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Hi and welcome to Tropical-Dragons! Come and spend a day in paradise with us!

We are a group for those who love tropical dragons! From rainforests to the beach to the ocean, we're all about the colorful exotic dragons that inhabit them!

If you'd like to join, click on 'Join our Group'. Your request should be automatically approved!

If you don't want to submit art, but would like to be notified when new art has been added to the group, click the 'Watch' button.

Have fun, and we hope you enjoy your stay in paradise with us! c:
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Feb 16, 2020


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Art Creation

40 Members
38 Watchers
1,489 Pageviews

Gallery Folders

Sharguana by Oreloki
[C] Crystal Sunset by Aviaku
Wyvern of the ship by Istrandar
Deep waters  by Hanjamuffin
Beach Walk by SaphireShear
(COM) Purple Pert by AuldBlue
Tropical Island Theme by TheFishShimon
Come and Join Me by Natoli
Perdition color by rachaelm5
Tropical Dragon by Fuulikoo
Dracogena Oceanus final by rachaelm5
Ref Sheets
Redesign: Arch-Core by MissDismal
yellow mans by CascadingEternity
Leviathan by CascadingEternity
Of Castles and Kings by CascadingEternity
Comm Info
Commissions 2021 (OPEN!) by AuldBlue
2021 Commission List by RavenNocturna
Sky-Shifter's Commissions: OPEN by Sky-Shifter
Emergency Commissions by RavenNocturna
Sneaky Noodle (OPEN!) by AuldBlue
Baby Apple Dragon (OPEN!) by AuldBlue
Tropical Octopus Dragon Auction CLOSED by Sky-Shifter
(closed) sweet music || ADOPT by avverine
Pixel Art
Mai Tai, the Tropical Drink Dragon by HowManyDragons
Tropical Fish Noodle Dragon by HowManyDragons
Jungle Creeper Dragon by HowManyDragons
Tropical Sunset Pearl Dragon by HowManyDragons


Only members can submit art. If you'd like to join, click 'Join our Group'! You should be accepted immediately.

We are a group focusing on tropical-based dragons, so all submissions must include a dragon and fit the tropical theme of the group.

Your submission must include at least one of the following:
- a beach, aquatic, or tropical based setting
- the piece has a tropical theme
- the dragon is brightly colored
- the dragon deviates from 'typical' dragon stereotypes
- the dragon is based off of an animal found in the tropics or ocean

If you have a dragon that you don't consider tropical, but is still brightly colored and/or unusual, you can still submit them! We will only decline if your piece has a background/theme that doesn't fit with the group, such as a pine forest, autumn, snow, etc.

Adoptables are fine, but bases that are not your own are not allowed. You can submit both open and closed designs; we don't care if the adopt has already been sold, we just want to feature neat dragons. c:

We currently do not allow anthro dragons.

Art submitted must be your own. No tracing, copying, or stealing.

There is no quality control, but please no pieces that were drawn on lined paper or poorly photographed.

Members can submit up to 10 pieces a day. Please make sure you submit your piece to the right folder!

Please be kind to others, this group does not tolerate hateful content or attitudes.

Have fun! :la:








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PandiiVan Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the request - I think my dragon will be feeling well in this group.
May I join? :la:
Sky-Shifter Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2020  Professional General Artist
We'd love to have you! Thanks for joining! c:
Lakeguts Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2020
This is my new favorite group :heart:
Sky-Shifter Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2020  Professional General Artist
Aw, that's so sweet of you! I'm having a lot of fun with it, I'm glad other people are too! c:
AuldBlue Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the request! <3
Sky-Shifter Featured By Owner Edited Feb 19, 2020  Professional General Artist
No problem, and thank you for letting us put it in the group! It's an awesome piece! c:
AuldBlue Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Aw, anytime, have a great day!^^

I would totally join if I were more into dragons. ;a; Nice group!
Sky-Shifter Featured By Owner Edited Feb 19, 2020  Professional General Artist
You too!

Ahhh, thank you! And I totally understand. I considered sending you a join request, but I didn't see a lot of dragons in your gallery so I figured it probably wasn't quite your cup of tea. If you ever find yourself drawing more of them in the future though, we'd love to have you! c:
(1 Reply)
CallunaDraconis Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Currently only Featured is open for member submissions ´v`9
Sky-Shifter Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2020  Professional General Artist
Okay, it should be fixed now! Please let me know if it's still not working.
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