I Am Alone

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By trowastorm
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I feel alone anymore, isolated and alienated from everything and everyone.
No effort is made to connect with me, I exude every effort to connect to them.
I feel myself slipping further and further back into a place that says to just give up.
Give up, surrender to not caring again. Go back to when all you did was sleep.
Isolate yourself is ok the silence understands, the darkness will energize you.
I want to go ghost. Disappear. No one would notice i bet. No one notices now.
I walk through these crowded streets and no one knows my name, no one sees me walking.
An invisible illness. A made up fantasy to garner attention.
I want to lay down and sleep I'm so incredibly exhausted on a daily basis.
Dark thoughts swirl in my head. I'm quiet i slip through the cracks of notice.

I feel myself getting bad again i've reached out to friends and i've made it known but no ones answered. No ones listened. I smile and fake it. I laugh as i fake it. Barely imput an emotion and its enough. For weeks now i've been slipping back, further and further into myself. No ones noticed. No ones cared. For all those who've preached caring, all i had to do was reach out...well i did and no one answered no one reached out a hand to help.

I am alone. Its crystal clear now.
I am alone. Its not just in my head.
I am alone. Darkness slowly creeps in.
I am alone. Within it silence welcomes me.
I am alone. thoughts swirl round and round to no end.
I am alone....and the dark thoughts don't frighten me.
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SmudgeAnimationProfessional Filmographer
I may drift in and out of your life depending on how busy I am, but I still love you kiddo. Time and distance never change that fact! :)
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paradigm-shiftingProfessional General Artist
My proverbial door is always open. You're not alone. It is just that the interesting thing about open doors is, the person has to choose to walk through. They can't be coaxed or pushed. :hug:
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godhiProfessional Writer
Interesting blank verse. Dark and despairing until the final line, which offers a glimmer of hope. I like it!
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ShaunsArtHouseHobbyist Digital Artist
Come here you Hug