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Cyber Goth Final

Cyber goth girl are awsome! Love their style!

The whole process [link]
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my two favorite colors lol love this particular style, so much better than what they show in fashion magazines
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It's beautiful! :) 
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This is one of my favorite pics on the internet. Awesome! (Also, someone who looked like this would be my ideal mate ;) )
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Im flattered!  Thanks for the positive comment! Have a nice christmas
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I like your drawing, it's so good! Can I use it as a cover photo of my FB page for a while? :-)
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Sure, credit would be cool if possible, If not it's fine :D
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Okay then, I'll give you the credit. Thanks! :D
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This has been my desktop wallpaper for quite some time now. Keep up the great work!
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I'm happy someone likes my work! Thanks
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A fantastic drawing :) I've been drawing my whole life and I'm still shit compared to you :D
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Drawing isn't all about the actual skill, it's the feelings and the passion you put into it that makes the difference!
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This is so awesome <3
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