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Domino theory

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Published: January 18, 2007
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This cartoon appeared in the Dutch opinion magazine 'de Humanist' (issue 6, 2006)

A new 'axis of evil' was rising, and in many ways, it was an old familiar one: the red scare, the commie hordes, so to speak.

Many South American countries, headed by Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales and the ailing titan, Fidel Castro. (and to a lesser extent president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil)
are making a 'left turn', probably to oppose the US, which has always had a keen interest in the southern continent, in a way which some deem to be meddling.

The US has not yet let go of its fear of socialism, so it's no surprise that some officials are warning of a 'rise of communism' in South America, fearing that if some countries become communist (communist and socialist, what's the difference eh?), that others would follow.

Say, where have I heard that before? Hm...
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estamos lutando para impedir que este demônio vermelho domine o Brasil!
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Lol....this is just goddamn stupid. Is US so insecure as that?
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8vianHobbyist General Artist
"Si el presente es de Lucha, el futuro es nuestro." -Ernesto Guevara
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bluessaurusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Lula, communist?... Right, indeed... :roll:
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I support a socialist, but this irony is not right
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while this is unfounded alarmism, similar to the debunked domino theory that prevailed during the cold war, the piece was well executed.
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youngbowHobbyist General Artist
Hugo Chavez is a ruthless dictator...just look at countless media!

And I don't support Bush either, but I am against the radical left - because they want to bring civilization back to 10,000 BC.
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PsicoyoteProfessional Filmographer
Hahahahaha that is not going to happen hugo c. will self destroy ITself with its own mouth "no need to worry about"
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Morales, Chavez, Castro; those men fight for freedom from the great evil up north. I support South America and their opposition to the United States. They have been bullied by the north for way too long, to hell with Canada and Mexico! Perros de estados unidos! Long live independence!
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DarkPrince2007Hobbyist General Artist
Fuck the CIA!!! :katana:
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I like the retro look. I'm surprised Mexico isn't light pink, what with the EZLN and two of their major political parties being in the Socialist International
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PsicoyoteProfessional Filmographer
we are more capitalist than the cocacola even the more socialist lives like capitalist , Diego Rivera is an example
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generationmHobbyist Artist
man i got to say that the right and the left are the same bullshit in bout cases the group of people thats on the goberment have a special treatment, and the corrupcion it the same in case of bolivia we use to have some rich people and now we got new native people that are geting rich steeling from goverment and i tell you this so you can answer the people who says that the left and sosilism are the best. so native people and people from the cities what´s the difference, the only thing that this goverment is otaining is the increase of racial hate between bolivians and striking the fredom of speach as the recent stuff in venezuela. damn this looks lonk sorry but i actually can´t stand with people saying that socialism is better than anything
generationm's avatar
generationmHobbyist Artist
^^; and also sorry for the writing mistakes
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Socialism can never work because of man's corruption. That is a well know fact here in America, Though that is a great pic. keep it up.

Here is a quote from Animal Farm: "All are Equal. But some Are more Equal than others."
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trs Digital Artist
"Oh yeah, yay, good for you, Congratulations" ? I...don't really know how to react to that?
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Communism, a very fascinating subject indeed. In reference in what Lobo is saying, there have never been a bad government, just the leader making a very bad choices. The ideal of communism is intentionally nice, but the leaders of communist country proved it otherwise. So pretty much I stick with the idea "It not the government that kills people, it the people who run the government that kills people".

As for South America turning left, do they think they are turning left? Because it becoming obvious that the title of left and right these days are being misused >.>
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trs Digital Artist
Well, I don't really know if South America considers itself as leaning to "the left". But it is true that a considerable amount of governments there are now largly socialist.

I guess some terms do tend to die hard.
Wandering-Thinker's avatar
True, but like they say, the more things change, the more things stay the same :) (And I suppose that is a very good thing =D)
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why do yu say communism and scoialism is bad, they are the only governments that are good, its just that thier leaders make them seem bad, Native Americans were the closest true Communist in recent history and they were good, untill...... you know.

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trs Digital Artist
Well, I'm certainly not saying socialism is a bad thing. This piece actually pokes fun at the view of some US politicians and the way they -still- look at socialism. They have a very outdated view on the subject.
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ddxt301Student Interface Designer
you forgot nicaragua, the FARC/ELN controled area's in colombia, oaxaca and chiapas :P. Anyway great dev, +fav
trs's avatar
trs Digital Artist
Heh, I knew I would forget a few. I googled and wiki'd (how do you say that?) my heart out to find the exact area's, but I guess mistakes were inevitable. Oh well, better luck next time.
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