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Stone Cold or Sunny Flowers
Looking around, in this soft dirt pit. You notice that there is no light. Only just an innocent soul trapped inside, begging for freedom. However, despite her pleas carried by the wind, there is no return. This empty cave eroded with ages of grief. The dragon’s cage, holding her captive, draining the last bit of happiness from her skin, causing her to burn very easily. This cave that she hides in, sprouting thorns of agony. This leaves the passionless dragon with hope, that it’ll become a meadow again.
Even though it is cold, the dragon still finds hope in just the simplest weed. She might be passionless, but that does not mean hopeless. As dark as the area is, somehow plants find a way to grow. The dragon grows to love this place just as the plants do. Soon, this dirt pit will restore itself to its former beauty.
The dragon sleeps, confronted by dreams of the glowing meadow. Shorty after she falls asleep, the walls shake, starting to reveal the night sky. A snake crawls th
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A lot of the things I added to my favorites were back when I was in highschool (as young as 16 even). There were things I added to my favorites back then I no longer approve of (especially many stamps) or feel were needlessly hostile. But there's way too much to go through and "unfavorite" them all.
If your not aware, there's a awesome and gory new prehistoric themed series by the creator of Samurai Jack (Genndy Tartakovsky) coming this year on Adult Swim called "Primal." The animation and art looks awesome, but best of all.... it's older-audience-oriented 2d animation that's not another comedy.

I loved the wolf vs mutant tiger fight in samurai jack but was disappointed at how short and unimportant the scene was (although I couldn't blame the writers for that since wild animals interacting wasn't the point of Samurai Jack). Primal however, seem like it will actually focus heavily on wild animals interacting (and some I suspect some maybe important characters in their own right).

However I do have some other opinions about it that might not be popular....

- I'm actually excited that they're going to include Pleistocene mammals. "Ice Age animals" (and Dimetrodon, but no evidence of it appearing in the show so far) were once an important staple among prehistoric themed media. But they've slowly become rarer over the prior couple decades, and lately all it is now are non-avian dinosaurs with handful of marine reptiles and pterosaurs (the latter two often being lumped with "dinosaur only" media anyways for some reason).

I don't understand why certain groups who say "it's not supposed to be accurate" to defend certain things, often also oppose having Pleistocene mammals and terror birds in paleo-settings. If accuracy isn't a concern of yours, then why take issue with non-mesozoic synapsids and birds, coexisting with non-avian dinosaurs?

So far, off the top of my head, the only modern media I can think of that has them are "Ark" (although I dislike Ark for misc reasons to long to get into). Although I heard Prehistoric Kingdom will also include Pleistocene species (and iirc, dimetrodon). (I don't include the Ice Age franchise because no cares about it anymore since the sequels aren't that good, and I don't include Primeval since it's almost a decade old now.)

- While cavemen aren't something that interests me, I honestly don't mind about cavemen being with non-avian dinosaurs in the show (so long as well still get LOTS of focus on animals). While it used to be ultra cliche, these days it's become much rarer (outside of phone apps anyways) so it works as a homage to older media when that sort of thing used to be more common.

- I dislike the raptors (and to a lesser degree, the green-rex), not because they're "inaccurate," but because they feel bland, cliche and little effort was put into their designs. They feel like just yet another JP knockoff. I don't regard them as "tributes to retro dinosaurs" because 90% of the modern media is still just mindlessly regurgitating the exact same sort of design.

If they wanted to homage retro raptors, how about 90's deinonychus or the tail-dragging lizard-raptors that no ones doing anymore. Or they could have, you know: made up their own designs all together (e.g 2008 Turok, 2005 King Kong, and Monster Hunter are examples of this) or used a different sort of theropod dinosaur to fulfill the same role (Dromaeosaurids are not the only smaller theropods out there. There were even some smaller theropods were possibly scaly IRL too), or even just make up an imaginary dinosaur all together.

- The large black horned, with red stripes, theropod however, now that actually had at least some effort put into it's design. I actually love it's design.

- However, I'm disappointed that the awesome looking huge red and black horned theropod gets killed (or at least it looks like it's getting killed) by the blander rex. Hopefully though it's not the only one of it's kind (maybe this is even sexual dimorphism of the same species?) The actual kill itself seems a bit goofy looking, it looked like the black-red theropod is made out of paper, with no bone being crunched or snapped.

- I don't mind the green rex having tusk-like teeth jutting out from it's bottom jaw (I don't care that it's "inaccurate", I'm just glad it's something different). It actually the only thing really keeping it from just being a cartoony jurassic park rex.

- I am hyped for the mammoth and rex fight because I love the mammoth's design and it looks like both maybe an important characters (it's like a more badass version of the mammoth/rex fight in Prehistoric Park). I'm rooting for the mammoth because I like their design WAY more than the rex's.

- While the pterosaur is clearly just a generic leathery winged dactyl, I'm happy at least a little bit of thought went into the head design.

- I hope those sabertooths aren't supposed to be wolves. While I suppose it technically would still be effort put into the design and isn't a ripoff of anything, I just don't think wolves need saberteeth when you can have just actual sabertooth cats (or other sort of actual sabertooth).

If they are a cat (or another sort of sabertooth), their designs are still probably the most creative of all the animals shown so far.

- I seriously hope to goodness that there's no "sexy cavewomen," or at the very least that if there does turn out to be one that she's not a love interest to the main character and that there's plenty of other cavewomen who aren't "sexy" without being villains.

Also an important PSA.....

- Saying "It's not supposed to be accurate" to disregard criticism, is no better than people on deviant art saying  "It's  My Style" to disregard criticism.

When it comes to cartoony or stylized humans and modern animals, there's a saying that "You need to learn the rules before you break them." With humans and modern animals, artists are expected to learn basic anatomy and perhaps do a little bit of research. I believe this should be true for cartoony or stylized dinosaurs too (or any extinct animals in general). The fact that your drawing dinosaurs doesn't mean you should be excused from researching the subject or actually trying to make what your drawing have at least some semblance of being what it's supposed to be.


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Aspiring-Author-Chan Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2019  Student Writer
Thank for the fave.
manwithoutwings19 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
Thanx for faving my art..
BTW, I did saw the Cat Story on YT..
Never seen Survival Horror with only animals before..
It seems that Mama Cat from what I tell is trying to defend her litter while trying to escape and survive in this hellish existence that was once populated by Humans before all this changes..
Yet, I could tell other monsters about but what caught my eye was that hideous beast (From the scene Mama Cat was nearly rescued/discovered by an surviving human & the ending that the other animals like the fox was running from..) wonder what was that foul creature?
One of your designs?
Troodontidae Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2019
Apocalyptic horror from an animals POV was always something I wanted to see but is surprisingly is rare.

Yes that monster was something I made. While most of the sprites in that prototype were placeholder assets I either purchased or came with rpg maker, (although I did modify many of them), most of the monsters (and the humans, deer, owl and snake) were sprites I made.

The monster your thinking of (the "hideous beast" that came up behind the girl, and later startled the fox) was a photo-manipulated image. The base image was uncooked mutton being sold at a market deli (certain dishes, such as Kash and Smalahove, use sheep heads) I found on flickr under a creative commons license.

I don't have an explanation for what the creature is supposed to be or where it (or any of the monsters) came from. This was intended to make the setting more mysterious and foreboding, as well as emphasize that the animals have no way to understand what's happening.
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