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The Undead _sketch_
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Published: July 24, 2007
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We were playing D&D today, and my cleric got holdperson'd (yes, I understand it's not a word) and being in a mindfog cloud and all, I was having a blast failing my will saves, and I ended up spending my time drawing this.

I was thinking of maybe turning this into a series. I've seen a lot of drawings featuring undead creatures, but, although many of them are quite awesome, there aren't many that really capture the 'horror' of undeath. I mean, zombies are pretty much just funny to look at. So, I'm going to try to create a few images that show the disturbing side of undead.
(and yes, that means the pictures are going to be quite graphic)

Hm... I should really remove the axe from the liches head. that's just silly. I like the long tongued fellow in front, though, and the bodak in the back is pretty good, albeit being horribly placed. Seems I still have some work to do.
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Comments (3)
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yay dead fellows!
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Consider the more rare and scary undead, like the bloodhulks or the mohrgs, or perhaps the nightmare undead variety (3 kinds there, Nightcrawler, Nightwing, and the nightwalker). there are even undead oozes, Bloodrot. Dream Vestiges, Defacers. all of those are perhaps good choices? (from the Libris mortis, Monster manual 1&4, and heroes of horror for the vestige and bloodrot. (that one on the east side of the image does seem like a quell.)
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They look really great, although I agree with you about the axe, it does look a bit silly...
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