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Amazing Spider-Man: One Bad Day

By Troyodon
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Seems like Parker-Luck has finally taken it's whole on our friendly neighborhood web slinger.

Long story short, Marvel has thrown a lot of crap in Peter Parker's personal life; constantly losing opportunities to improve his personal life outside of being superhero, being ridiculed by other characters to make others look better, friends and loved ones dying all around him or even becoming villains, (one of who'm even engaging in intercourse with one of his enemies to spawn their children who's fetus were taken to test tubes before they died so they'd grow up to murder spidey afterwards) becoming a fugitive, and even sacrificing years of his marriage to a demon to save his aunt from a bullet wound of all things, having his body taken over by one of his enemies, which eventually led to some cliched misunderstands after... yeah Peter just can't catch a break.

So consider this a "What if" story in where Marvel and DC decide to go back to doing crossovers together; Spider-Man encounters the Joker or at least gets involved in an incident related to how the Joker came to be, apply a pool of chemicals, and after that fateful day becomes a joker himself. 

Now it's up to another hero, or heroes to try and remind Spider-Man who he is and what he does, and he does not have to become what he's always fought against.

Obviously this is a kind of parody of The Killing Joker, and One More Day (The story where Spidey traded in his marriage) basically tying into Joker's own philosophical tirade where it was "One Bad Day" that eventually made him what he is.

Also trying out different brushes in Photoshop. I used a soft round tip brush and Kyle's Ultimate Brush. Feel free to critique.

Peter Parker/ Spider-Man ~ Marvel Entertainment, Sony Entertainment, Disney
Joker ~ DC Entertainment, Warner Media
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oh fuk, spiderman : death metal is coming!
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LOL; The Spider That Laughs!

Actually I think that may make a better title

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I might use this for a story. Please make more art involving this concept.

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I'll think about it.

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Wow, that would a crazy idea for a crossover.