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I promise this is the last time I heard it's better not to have a username that reflects a fandom you're in 😂
It's 2:30 and Idk
I need to mass-download some music for my fan game, and the only way to do so is to get referrals... All you have to do is click this link I believe?…
Closed until I finish my to-do list + some personal art, as well as update examples :>
Chibis- $1/100 points
Soosh Chibi Commissions Batch 1 by TropicalFlygon Soosh Chibi Commissions Batch 2 by TropicalFlygon Soosh Chibi Commissions Batch 3 by TropicalFlygon
Fullbody- $3/300 points
(I don't have very good examples I'm sorry)
Abyssal Vaporeon by TropicalFlygon Stand in the Rain by TropicalFlygon
Semi-Lineless- $8/800 Points
A Thing by TropicalFlygon
Pixel- $3/300 Points
We'll Stay Untouchable by TropicalFlygon
Comic Strip- $5-10/500-1000 points, depending on how many scenes you want
COMTA Celeste and Friends by TropicalFlygon COMTA- A Good Friend by TropicalFlygon
1) You have to post ALL the rules
2) Answer 10 questions you've been asked then create 12 new questions for people you tagged
3) Choose 10 people 
4) Legitimately tag these people (as yall know I don't tag people because I feel like I would be a bother?? So imma just answer the questions)
5) You can't say you don't do tags
6) Tag backs are ALLOWED!
7.) Show your artwork and talk about it
8.) Make your own questions
9.) Copy the same rules and answer the questions in your own words

1. What is your favorite Pokemon?
Flygon and Sylveon! 
2. What is your favorite Pokemon human?
Like Trainer?? Ash :3
3. What is your favorite aspect to draw?
I'm not sure, probably eyes though, I really like drawing a lot of things
4. Worst aspect?
h a n d s. T h e y a r e a n i g h t m a r e h e l p
5. What are two of your favorite artwork from someone else?
O h g o s h I l i k e s o m a n y a r t w o r k s 
I narrowed it down to 4??? I can't go to 2 there's too many good drawings 
(I will edit this journal with the links so I don't bother the artists I don't like tagging people)
:commission: Will you be my mate? by KoriArredondo<da:thumb id="555980173"/> Skitty by the Beach by honrupi Sylveon derping cute by JollyPiik
6. Your two favorites you've done?
A Thing by TropicalFlygon This actually looks pretty nice to me??
COMTA- A Good Friend by TropicalFlygonThis took a long time, and I think that even though the backgrounds are pretty minimal it looks kinda nice
7. Your two favorites of mine?
Lake of the Heart by HarmonyRocketEeveonI really like the painting style and the background looks so good : D
Aurora Blast-Off by HarmonyRocketEeveonit looks amazing, I love all the details!
8. What is your opinion on art trades?
I would love to do art trades! : D
9. What is your favorite movie?
I have two, Hoopa and the Clash of Ages and I Choose You, non pokemon movie would probably be.. Big Hero 6 I loved that movie
10. What's your favorite music to listen too?
Uhhh I like so many songs.. I like Something Just Like This is my favorite and I have so many versions of it in my playlist
11. What hobbies, besides art, make you happy?
Playing Pokemon, watching Pokemon, Shiny hunting... lots of Pokemon.. I also like playing Mario Kart with my friends irl
12. What is your favorite animal (non-Pokemon)?
Alrighty, so i got this soosh a loong time ago, , and I have no proof of ownership as I can't find the person who originally traded me him,, 
I could've sworn I registered him on the masterlist but apparently not? Can anyone help me get proof of ownership? ;v;
Tagged by HarmonyRocketEeveon to do Rainy, my Sylveon pokesona, and Winter, my soosh, so wynaut : DD

1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character 
3. Tag 8 other people; post their avatars & write their oc’s names next to them.
(honestly I aint finna tag anyone because idk who to tag oops I'm just doing this 4 fun)

Rainy first!
1. She is literally named Rainy for the sole reason of I l o v e r a i n
2. She is "based off me" and thus likes and dislikes the things I do, and because of this I'm gonna talk about her in the first person
3. I love sushi!!
4. I can't stand Alola due to b i a s 
5. My favorite region is Kalos and is where I live!
6. I'm really shy but am really loud when you know me
7. My favorite color is many different shades of blue (blue is such a pretty color)
8. I like to read x reader fanfics heheheh
9. (bonus) I love to sleep so much  askfjsfldgjfd

And now Winter:
1. She is based off Gummy Dolphin Sushi, which is like candy that looks like sushi!
2. I named her after Winter the dolphin from the movie Dolphin Tale (it's such a sad but good movie)
3. She's 5ever alone right now but wants to find a mate
4. She can fly, but it's not because of her wings; her wings are actually too small to fly with so she uses magic to fly
5. Her dolphin tail is actually edible so don't eat it D :
6. She loves the ocean, it's like her home
7. She likes to be carried because she is so small and gets tired easily, she also loves to sleep (but not as much as Rainy)
8. Her favorite color is pastel pink
Saw someone else do this and I liked the idea : D

Gen 1: 
2. Charizard 
3. Lapras
5. Dratini (Love the whole line but dratini is so cute) 
Gen 2:
1. Lugia
2. Umbreon
3. Typhlosion
4. Lanturn
5. Ampharos
Gen 3: 
1. Flygon
2. Sceptile
3. Rayquaza
4. Altaria
5. Latias
(all my favorites of gen 3 are dragons technically, since Mega Sceptile gets the dragon type lol)
Gen 4: 
1. Shaymin
2. Lucario
3. Piplup
4. Staraptor
5.Giratina Origin
Gen 5:
1. Oshawott
2. Reshiram
3. Serperior
4. Krookodile
5. Scoliopede 
Gen 6: 
1. Sylveon
2. Greninja
3. Yveltal
4. Goodra
5. Fennekin
(gen 6 is my favorite generation when it comes to new Pokemon, I love all these Pokemon so much it was hard to choose an order)
i dunno about gen 7, it didn't have many good new Pokemon in my opinion and in my playthroughs I used mostly Pokemon from past generations, plus I have a bias against the generation in general for reasons lol
I managed to type all 802 pokemon from memory in 38 minutes : D
MASTER WOO by TropicalFlygon
This is what happened when I put the Pokemon theme song (original) into google translate and translated it to other languages many times, then back to English..
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