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go spam IOnlyWatchStupidKids 
"memelord sent me"
GO WATCH AND DONATE TO barkadeer they only have 95 watchers and need money for surgery 
go my pretties
go help them

thanks ParamaguruMaster  for recording it so my computer would crash XD
Mic: On
Music : On
Baby trying to sleep in my room : Yes

Join me and ask stupid questions while I try finishing requests
<da:thumb id="621458123"/>this person also has good ass art, so they are worth watching even if you don't win
My room smells so bad that even the trash bag smells better and it has moldy food in there

help I don't know what the smell is coming fr-.......

it better not be a dead fucking body under my bed
Ayyyy, if you play Furvilla can I please make you a paintie? FOR FREEE?
yeah For Free since you pay me by using it ^^

just link me to your fursona/OC  and tell me which species you picked for it
<da:thumb id="619139770"/>yeeeeeeeeee
Today I have officially adopted all of my watchers
I used to be a black women

no joke
but still can't remember my past name and death *(The potted plant is REALLY judging you.) 
Why must people pick me to kinky shit without me knowing T-T?
It's terrifying and gross

Unless it's my favorite ship,
then I would get turned on
I've been itchy non-stop for 2 days
Jesus, what have I ever done?
Oh goody,
When I have a kidney disease I can be more likely to die from it since I only have one Kidney : D
and I also can't exercise since I can't leave the house by myself making it even worse :- D 

and I also have a fever right now Deadpool - Sick 
I put salt on my doorway for only a few minutes and things are already falling on me


it also smells very strange
 my family doesn't give a shit if they do something messy, they on ME to clean it up every time when it shouldn't even be my responsibility. I'm okay with it when I made the mess.

But if it's someone else's mess that I most likely already cleaned up a thousand times  
better pay up because you gotta pay maids

if not
I'll just have to take their credit card again and buy me something that is worth 

Man, this journal makes me sound like a brat
well what would you expect from a kid in middle school?
god dingas dang it I did it again 
Everyone i know in my middle right now have had the taste of some kind of alcohol and the closest i've ever been to that is fish doused with a little bit of beer and one of those chocolate bottles that are supposed to taste like alcohol 
:\ i would like to have a talk with all these parents or have someone send them back to parenting school
want to play a game?
and if you don't know what it is ...  that's  even BETTER
do you cry everytime your hardwork gets deleted because someone doesn't know anything about the two words 'my stuff"?