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Redspec TGX Official HDR Pack #01

To celebrate our launch of RedSpec TGX (
We created this free HDR light pack to bring out the best in your characters with RedSpec TGX applied to them.
They're great for pin-ups and portrait lights and were optimized for the usage within OctaneRender - should work with any rendering program that supports .hdr though
Resolution is 5K for very smooth and soft gradients.


We'd appreciate it if you'd post a comment below if you used the lights in your work.

Happy Rendering!
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© 2014 - 2021 TRRazor
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It's been awhile since this was posted, but I'm still a loyal, paid customer of Redspec technology with Octane and Daz3D - is it possible for a fresh link to this HDR pak, perhaps?

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Thanks a lot for sharing. It looks great!
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Great shot - you're most welcome :)
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Hey, thanks for this useful resource! I used your this here when rendering the separate panels in Blender Cycles.
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You're most welcome :)
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Thank you so much for this. I'll sure to credit you once I get some work out!
Awesome! I love it.
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Thank you for sharing, I have found these very useful.
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Excellent package, thanks. I made DS presets for each light. Had to guess at the dome rotation but I've got it pretty close to the previews. Your lights now load from the Content Library.
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Excellent, thank you for sharing your findings :)
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THank's for sharing. Look's pretty cool. But how it work's, let's say... in blender (both internal and cycles. How compose this external -specular layer with secondary- diffuse?

Is there any tutorial about it?
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(Cycles Render)
These images can be connected to the world's color to create studio lights.
NOTE: Use the Environment Texture node instead of Image Texture
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Hey . not quite sure what you mean.
This is just an HDRI light pack, nothing more.

Are you asking for the skin shader? This is OctaneRender and not Blender Cycles, sorry :/
Okay how is this high res as the file is just 8mb?
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The resolution is 5K for each .hdr-file.
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thank you so much.
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Sure thing, Happy Rendering :)
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the happier rendering i have done.
This set is stunning, a real " one click" tool.
Used here: JustMAX
Once the light was loaded pretty much i didn't do anything else. :wow:

( i am an Octane stand alone user, so unfortunately i couldn't use your shader).
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Great stuff, thanks for sharing your experience :)
When OSL gets introduced to Octane, we migth think about a Standalone release.
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