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Sentinel Squadron Chapter 1
The shuttle craft rumbled as it broke Carida's atmosphere, heading into orbit toward the awaiting Star Destroyer, the pilot's in the cockpit could be heard exchanging chatter on their final approach. Along either side of the cargo bay, was a row of six Imperial cadets.
Twenty-two year old Kaden Saris sat on the end of the starboard row, glancing up carefully at some of the others, a variety of young pilots had been assigned to the Star Destroyer Praetor under command of Admiral Siev Edarren. Once aboard, they'd get a full briefing, but Kaden knew that he and the others were on their way to becoming part of the ship's starfighter wing. He looked at his datapad secured on top of his duffle bag and turned it on, flicking to his orders. He was being put into a group known as Sentinel Squadron.
And he was to be flying one of the new TIE Interceptors, a faster, more maneuverable variant of the Sienar Fleet Systems TIE line of &
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Star Wars: Sentinel Squadron Prelude
The Star Destroyer Praetor glided through the vast gloom of space, it's engines flaring blue-white as it was under maximum velocity without travelling through hyperspace at the speed of light.
Inside the command deck stood Admiral Siev Edarren, a man of forty five, standing tall with arms folded across his chest. He was a man that unlike many other aging naval officers,tried his best to maintain his physicality through exercise in his downtime. His gray uniform fit him perfectly, but his arm muscles bulged under the sleeves, a feeling that both empowered his confidence but also made him slightly uncomfortable. And in addition to the slight annoyance in the confines of his tunic, something else was nagging his mind. That being that orders had just been passed to him within the last fory-eight hours that entailed a reassignment in patrol. His Star Destroyer, an Imperial-I class, was being redirected to work in tandem with sm
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Rising Knight, Chapter 2
The gang of Swoop bikers dismounted their craft, armed with blaster pistols, they were all dressed in peices of armor and cobbled together military equipment like pistol belts and bandoliers of pouches. The leader was a leathery faced Weequay, with a long black ponytail, that the desert breeze rustled. "Nira Sollee? You're in big trouble." He grumbled, "Who are you creeps?" She shouted from Zare's side. "We're friends of your father...He failed to deliver something to us, and we've come to collect on it." The Weequay stated, "I have no idea who you are and I don't know what you're talking about." She protested. "Well your father's company decided to do business with us, we're honorable representatives of a large group of spice smugglers. We know our shipment was dumped, and we know your father was the pilot of the transport that never made it to our drop off." The alien explained, "Show's you can't trust upstanding people." Zare chimed in, "Very perceptive, boy. Step aside and hand her
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Star Wars: Rising Knight Chapter 1
The morning of Tatooine was already hot, and bright. But it didn't bother the young man on the swoop bike as he sailed across rocky landscape, kicking up sand behind him. Zare Navodin had spent all of his seventeen year life here on this rather harsh planet, and though half of it was dull, he still found enjoyment in racing his friends, and the adventure of exploration. That was why he longed to leave here, as some of his friends had. And from hanging around the local settlements and listening to visiting star pilots only furthered his desire.
He headed toward the homestead of his girlfriend, who lived with her mother, as he lived with his own. Her father worked off world for a trading company, his own father, Daran,whom he hadn't seen in a few years, was off fighting in the galactic wide war between the Republic and the Sith Empire. His father was a Jedi, he knew, and he knew of his inherited abilities in the Force. It was all still a mystery to him, but his father had bestowed on him
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[airsoft] SAS Impression 2 by trooperbeta [airsoft] SAS Impression 2 :icontrooperbeta:trooperbeta 6 19 [airsoft]  British SAS Impression loadout by trooperbeta [airsoft] British SAS Impression loadout :icontrooperbeta:trooperbeta 5 21 PMG MARSOC-Inspired M4 by trooperbeta PMG MARSOC-Inspired M4 :icontrooperbeta:trooperbeta 16 7 PL-85 Assault Rifle by trooperbeta PL-85 Assault Rifle :icontrooperbeta:trooperbeta 30 7 PMG DEVGRU-Inspired 417 by trooperbeta PMG DEVGRU-Inspired 417 :icontrooperbeta:trooperbeta 21 17 PMG Custom Pulse Rifle by trooperbeta PMG Custom Pulse Rifle :icontrooperbeta:trooperbeta 21 20 PMG DEVGRU-Inspired 416 by trooperbeta PMG DEVGRU-Inspired 416 :icontrooperbeta:trooperbeta 14 19
Star Wars: Danger Run, Chapter 1
Star Wars: Danger Run, Chapter 1
Signal lights, warning flashes, and alarms blared inside the smuggling freighter cockpit. Mercenaries Khale Serdar, and Vak U'las worked hard to register what was happening. "Blast, I knew it. Those are Imperial starfighters alright, coming in on an intercept vector!", Khale reported. Vak, a Mandolorian male with chizzled facial features looked over at his co-pilot and friend, "We've got to buy time for the hyperdrive to charge back up, or we lose this load...I'd rather not be vaporized or arrested by the Sith today." he said. "Charge the main guns and angle the deflector shields, I'll see if I can't pick any of them off." the young Corellian pilot swiveled around in his seat and stood up, quickly jogging out of the cockpit.
The ship rocked as another barrage of laser fire struck the shielded hull. Khale ducked down a corridor, up a service ladder and into a hatch, which he pulled himself up into the gun turret located on the top of the ship. He quickly
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Khale Serdar
Name: Khale Serdar
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Race/Species: Human
Place of Birth:  Corellia
Current Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: -Standard, 6'0
Weight: -Standard, 195lbs
Appearance: Buzzed black hair, green eyes, and a fair skin tone. Being tall and a bit heavy, he actually maintains himself. He exercises regularly. So he holds a toned and somewhat muscular form.
Clothing: A black flighsuit, spacer's boots in a gunmetal gray color, and a white undershirt.
Force Specialty: N/A
Lightsaber forms: None
Equipment:  Mandolorian battle armour, which is customized. He has several storage pouches for ammunition below his armour's chest plates, on his left wrist, Khale sports a
gauntlent that has a built-in comlink and scanning device.
Lightsabers: None
Other Weapons:  A vibroblade, and a blaster pistol with a few customized parts such as upgraded power cells and
Occupation: Mercenary for hire
Biography: Khale was born on the core world of Corellia, to his parents Asvina and Karrick. Karrick, Khale's f
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XB-65 Anti-Material Launcher by trooperbeta XB-65 Anti-Material Launcher :icontrooperbeta:trooperbeta 22 7 CR-84 Weapon System by trooperbeta CR-84 Weapon System :icontrooperbeta:trooperbeta 6 8 MP5 in CADPAT by trooperbeta MP5 in CADPAT :icontrooperbeta:trooperbeta 10 3
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Star Wars Sienar Systems Engineering TIE/Ac by AdamKop Star Wars Sienar Systems Engineering TIE/Ac :iconadamkop:AdamKop 465 33 Vaders visit by Euderion Vaders visit :iconeuderion:Euderion 228 27 Batman 300 by donnyg4 Batman 300 :icondonnyg4:donnyg4 15 2 Fordo's Stand [SFM/4K] by Archangel470 Fordo's Stand [SFM/4K] :iconarchangel470:Archangel470 195 19 Makeup by PrinceBubbleBum Makeup :iconprincebubblebum:PrinceBubbleBum 41 9 08-19-2015 by Project-27 08-19-2015 :iconproject-27:Project-27 36 10 Old Luke and Mara (Commission) by KaRolding Old Luke and Mara (Commission) :iconkarolding:KaRolding 81 12 STAR WARS - Darth Vader by AnthonyDevine STAR WARS - Darth Vader :iconanthonydevine:AnthonyDevine 493 31 Mara Jade Skywalker (19 ABY) by Queen-Azshara Mara Jade Skywalker (19 ABY) :iconqueen-azshara:Queen-Azshara 54 4 This Ends Here by enderianc This Ends Here :iconenderianc:enderianc 145 36 Stay In Formation Red 5 by pyraker Stay In Formation Red 5 :iconpyraker:pyraker 338 47 Star Wars Imperator-II Star Destroyers by AdamKop Star Wars Imperator-II Star Destroyers :iconadamkop:AdamKop 498 42 Collage of Exar Kun by LadyIlona1984 Collage of Exar Kun :iconladyilona1984:LadyIlona1984 17 7 Collage of Freedon Nadd by LadyIlona1984 Collage of Freedon Nadd :iconladyilona1984:LadyIlona1984 19 21 Collage of Marka Ragnos by LadyIlona1984 Collage of Marka Ragnos :iconladyilona1984:LadyIlona1984 23 17 Collage of The Indomitable by LadyIlona1984 Collage of The Indomitable :iconladyilona1984:LadyIlona1984 18 9
I Favorite...ALL THE THINGS! :iconallthethingsplz:




Hello all, I just recently finished the new Star Wars book "Thrawn" by author Timothy Zahn.

I'd thought I'd write a review (spoiler free as much as possible) to share my thoughts and maybe discuss the book with anyone who may have read it.

Now before I begin, I'd like to say I'm a huge fan of Star Wars in general, and since my early teen years, Ive gotten into the plethora of books that have been written. One of the first ever I read in length was a novel called, "Heir to the Empire", and since then, I've loved the character that is Grand Admiral Thrawn.

I was fascinated by such a character, that being the antagonist, was vastly different than previous Star Wars villains such as Darth Vader, or the Emperor...a character not hellbent on gaining power, or being outright caniving. But rather a being of great intelligence, that examines the best possible ways to undermine and thwart his enemies before they ever knew what hit them. Cold and ruthless for sure, but calculated and brilliant at the same time.

Now, with the character being reintroduced into canon in the Star Wars Rebels TV show, I was rehooked with interest immediately when I heard first he was to appear in canon, and when I heard a new book written by the same author who created him was to be made giving Thrawn a new backstory into Star Wars canon, I couldn't wait to pick it up.

Now, I was wondering especially before his Rebels appearance, " How will the canon stack up to Legends?" As has been the case a lot for me on the new continuity. But I'd like to safely say after watching the recent season of Rebels and now reading this new novel, the canon Chiss Grand Admiral effectively stacks up to his original self.

"Thrawn", the novel, lets us see just how Thrawn ascends the ranks in the Galactic Empire's Navy, battling criminals and insurgents and sometimes those in high rank within the Empire itself. Those who are xenophobic and underestimate the Chiss because he is an alien. The novel also let's the reader see Thrawn's perspective as he works his way up, and often he shares his thoughts and his personal philosophies too which to me is quite fascinating and a lot of it makes sense because it usually pertains to a situation Thrawn finds himself in, but ultimately overcomes through use of precision thinking and unorthodox strategy, but in reader's retrospect, Thrawn's solutions are logical.
We also figure out for the first time why perhaps he wishes to join the Empire despite the speciest doctrine it has which was quite interesting to find out which I'll try to avoid full details on but basically Thrawn  believes the Empire is a much more worthy ally down the road for his people, and rather avoided the old Republic because it's part in the Clone Wars, which, technically he was not entirely wrong in the assumption because in the book, lots of people resent the Clone Wars conflict and the chaos it wrought on the galaxy.

In conclusion, the book was fantastic and written masterfully by Timothy Zahn. It's the first canon book I picked up and I most certainly don't regret it because I believe it lived up to Zahn's original Thrawn trilogy and spinoffs like "Outbound Flight".

The novel is also chock full of great easter eggs that, some of which, connect to Timothy Zahn's past Star Wars books which was great to pick out.

So if anyone had it, I'd love to talk with you about it and I certainly hope you enjoyed my ramblings on it as well.
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