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The eternal muslim

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Published: October 14, 2010
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As some of you might know, today my country got its new government after 127 days. It is a center-right one that can only exist with the support of the far-right PVV (freedom party) ([link]).

This cartoon was inspired by 'The eternal jew' ([link]), an anti-semetic nazi propaganda piece which was distributed throughout Europe in many languages, including Dutch.

Now, I'm sure you're all familiar with Godwin's law ([link]) and I do realise you might think I'm trying to say that PVV = NSDAP. This is not what I mean.

The PVV has stated that it does not consider islam to be a religion, but rather an ideology. Religions enjoy certain protections that ideologies do not. They have also stated that the PVV is not against muslims but against islam, which it deems to be a retarded, fascist ideology. Of course, any truly religious person will tell you that their faith is what defines their existence and a statement such as this is akin to saying: "I have nothing against you, I just think that everything you are, everything you stand for is retarded and dangerous".

The PVV is not the NSDAP, of course it isn't. Saying it is would demonstrate a lack of historical knowledge. But saying there is no risk of the PVV's ideas growing towards something reminiscent of that time demonstrates this just as well. Once you put the blame of national woes on a specific group of people and you actively pursue such a view, you risk making discrimination an acceptable fact.

So, in conclusion: right now, if this was a real poster, it would be ridiculous. This is good. But I wonder if people will slowly come to to a point where they will think this is acceptable as one.

== translation ==
The eternal muslim

You too should see this film!
a documentary film about fascist islam
after an idea of G.Wilders, composition S.Pimpernel
music by E.Grieg, P.I.Tchaikovsky
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Dagur-BerserkerNew Deviant

The PVV is the NSDAP? HA! If only! If only. Beautiful depiction of the Muslim here.

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ignorant .......
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trs Digital Artist
I'm... not quite sure what you mean by that?
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This kind of thing is already happening where I live. What has the world come to when so many can be judged by the actions of so few?
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Dat het goed getekend is, is het enige wat ik erover kan zeggen. Maaaarrr dus: goed getekend.
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lol why did you put crescent moon on his forehead. that's just a symbol for Turkey ^^
2nd thing I love when people have good or bad enough opinion about Islam that c makes them investigate Islam more. and in the end they all become 'extremist' or the 'nazzi' muslims or what ever you want to call it. and in the end. everything that the ignorant say about it doesn't change the fact or the truth about our existence or Islam. :) I encourage everybody to look into it.
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trs Digital Artist
I'm not entirely certain what you mean with the second part of your comment, but you are indeed right in saying the crescent moon is not entirely a symbol of the Islamic faith: some Muslims do not see it as such, since it was originally an older symbol (2300 BC, according to our friend wikipedia).

But, regardless of this fact, it is often used in Islamic countries: it can be seen on mosques, in the national flags of Algeria, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Mauritania, Pakistan, Tunisia, Turkey, etc. It is also used by the red crescent society, a sister organization of the red cross. It may not be the true symbol of Islam (since the religion isn't entirely keen on using symbols) but in the minds of many it has become just that.

As such, I found it appropriate to use in this work.
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the Arabic letters written on this "funny" poster don't form any word.

I suppose me getting involved with poster proves the idea of BAD SCARY FASCIST MUSLIMS... but whatever..

the funny thing to me is every one is calling each other a Nazi because people made to believe that being a Nazi = Evil.

Muslims call Israelis "Nazis", Israelis call Muslims "Nazis", Europeans call Muslims "Nazi", Americans call Europeans "Nazis", cats call dogs "Nazis"... it's a f***ing circus!

any way, I wish your country the very best
& it sadness me that respect & alliances between Europe & Muslims is lost in post-1945 era.
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trs Digital Artist
Ah, sorry for the late reply.

The "arabic letters" actually form Dutch words, spelling "De Eeuwige Moslim", which translates to "The Eternal Muslim".
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BTW, I didn't know about Godwin's law when I wrote my comment.

but after following the link I find this law to be very true :)
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Almost the same thing happened in Sweden, the right-wing block just barely got majority, but at least they said they would never cooperate with the far-right "Sverigedemokraterna".
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Very well done, both poster and point.
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AnthroTsuneonStudent Writer
o.o but Wilders already has fitna
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