Be Fella's Valentine Coloring Contest Winners!

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When launching the "Be Fella's Valentine Coloring Contest", we had high hopes that the deviantART community would enjoy the new contest concept being presented. We felt the contest was a perfect fit for the community, as it allowed for artistic expression from novices and experts alike. However, even with high expectations we never anticipated the overwhelming amount of entries—over 8000 in all. Thank you to everyone who participated!

We sincerely apologize for the delay in announcing the winners, but wanted to make sure that each judge had time to fairly review every contest entry.

With so many quality pieces of work, it certainly wasn't easy to decide. Participants blew us away with their creativity and imagination. Whether or not you ended up a winner, we certainly hope you had fun participating. We definitely had a blast viewing all the entries.

Your Lovable Judges,
$trowlandson, $Waveswinger, $a-r, =betteo, and $Heidi

© 2009 - 2021 trowlandson
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Did anybody ever find the secret image embedded in the puzzle?
I remember a mention about an image that could be figured out; it was supposed to be a default image of Fella and something else, or of Fella in a specific scene.
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Is it just me, or were there many better ones?
I'm so not saying these aren't good, really, I'm not, but I found some better.
Oh well.
cathy-hyper's avatar
yeah! I totally agree.

check these:


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Only six winners? I am sure glad that they had 100 for this year's contest, the Show the Love: Valentine's Day Contest, because I'm one of them! You can still use the tool if you want. It's really fun! View the Winners.
alright so what is the price of winning other than prestige?
Newbie-387's avatar
:o I was just wondering...
DalucaCryptrule's avatar
My favorites are "The Knight and His Lady" and "Had a Dream About You"

ang3ll's avatar
I like "Had a dream about you" and that Fella map.
The others, though, are okay but I remember seeing lots of other works that maybe would fit better in higher places.

"Anyway, this cake is great...", err, I mean, it was so much fun doing this! ^_^ More!
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lol Im just now seeing the winners.
I really like the international winners... and the american winners are ok.
I didn't personally expect to win as all of mine played off of liscenses but I'm glad some people actually won this thing.

I hope we have another colouring contest like this.
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i'm not impressed with the winners... their concepts are decent, but there's no artist up there... not one is poetic, holds expression, uses color psychologically to induce emotions and none have a deeper meaning... it's pretty much what i expected for the the winners though... the reason why i say this is because the ones chosen look like a paint by numbers image, weak color choices and straight forward renderings, like here's a couple it's valentines, woo-hoo i get it... but where the abstract valentine ones?? the real art that requires something more than a simple observation where a viewer goes, cool, its a guy holding a girls arm.... that's not art, appealing or even intriguing... i'll throw a bunch of shapes together run the same contest and get the same results.... to me, it's the art pieces that can reflect more than a what a simple glance can offer....

and some of the ones that i thought were extremely amazing weren't winners, so i'm kinda of disappointed in the judging!! but i guess it's like the standard 4/4 rock roll beat vs classical music, there's more generic people than true talented people and generic mundane usually always prevails, LOL!
Andicous's avatar
agreed as well
disappointing idd
Nemesis-of-the-Gods's avatar
Anesta-sama's avatar
Congrats to the winners!All entries are awesome!All of us are winners and we all love Fella! :heart: :iconpc-plz:
dangit! i did'nt win. :angered:
ksenyan's avatar
Finally O,O Gratz!
To other 7994 and more... One day we will win ;)
Saronai's avatar
I like the international winners more, but they're all nice, grats everyone!
Debhnay's avatar
I didn't like the winners work from us... they look so strange to me... I loved the map! ;)
Sorai-Chan's avatar
I've just noticed that all the winner's work contained cool colours that weren't so colourful hehe
Dream-maker101's avatar
i may have not won, but i'm glad i'd enter.
this art rocks!
tHe-FOrger's avatar
6 winners out of 8000 entries.. gah!!! too bad i didn't win.. :giggle:
Barbarossita's avatar
at last .....
congratulations to the winners :)
ImperialDestroyer's avatar
Gratz to the winners! :)
darkcath's avatar
Congrats to the winners

I just don't like to see one of my ideas here that was posted before, but that's how life is :shrug:
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