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Sunset Snack

Contains Vore, do NOT full view/comment if the content offends you/you don't understand the concept

Trade with *Sonics-Kitsune-Lovr

for his pokéfood challenge.
Quite glad I was asked to contribute with Kyogre. He's my favourite pokémon after all. Spacious mouth is spacious and all that bollocks.

It better be ok, Zak.

No critiques please.
Kyogre (C) Nintendo/Creatures/Game Freak
Sypher (C) *Sonics-Kitsune-Lovr
Art (C) Me

do NOT rip, copy or distribute!!
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it's all kyogre now...
RedlaSunShowers029's avatar
skipdj's avatar
lunch time lol nice picof kyogre
Babybarracudess's avatar
is that creature ou cuz i wanna get ate
Trowelhands's avatar
It's a pokémon.
felousefarnayne's avatar
at least he has a nice comfy tongue to sit on XD looks really well drawn how you drew them both like that so well done and the colours are just as equally well used too nice work and keep it up n_n
SypherXFoxx's avatar
I love you.
Thank you~ <3
AlbertByakuya666's avatar
XD its been a long while since you a draw a Kyogre pic
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wait, why isn't it raining?? XDDD
Trowelhands's avatar
Rayquaza is being a cunt
ignessie's avatar
pffffffffahahaha :iconimhappyplz: curse you, rayquaza!!
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You got to love kyogres.
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