I was already 2 days late on paying my insurance-company. I was two days late on the last possible date to pay before they would have the right to... well... find legal ways to get me to give the money.  Naturally, I payed soon as I read it, and I'll have to phone the company to ask them not to send angry people over to me.  Why didn't I just read the letter earlier, as I was supposed to do? ugh...

Somehow, I think that little error, if I may call it so, triggered a bit of a depression. not a real one mind you, just one of those slumpy 'i don't feel like doing anything else but think and feel bad' ones. So, as I always do,  I started washing away the feeling of guilt and confusion and such temporarily by putting my mind somewhere else. Preferably somewhere outside reality.  Now, when I'm in this kind of a mood, I normally don't really feel like doing anything, like I said. this means I don't draw, do my homework or anything, which resulted in me doing practically nothing all weekend long.  I didn't even have dinner saturday night.  Bloody hell, why am I typing this down?  It's not like people would actually care about this. (p.s.- that wasn't a cry for help or attention or anything, you know just as well as I that nobody really cares about these kinds of posts, they're only suitable as deformed entertainment.)  I guess this just helps me get things of my mind...

I am a media junky.  Perhaps it is even growing towards... unhealthy proportions.  I watch tv at least 2 hours a day, switching between news, documentaries and cartoons, my favourite form of entertainment, only second to comics.  And the rest of the day, I either sit at the computer reading newsarticles, comics and journals.
Really now, I seem to have been in a constant artslump since last november, I'm falling behind on all shedules, and I haven't been out in a long time.  

Maybe it's something else, something I don't like to admit, and probably won't in the near or even distant future. Maybe I am just... lonely.  Not in a 'relationship' kind of way. or maybe... yes. I don't know, I just seem to be turning more into a hermit every day.  Remember that 'digital hermit' picture I made? that's exactly how I spend evenings.  

Seriously now, I think I'm making myself go crazy. slowly, but gradually.  Not crazy as in hella cool scythe wielding outcast ninja, but, as 'kegel' (go look on would say, "crazy, and in a non-entertaining way".  Not quite enough to be put into a nuthouse, not even enough for counceling, I think, but just a semi-selfdestructive crazyness.  

Now, having typed so much, around the time that I'm typing this, I feel rather different as to when I started typing.  A bit numb actually, and that's not carpal tunnel syndrome.  hmm... why am I typing this again? Oh yes. to get it of my mind.  You know, a lot of people try desperatly to get reality of their mind. I think it's called escapism. I'm rather fond of it, as I may have mentioned to many times already.  But to much is never good.

Say, did I use the word: 'good'? what is 'good'. Well, technically speaking, it should be the opposite of... 'evil'.  or 'bad' or whatever.  I'm told many times that being non-social is bad. Not a-social, as in "I'm going to trash your car" (even though my journal signature says I do) but more of a "leave me alone" non-social thing.  It's bad they say. But with all this 'society' around us, is it all that bad to just get away from that?  But... I'm straying of course of a subject that was already straying of course. Let's get back to that.  or not.

Ugh.. but anyway, in conclusion, probably noone will read this, let alone comment on it.  But it's still nice to write this down.  Now, please, if you desperately feel the need to comment on this.  I'm not asking for counceling, just remember that.  And to people who know me directly in life and read this, don't worry your pretty little heads over me.  I'm just venting some cropped up emotions.

Well, that's that.  I'm off to do some more escaping. reality check!
-rolls a d20-
Is that a one?
In case anyone wants to know, I've finally updated vreakerz.