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Samus - Badass Bounty Hunter

By TronixGFX
Samus, she is the best.

I always wanted to draw this but never able to cause I never thought I had to skill to give it justice. But one day, while I was practicing my sketches, I drew a great rough sketch of Samus and I was thinking I might be able to put this on photoshop and go nuts. 25 hours later...wollah! I hope you like it!
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Considering the horrors she went through as a kid and the trauma she still carries with her, Samus has proven to be the greatest warrior in the universe
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Hey there, I came from this video that used your art (…) and credited you in their description. Now that I'm here... have a fave, a llama and a watch.
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Whoa, this is amazing!  The colors and lighting immediately grabbed me.  I literally went "Whoa!" when I saw it.  *continues to stare at it for a few minutes*  *puts it straight into favorites*  This is wonderful, excellent work!
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I like the power oozing from Samus in this design. Great job! Its Buff! 
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This is probably one of the best art creations of Samus. The only critique I can come up with is that her arm cannon is a bit too long. Other than that I wish this was in print and I'd definitely buy it.
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please make this a print and I will buy it.
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Oh, you gave her a background most fitting! I love how it brings out her the green in her Power Suit, she looks like she's about ready for the next mission!Samus Helmet 
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This is incredible.
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This is my lock screen.

Great work! Keep it up!
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That's just plain GORGEOUS
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Just showed up on my Tumblr feed. Looks amazing!

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Still looks great.
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best art ever Markiplier's Epic Dance! 50x50 Gif 
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She is the best, indeed!
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Oh wow, is a great work and amazing! I like it and addet to favs :D

Regards from Chile!

PD: I am fan Metroid!
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Samus Aran, the bounty hunter. :iconzerosuitsamusplz:
Wow you did a good job on this!
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I love the colors in this! Very Metroid! It's nice to see a bad ass Samus that looks ready for battle instead of a sex-bot. Good work.
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