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Rwby roll play restart
This is a post for Roll play, specifically RWBY RP. The posts are old and on the off chance someone I've RP'd with in the past sees this and wants to take a stab at rewriting a previous RP or start a new one entirely.
Post in comments below.
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Orokin sentience: chapter 2
One foot in front of the other.
Shakily I took my first steps.
I stumbled and nearly fell over if not for the old crewman I brought with me.
His arms were large and strong, gently he places me back into a standing position.
Cautiously I take as step, and another, and another.
I've been out of the pod for roughly a day.
My new body is... strange to say the least.
New sense, smell, touch. While I am Machine and understand all of these things at a much deeper level than this body ever could.
Experiencing it now feels so different.
No longer understanding every particulate, every molecule, every quark.
It's refreshing.
I sit down absentmindedly and looked up upon hearing a soft, rhythmic series of precautions.
"Hearing." Sensing yes, hearing... new.
The crewman is clapping a little ways away, I got farther than I thought.
I felt proud.
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Orokin sentience, chapter 1
Void, Orokin tower, day cycle.
The ever learning AI watched its guards patrol its halls.
From old raid attempts mostly, rewritten and rebuilt. Would be thieves made into state of the art guards.
While the emotion "pride"wasn't programmed into it, extensively research and adaptation had taught it many things and so she watched them work.
And ancient walked, very slowly, down a corridor.
He was in all honesty, bored, Tenno hadn't attempted anything for weeks, grinear and corpus were to busy trying to kill each other to mount any sort of large scale raid.
Mentally she sighed.
No interaction, no stimulus. Research had been resolved almost 20,000,000,000 years ago having hid dead ends, some of the less complex items were still being resolved but that was at least another ten fifteen years out.
Maybe he should focus on things other than just the primary directive.
Clowning a body couldn't be that hard could it?
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Mass effect: from blood steel.
/Shepard commander KIA/
/Old Machine involvement. 86.9% positive/
/Collector involvement. 92.0% positive/
/Galaxy survival chance minus commander involvement. 3.8%/
/human supremacy group: Cerberus environmental 64.7% positive/
/consensus met. Recovery command sent/
/examine databases for reconstruction requirements: Error, missing data/

The platform looked at the red arm plate in its "hand" and the hole in the snow.
It's mission had been to follow the commander and keep both platforms functional.
/mission failure, shepherd commander dead/
/accepted, new mission posted: recover shepherd commander/
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A Dark Room. The aftermath
Because I know the discription will not be shown first unless you took the time to read before clicking I'll say this here.
If you don't want spoilers then play A Dark Room.
Ok? Ok.
The cold Beyond.
She is gone.
All that remains is the locket.
A glowing light.
You float in this stillness.
The rifle used against the many.
The sword used to against so many more.
Retribution for the slaves?
It's dark now.
The jewel dims.
She is gone.
She is gone.
You awake To voices.
broken ship.
You scrabble around looking for tools. Weapons.
Rifle, in peaces. Sword, bent beyond use.
The jewel glows.
She is gone.
But you are not.
Light floods in as the ship mantle opens.
You are strong, they are weak.
57/80              30/20
You.      A righteous soldier.
We opened up whatever this thing was expected it to be a container of some kind.
Fell from the sky, someone had obviously suggested mages. Seems ridiculous to m
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Monster addition: wendigo
Race: wendego,
Type: eldritch, beast,
Origin: when a person resorts to cannibalism, often in forested, snowy arias there is a chance that they are possessed by a spirit in the vicinity and are altered heavily by said spirt.
Discription: standing over 8 feet tall and thinner than any starved man. This cannibalistic beast can be a terrifying prospect. It's head is often twisted to Mach that of a dear skull or warped into one more suited for its eating purposes. Always sporting a large set of antlers that are shed once a year. It's hands and legs are also elongated, it's clawed hands stay just short of brushing the ground when it's relaxed, there often a blackish brown with dark green patches or dark brown with black spots. These are used to blend in with surroundings.
Behavior: wendigos are night hunters by nature, causing famine and in ease among whatever it's hunting. And at a certain point the beast will attack whatever isolated target its chosen and kill most if not all inhabitants.
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Character creation: kristofer
Name: kristofer sham.
Age: 47
Hight: 6" 1'
Occupation: smithy
Title: hephaestus
City born in: Thessaloniki
Bio: born to your average middle class family, Kristofer aspired to be more, after graduating from high school he enlisted in the army and worked hard for a job. Finding a place in arms and vehicle development he built somewhat successful weapons and vehicles but he also took an interest in art. metal working, glass work, sculpting even painting. He learned all these things, this is also where he met Jamison, the two became good friends and after the war was over he followed his friend and they both settled down in the same town, Jamison taking a wife and kristof staying a bachelor. He became a craftsman opening his own small shop.
Hope and Jessica like him.
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Mass effect: what if (eden prime)
Ashly Williams
Ashly looked down, and then farther down.
Standing in front of her was the infamous commander shepherd. War hero, tactical genius, biotic and 12 year old...
The child looked up at Ashly holding an smg with looked like a deployable turret in her back.
Ashly snapped out of her thoughts and remembered her training, she saluted.
"Gunnery chief Ashly Williams sir."
"What happening here soldier"
Again Ashly struggled with the fact that the person in front of her was a very small, very innocent looking 12 year old but at the same time was quite possibly the most dangerous thing she'd seen all day. Reflex took over.
"I'm not going to lie sir, it's bad. First thing I knew I was walking back from the dig site next I was running for my life"(sorry if I change the story it's been a long time)
We were on the Normandy, the commander viewed whatever that ship was and disappeared into her room. Alanko was in the lounge with some coffee and I walked up to ask some questions.
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Lord of the rings: Apparent inconveniences
It is a well known fact that all orcs and by extension Uruk and Uruk-hai are made, not born. This means that all are standard, not much variation in terms of physical form.
However there are often failures with the shear amount made. Extra arms, non functional eyes, a split face. Most of the time these defects are deemed alright and sent on there way unless extremely dehabilitating
As a result when this Uruk was born, olff the orc helping with the spawning process was not surprised when a smaller and by extension weaker clawed its way out of the pod. He was surprised at what the mutation had done.
He just expected it to be a smaller Uruk but in this scenario it was female.
The jaw was more humanoid and didn't stick out as much, it had a smaller frame than most of the others. And aside from the obvious, it had breasts.
He was about to chop it's head off when it stabbed him. At which point he realized it also had claws.
This act did not go unnoticed. A set of other Uruk watched and decid
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Darkened city
Before I get into this I must explain some things.
One: this is after the apex's death.
Two: I am bending this world to my wishes, there will be differences from the game.
Three: the expedition people are becoming there own faction.
That is all, if your introduction in submitting a character, fellow this sheet as an example. I will post the sheet at the end.
Name: Noires
Gender: female
Aperence: blond hair. dirty clothes. grey hat, faded and torn light blue coat.
Weapon and weapon name: pickax and throwing knifes, sortmant of poisons and darts. touch of malice,
Armor and armor name: grave robber's garb.
Class: grave robber
Background: worked as, her name implies
Quirks: (negative)  slow start, insomnia (positive) deadly, relaxed
Skill1: pick to the face
Skill2: escape smoke
Skill3: poison weapons
Skill4: thrown knife
Skill5: throwing knives
Skill6: blight dart.
The hamlet of the "darkest" estate. A place of ruin and failure, now a prospect of glory. All because of a madman and his
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Vintel, the converted.
Name: Vintel
Alias: The converted.
Affiliation: Hive {from the game, not my oc}
Rank: follower of the hand, chosen acolyte adept.
Hight: 5' 6"
Age: 749 {young by hive standard}
Gender: female
Worm: xelnaga
Weapon:  hive rifle.
Description: black hair over a heart shaped face with paper white skin and glowing green eyes. Red hadium/cittn armor covers her chest, stomach and lower body. A Simple helmet covers her head. Black lines of tattoo "ink" draw lines across her face, chest, back and arms mostly embalming spells and religious texts.
Bio: originally a scavenger on the moon, yes the moon. The soon to be Vintel got trapped in the Hellmouth. Too deep to escape she with the supplies she had on hand after moving through maybe 4 levels she had long since run out of supplies. Having seen the worms burrowing around in the Citten mounds she very, Very reluctantly attempted to eat one. This did not go as planned, instead she passed out and the worm bonded to her. A group of patrolling kni
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Character created: Jamison
Name: Jamison Kirkwall
Age: 53
Hight: 6’ 2”
description: brown hair, dark orange eyes. Tamed face, pronounced nose.
Occupation: golem creation.
Family: divorced, two daughters, one adopted.
Citizen of: krasicstan
Bio: born in a city to a well to do family, he was given an education but left and was found to have a basic magic affinity and as a result was sent to the associated school and spent 2 years learning his ability and affinity. As in turns out he is a manipulator, an uncommon classing but no unwelcome. He learned how to animate basic figures, and how to control the world around him as well as sculpting and a few religious texts. However, after some time, a draft was put in place. Tensions between krasstan and a second country were starting to boil over. He was drafted, took basic training and was then moved to take magic based combat. Super heating air into controlled plasma. Transmute rocks and metal. Build structures at high speeds, alchemy, but what he excels at
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Fallout, new vegas oc: Kaily
Name: Kaily(given name was forgotten)
Age: roughly 43
Physical age: 28
Hight: 5' 6"
Occupation: (technically)slave, bodyguard
Owner: Cleopatra(Cleo) Gist
Face: thin and pointed, with freckles and a not particularly featured, all around unassuming until you look at her eyes and expression.
Eyes: dark blue in a perpetual 1000 yard stare.
Hair: brown and, very very long two and a half feat in fact.
Personally: apracticly non existent, she has a blank expression at more or less all times, unless something has scared her or he's has been angered almost no expression is ever shown. She is respectful and quiet, but never threaten her current master as she has been given some freedom of movement.
Bio: in a small town, protected NCR, a girl was born, grew up quietly and when she reached an age she joined the military, and slowly climbed the ranks, eventually rewatching ranger status at the age of 26 and veteran status 2 years later, however, after a recon mission on Cotten wood cove, she disapp
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Fallout new vegas Oc: Emily
  Name: Emily Comstock
Hight: 5" 2'(can't tell if I mixed that up)
Age: 17.5
Mental-state: Child
Face: Angelic
Hair color: dirty light blond
Hair style: hanging behind her with bangs infront, long.
Physic: well toned, thin, border line malnourished.
Weapon: modified saturnite ballistic fist.
Karma: mensch
Bio: as the scientists of big mountain, The big empty, sifted through given tasks and assignments, they stumbled upon one dedicated to three in particular, DR. O, DR Borus and DR. Dala. The experiment was meant to push human boundaries as well as creat people who would survive the bomb dropping.  Dr. Dala was set I charge of preparing the subject physically, to alter there body to be more suited to a post apocalyptic wasteland. O was set I charge of adding cybernetics. Boris, was in charge of mental state, which was something of a failure as Dala labotamizesed the subject giving it the attention span of a fly. Nonetheless he attempted to teach her about the evils of communis
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Character Bio: Anderson(rwby)
Name: Alexander Anderson
Age: A/N
Hight: 6' 4"(male) 5' 9"(female)
Weapon: stolen semblance's
Semblance: the ability to knock off shards of another's soul and add it to his own, increasing his aura capacity and grants cases to the others semblance
Mother: Amie Hive
Father: frank Hive
Organization: scarlet dawn(political leader), white flayers(military leader), Salem's counsel(member)
Personality: care free and polite most of the time not particularly flirty but dose occasion(default), stern and diplomatic but will press for her side and mixes dark humor in usefully to unnerve the other side(business), quiet and impassive(serous combat)
Appearance: short brown hair, slightly shiny, reaching her shoulders dark grey eyes a thin face and a slightly curved nose.(female) short black hair and grey eyes no freckles, slight tan.
Bio: originating from before the first kingdoms reached the glory they are at today Anderson entered the world, and took up a simple job as a town guard, fighting Grimm
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Character Bio: Staunch
Name: Barty(Bart) Goodwill
Hight: 6' 9"
Age: 48
Build: large muscular, toned,
Weapon of choice: heavy semi rifles.
Call sign: staunch
Bio: born in a small village outside the kingdoms and off the radar he made a name for him self working with a hunting party selling game. Eventually marking his way to the vail and joining the police force, he served there just as the white fang splintered and was promoted as higher ups were sent out of commission or killed, eventually he left and joined a hunter squad, massively outclassed he was trained by the team, out on a mission one of the members died and the team drifted apart. After this he took up privet security work for a large business called honeycomb for roughly 3 years. After leaving he was approached by a group calling themselves the scarlet dawn. At this point all trails stop and no information about him scurfices
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This is a post for Roll play, specifically RWBY RP. The posts are old and on the off chance someone I've RP'd with in the past sees this and wants to take a stab at rewriting a previous RP or start a new one entirely.

Post in comments below.
So, first time making one of these.
Hi! I just wanted to ask what you guys want to see more of in my gallery.
More of Orokin Sentience, finish up or continue old stuff or even make good on a few ideas I had and see how there revived.
Orokin sentience, chapter 1
Well, so, I'm still here, arkhive isn't exactly cooperating with account set up and before you start trying to burn my house down with combustible lemons for mentioning that dumpster fire of a site. Yes, there is a lot of crappy fanfics on there, yes, there is a lot of smut, yes, could've considered to be much, much better.
But, it's also very demanding, lots of editing and effort goes into that work, and that's exactly why I'm abandoning that account.
The hight quality is nice but on my end as a creator, way. way to much work.

All bullshit aside this is just something that piped into my head, no editing, no proofread and lots of regret.
So ya, on with the show.


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