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Mass Effect 2, Ship Comparison

Mass Effect 2, Ship Comparison #2.

Compares the height of male Shepard (assumed to be approximately 6'2", same as Vanderloo).

Going from the top to bottom:
  1. Harbinger (assumed to be approximately 2km long, since it is mentioned that Harbinger is one of the oldest and largest of the Reapers).
  2. Collector Ship.
  3. Turian Cruiser/Frigate (Frigate is assumed to be approximately half size).
  4. Human Cruiser/Dreadnought (Dreadnought is assumed to be approximately 1.4x larger).
  5. Normandy SR2.
  6. Normandy SR1.
  7. Human Freighter.
  8. Geth Cruiser.
  9. Geth Transport.

The first comparison can be found here, this includes Shepard's height, too.

These are approximate sizes and should not be taken as absolute fact.

Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect Ships and Vehicles © BioWare/EA.

You are free to use this reference however you wish. You can also download the full size version for a better quality image.

My full list of references can be found here.
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You know the average Reaper, like Sovereign were assumed to be two kilometers long? Harbinger is supposed to be about three or four.
Yeah; on average Reapers were supposed to be two kilometers. You're right. Since Sovereign and Sovereign classes were said to be two kilometers on average. That'd make Harbinger at least three to four kilometers. 
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Harbinger is so large that he couldn't even imag........ "ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL"
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Wow the freaking dealers are ridiculously huge and excessive
SonicXAnimefan's avatar
Harbinger is FREAKIN BIG!!! He can destroy...unless Shepard destroys him first lol
Greyman95's avatar
infinity and the and the covenant super carrier are bigger than all of this right? im not good with km better with miles
Troodon80's avatar
I'm going on a hunch here, I assume both of those items are from Halo? The UNSC Infinity is 3.5km, roughly 1.5km longer than Harbinger at 2km. The Covenant Assault Carrier is 5.35km, roughly 3.35km larger than Harbinger. So both of those are bigger than anything on this graph, yes.
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You forgot the Destiny Ascension...
she's only 2.5km tho and harbinger is said to be as bigger if not bigger
Regular Reapers are two kilometres, Harbinger is Harbinger is probably about three or four.
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while I like this, I have serious doubts about its accuracy!

it also includes a ship that . . . to my knowledge was only in the comics
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It isn't accurate. I said previously that I would be updating it (and the other two).

If you're talking about the third from the bottom, it appears at the end of the game if you choose to keep the Collector base, but it doesn't have any textures (as seen here). The plan is to size up all the possible ships and vehicles that I can find. Even if they don't necessarily appear in the game to any great extent :).
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Gotta nitpick here.

Harbinger is probably just over 2 KM, and an Alliance dreadnought is about 800 to 900 meters long. Thus, I think your scales for the Turian and Alliance cruisers are wrong. They should be about 500 m long, i.e. roughly 1/4 of Harbinger's length. Sovereign dwarfed the Normandy SR-1.
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I knew the scales were off. I was planning to update this at some point. But didn't know the exact measurements. I can work with some of these measurements, thanks :).
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It seems that in cutscenes, scales are all over the place. I remember in ME1 where in once scene, the Normandy is about as large as a cruiser, and in a scene right after, the Normandy looked like a mosquito compared to the said cruiser. I only took the info from the lore and codex, which stated that Alliance dreads are about 800 to 900 meters long. ME cutscenes don't reflect the codex/lore very well. Damn cinematics...
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how big is the SR2 ?
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Roughly twice the mass of the original Normandy. The original Normandy was only a stealth frigate, so it's nowhere near as large as a cruiser. Unfortunately, no actual measurements are given.
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so how many meters is the first normandy ?
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wont repeat comments below that i agree with but I do like this picture.
Solution to Reaper problem = Bigger ships. :P
find the destiny assention (sp) as well.
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I will be updating this at some point for proper sizes :).

I will also be adding the Destiny Ascension and the Alliance dreadnought.
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very cool. i liked the idea anyway. ill just have to keep looking for the update. ^_^
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theres no way the normandy is that big
Troodon80's avatar
Quite likely not, I will be updating this once I get some more ME3 models done :).
there is no way the normandy is that big compared to reaper or the collector ship , in mass effect 2 the SR2 was tiny next to the collector cruiser in me 2
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