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Tagged by HarmonyRocketEeveon to do Rainy, my Sylveon pokesona, and Winter, my soosh, so wynaut : DD

1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character 
3. Tag 8 other people; post their avatars & write their oc’s names next to them.
(honestly I aint finna tag anyone because idk who to tag oops I'm just doing this 4 fun)

Rainy first!
1. She is literally named Rainy for the sole reason of I l o v e r a i n
2. She is "based off me" and thus likes and dislikes the things I do, and because of this I'm gonna talk about her in the first person
3. I love sushi!!
4. I can't stand Alola due to b i a s 
5. My favorite region is Kalos and is where I live!
6. I'm really shy but am really loud when you know me
7. My favorite color is many different shades of blue (blue is such a pretty color)
8. I like to read x reader fanfics heheheh
9. (bonus) I love to sleep so much  askfjsfldgjfd

And now Winter:
1. She is based off Gummy Dolphin Sushi, which is like candy that looks like sushi!
2. I named her after Winter the dolphin from the movie Dolphin Tale (it's such a sad but good movie)
3. She's 5ever alone right now but wants to find a mate
4. She can fly, but it's not because of her wings; her wings are actually too small to fly with so she uses magic to fly
5. Her dolphin tail is actually edible so don't eat it D :
6. She loves the ocean, it's like her home
7. She likes to be carried because she is so small and gets tired easily, she also loves to sleep (but not as much as Rainy)
8. Her favorite color is pastel pink
ScZer0DestinyProjext Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
AH! Ya need to help me with dis stuff Blue!
HarmonyRocketEeveon Featured By Owner May 27, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Awesome! :D
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