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our own happy ending

Erik and Charles deserve a happy ending :( I want Erik to come home. And so does Charles :cry: this is my gift to them.

x-men first class
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Merp merp merp merp...... The feels!!!!!!!!!
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so freaking beautiful even when my eyes are blured with tears :')
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So beautiful :)
in my head, this is what happens after the movie...
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me too ;)
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I cried at the end. You know it has to happen but you just dont want Erik to do it. :C
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i knowww ;__;
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AW! *U* That first and last one?! SO SWEET! *U* Rock on!
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Oh my heart, it breaks and fills with love at the same time.
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I wish the movie had ended this way instead.
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if that had really happened I reckon I'd had died from the intense squeeing without ever catching breath again and the nose bleed X333
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haha then for your sake, maybe it's better it didn't!
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so many lovely scenes. <3 wonderful work!
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ilu! that's exactly what happened after the movie ended. i'm sure of it! D'Awwwwwww. I'm welling up( Please, let it be this way!
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maybe if we wish hard enough we can change Marvel history T_T
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Aww That should be the ending!!
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